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Which Super Smash Bros. Represented Franchises Have You Played?


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Jun 15, 2010
...and what do you think of them?

Forgive me for making a thread that doesn't encourage actual discussion, but I saw this on Smashboards and it looks like fun...

Animal CrossingNope. Seems like a series that takes dedication I just don't have.
Donkey KongThe Arcade game is sorta cool, and I've played a bit of each of the classic Donkey Kong Country trilogy. I really need to get Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze. They look really damn good.
Earthbound/MotherNot going to blame the lack of imports in PAL regions, but I can't see myself playing these intense games. Maybe someday.
F-ZeroOh yes. Plenty of hours put to the SNES title. Some of F-Zero X and the GBA games under my name, too. F-Zero GX is a highest priority of mine to acquire. Where are the GCN titles on Wii U Virtual Console, Nintendo? Or, hell, where's a NEW F-Zero??
Fire EmblemNo. I have no excuse now due to Awakening on 3DS. Like Earthbound, I feel intimidated to play it, honestly... This is one series I'm passing on for the time being.
Game & WatchJudge looked really cool, so I downloaded the DSi game on 3DS. Lives up to the expectations. Three dollars well spent.
Ice ClimberHardly any time for this one. Not that invigorating.
Kid IcarusEh. The NES game is alright. Haven't touched either Of Myths and Monsters on GB or Uprising on 3DS. I am looking to purchase the latter eventually.
KirbyKirby's Adventure is really sweet, and that's all I can say. Still, I wish the Kirby Anniversary on Wii was released here.
Legend of ZeldaYes. Heavy fan for the the five last years.
MarioUh, what is 'Mario'? o_O Seriously though, these are awesome. You know that.
Mega ManNever touched any. I better try some out...
Metal GearThis is a series I've been meaning to play for years.
MetroidYears ago, I played Corruption, which didn't last long. I've been following this series for longer than even that. Last year, I decided to actually play through some of the games and give the series the love I knew it deserved. In a manner of three months, I beat seven of the ten mainsteam games.
ROBOTNo thanks.
PikminGuilty of not touching this either. Pikmin 3 is high on my list of games to get. Soon...
PokémonI'd rather not say. I don't think highly of RPGs, and this is just another one of those to me, an outsider. Did play Stadium and Snap a bit at a mates place, though. I've promised my brother that if he gets a 3DS and a new generation game, I'll get the opposing one at least shortly after. It's only a manner of time.
Sonic the HedgehogMega Drive games are classic greatness, modern ones get too much hate, especially Unleashed. Lost World is looking beast.
Star FoxNah, mate.
WarioWare and Wario LandWarioWare is fun while it lasts.
Wii FitI got Wii Fit Plus bundled with my second Wii, and I'm not afraid to say I've had some seriously good times with the minigames.
YoshiUnfortunely, all I've done is some Yoshi's Island DS. Nice entertainment, that was.

Left out the Hanenbow and Nintendo DS/Pictochat "franchises" because. Feel free to throw them in...

Here's a list to copy and paste.
Animal Crossing
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Game & Watch
Ice Climber
Kid Icarus
Legend of Zelda
Mega Man
Metal Gear
Sonic the Hedgehog
Star Fox
WarioWare and Wario Land
Wii Fit
Have fuuunnn! :wave:
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May 18, 2013
Animal Crossing: I have played all of them, in fact I gotta play each one at least every Saturday :)

Donkey Kong: I loved the arcade games, I also liked the Country trilogy, Donkey Kong 64 drived me nuts even though I liked it, I played Donkey Konga briefly, but I liked Jungle beats and Country Returns.

Earthbound/Mother: The only one I'm currently playing is the SNES one, I bought from Amazon back in 2007, I was lucky cause now it's too expensive last time I checked, even a used copy.

F-Zero: I played all of them expet for the second GBA entree, mainly because I forgot it existed.:xd:

Fire Emblem: Only the first GBA one and GCN.

Game & Watch: I played the GBC colections and I have an actual Octopus game. ;)

Ice Climber: Only on Animal crossing and Virtual console, never had it on NES, although I might have played it before, I just don't remember

Kid Icarus: I have played only the NES and 3DS games, I have yet to play the gameboy one.

Kirby: I played most of them, their fun even though their too easy.

Legend of Zelda: Never heard of it,

Mario: Nether this one, what is with these obscure franchises?

