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Which Variation of Fi's Theme is Your Favorite?

Which Variation of Fi's Theme is your Favorite?

  • Follow Fi (Inside)

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  • Follow Fi (Outside)

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  • Fi's Theme

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  • Fi's Piano Lament

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May 11, 2012
Colorado Springs
Just curious which is your favorite Fi's Theme? There are four: Follow Fi (when your inside), Follow Fi (when your outside), Fi's Theme (when you first obtain the Skyward Sword), and Fi's Lament (When she goes into an eternal sleep in the Master Sword).
My personal favorite is Follow Fi (outside), because it's heavier on the flute than the others, and it gives off more of a mysterious vibe.


i like the piano lament the most it was more captivating and stood out more than the others

godess reborn

Blame The Cricket
Jan 29, 2012
Turn around...
I liked the piano lament version because it helped create a nice piece to wrap up her role in the game. The first part made me feel sad and upset, but the second part was a bit more hopeful, because I realized it wasn't goodbye forever. It came as a strong, emotional piece of music, and gives a chance for the player to reflect on everything they had gone through, with Fi by their side every step of the way.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Wow, this is a really hard choice. Although they are all different variations of each other, I'll have to go with her final one.
I found it beautiful, and it brought me to tears.
Fi's a wonderful character, and her music is just phenomenal.
Although my second choice would be Follow Fi (Outside).
Seeing her just stand there with that music, it was perfect.
Jan 20, 2012
The final one is so beautiful, and it stirs up so much emotion whenever I hear it. It's like the rush of nostalgia you get when you hear Zelda's Lullaby. Whenever I hear the last rendition of Fi's Theme, it makes me feel like I'm in despair. It is such a gorgeous melody though.
Dec 18, 2010
Idaho, USA
This is really difficult.
They are all so good, and they all capture unique feelings. I honestly don't know. Probably either the one called (in the soundtrack) "Fi's Gratitude" or "Fi's Theme".
Apr 8, 2012
Whoa when i clicked on this post fi's theme came on on my ipod...
And probably follow fi or fi's grattitude.
All variations are:
Fi's theme
Follow Fi
The goddess sword
Fi's gattitude and
Fi's farewell.
If anyone wanted to search them or something.

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