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TPHD-Wii U Which version has the better box art in your opinion?


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
I really do like the WiiU box are, but something special about the GC box art, with the dark tone colors and the split Wolf Link/ Link cover.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
Vast majority of Zelda box art has never really looked that impressive to me.

I cannot say I am a fan of any of these either. They range from dull to annoyingly busy. The Wii/Gamecube ary is just boring with an overly elaborate patter that just blends into the color. While the HD box looks more like a bad photoshopof random collected pics in an attempt to form a poster.

I suppose the WiiU with Amiibo box since it cuts down on the clutter of the WiiU one on the front.
I prefer the original GC euro packaging over both the HD covers.

The Japanese HD box art just looks like they struggled to find space to tack new details on to so it looks lopsided and rushed to me.

I prefer the english HD boxset (though its still fairly ugly). It doesn't look as lopsided and I like that they kept the contrasting theme going. Though I don't like the black line going down the middle and Link looks a little goofy.

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