Mega Man: I played most of them except for the newer RPG ones and Mega Man Zero 2 to whatever entry, I didn't like the first Zero one, MM2, MM3 and X1 are my favourites. Where's my Mega Man Legends 3? Lol. seriously, When's Mega Man Legends 3 coming out?:)

Metal Gear: I have played all of the Solids.

Metroid: ALL except for the gameboy and Prime hunters, handhelds seems to be a running theme huh?

ROBOT: nope

Pikmin: Playes 1 and 2, soon to play 3.

Pokémon: I played until Ruby and Sapphire, didn't continue beyond that for no particular reason. Pokemon Snap and Puzzle league are among my favourite games.

Sonic the Hedgehog: they're very fun, specially the original Genesis ones, the only "main" games I haven't played are the ones that got most of the "hate", Unleashed and 2006.

Star Fox: I played all of them

WarioWare and Wario Land: Wario ware for GCN is one of my all time favourite games, I also enjoyed the Wario Land games on Gameboy

Wii Fit: My family did, I didn't

Yoshi: I played Yoshi's Island, one of my all time favourite games, I also loved Yoshi's story, it was great to see a 2D game on the N64. I also liked Yoshi Touch & Go, I don't remember much about Yoshi's island DS, not too thrilled about Yarn Yoshi, looking forward to Yoshi's New island.
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May 26, 2010
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Animal Crossing - Never played.

Donkey Kong - Played a good portion of the series; I think it sells on brand recognition moreso than it does on the games being these masterpieces. DK games are great to be sure, but they aren't the cream de la crop.

Earthbound/Mother - Played ten minutes of Earthbound (Mother 2?) and shut it off. Waaay too bored with the scenarios, sorry.

F-Zero - I had F-Zero X for the N64 and I lovehated that game. On one hand, THE GRAPHICS and the LOCATIONS. On the other hand, even the easiest modes were impossible to beat for me.

Fire Emblem - Played and beat every game including Japanese only releases, best strategy series I have EVER played hands flippin' down. I could go on and on, but suffice to say that FE pretty much beats out Zelda (series) as my top franchise.

Game & Watch - Never played.

Ice Climber - Never played.

Kid Icarus - Never played.

Kirby - Qimme dat. Kirby is just hnnnng. I love it. Firstly, Kirby is the ONLY pink male with a girl's voice whom I can appreciate. Kirby is a badass, he's a lover, he's everything good. One cannot go wrong with Kirby, I'm sorry. He would murder Chuck Norris without actually fighting. And he has a great love for food - 'specially sweets. Anyway Kirby's games are all amazing fun, and although Mass Attack looked like cheese...man that game was perfection of the Nintendo DS. It took "gimmick" and made "amazing game" with the concept. Whaaaaack.

Legend of Zelda - I'm on ZD.

Mario - Mario games were once the best games I've played (bar OoT) but lately they simply don't cut it due to the total lack of difficulty. Sure, I may die once or twice on every other level. But, that does not excuse the overabundance in 1-UPs! ;p Still, if any series has level design down, it's Mario.

Mega Man - Games are a lot of fun and they do tutorials correctly.

Metal Gear - Games are a lot of fun but cutscenes are a bit lengthy.

Metroid - Games are a lot of fun.

ROBOT- Never played.

Pikmin - Played 5 minutes of Pikmin 2 on a broken big screen TV, so Ihave no real opinion of the series.

Pokémon - Gen II/Gen IV (HGSS) is the best...everything else is meh imo. Well, Gen III is the PEAK but w/e.

Sonic the Hedgehog - 3D games were good up until ~Sonic Heroes. 2D games have always been good until the Rush series, but even then those games were just "subpar" and not necessarily "horrid".

Star Fox - Fun series but Nintendo doesn't care.

WarioWare and Wario Land - Never played.

Wii Fit - It's boring imo.

Yoshi - See Mario.


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
Animal Crossing - No. My friend showed it to me once, and I wasn't interested.

Donkey Kong - A little. I've played the arcade version, uhh... March of the Minis is one that I guess I enjoyed... and then Donkey Kong Country Returns was really fun. Especially when I played with my friend.

Earthbound/Mother - My main character is Lucas, and I didn't know where he was from. Then I was introduced to Chuggaaconroy. I learned about Earthbound, then finally got around to playing it. It was a pretty good game.

F-Zero - Nope.

Fire Emblem - Ehhh... I had Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon... I don't even think that was a main game. I didn't even finish it. THen I played the demo fro Fire Emblem Awakening... Holy crap it was good! Sucks that I had no money... and so eventually a just lost interest.

Game & Watch - Theres this thing on the 3DS... in the Sound application. It's like a little Easter Egg. Anyway, you can play a Game and Watch football game. That's all I ever played.

Ice Climber - No.

Kid Icarus - I played a bit of Uprising. Didn't like it very much.

Kirby - Kirby's Epic Yarn was awesome. As was Return to Dreamland. I never really played the original ones. Oh and I had that one where he used rainbows to move? Like you had a paintbrush and I think it was called Canvas Curse.

Legend of Zelda - ...

Mario - You mean Luigi?

Mega Man - Ehh... haven't played, but I may play as him the new Smash Bros. He looked epic.

Metal Gear - No. But I hear it's really good.

Metroid - I played Metroid Prime as a young boy. I had no idea what to do.

ROBOT - Uh... no.

Pikmin - It's a fun series. I've played 1 and 2. Those pikmin are freaking adorable.

Pokémon - Pokemon was the part of my childhood that wasn't Zelda. I loved these games. I played through each generation. I was very disappointed with 4th gen though... Anyway, Ruby was my first Pokemon game. After that, I got my hands on Leaf Green. Then Platinum, then Black, then White 2. I don't care much for the other games... with the exception of the Pokepark games, and the Mystery Dungeon Series.

Sonic the Hedgehog - I played Rush, Unleashed, Sonic Adventure Battle 2, and Sonic Advance 3. I don't like Sonic.

Star Fox - No.

WarioWare and Wario Land - I played Master of Disguise. I hated it.

Wii Fit - My family tried encouraging me to play it. I was like, "HAHA no."

Yoshi - The one with Baby Mario. **** that.


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Jun 14, 2010
Animal Crossing: Played City Folk and now New Leaf. It's so much fun, I try to play at least once every day!

Donkey Kong: Only thing I guess would be Mario vs DK. Other than that, not really.

Earthbound/Mother: Nope. Although now that it's on the eshop, I might purchase it when I put money on, since everyone and their dog tells me how good of a game it is. Figure I should give it a shot. :P

F-Zero: Only the GBA version. I play it occasionally.

Fire Emblem: YES. Love this series! Played the GBA ones as well as Awakening. I need to find the GC ones so I can play those, I've really wanted to.

Game & Watch: Nope, and not too interested.

Ice Climber: Only a bit, didn't really like.

Kid Icarus: Not really, should pick up Uprising, but it's not too far on my list.

Kirby: Love Kirby! The only real game I remember playing is Super Star, which is fantastic. I really want to get Epic Yarn and play through the adorableness of that game!

Legend of Zelda: Ooooooooooooyeaahhh! I will have played and beaten all of the main games once I play through the GameBoy games!

Mario: Yeppers! Gotta love my main man Mario.

Mega Man: Played some Mega Man 9, but never beat it :/

Metal Gear: No, and not really interested.

Metroid: I need me more Metroid. I beat Fusion, played a little bit of NES and the Prime games, but never beat those. I need to find the Prime trilogy collection...


Pikmin: Played 1 and 2, and currently playing Pikmin 3! It's great so far 8D

Pokémon: Just about everything so long as it's gen 3 or later. Stoked for X and Y youdontevenknow <3

Sonic the Hedgehog: A little bit here and there, would like to try more.

Star Fox: Does Adventures count? D:
Been really meaning to play 64, but haven't gotten yet :(

WarioWare and Wario Land: Despite me not liking Wario much, I've played a lot of his games: Wario Land 4, Wario World, and the GBA and GC WarioWares.

Wii Fit: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no

Yoshi: Yoshi's Island aka my childhood <3


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Apr 20, 2010
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Animal Crossing - I have not played the games
Donkey Kong - On the SNES was my first and I have enjoyed and played it's game since then, but I haven't played DK much..
Earthbound/Mother - I have not played the games
F-Zero - I have only played one game on the Nintendo Gamecube
Fire Emblem - I have not played the games
Game & Watch - I have played Gallery 2 and Gallery Advanced. Advance is my favorite of them all.
Ice Climber - I have played the NES version on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Kid Icarus - I have not played the games
Kirby - I have played Kirby Squeak Squad, but I don't play Kirby much..
Legend of Zelda - Since the SNES game, I have been playing Zelda since then
Mario - I have been playing Mario since childhood and has become my favorite video game franchise
Mega Man - I have not played the games
Metal Gear - I have not played the games
Metroid - I have not played the games
ROBOT - I have not played the games
Pikmin - I have not played the games
Pokémon - Playing Pokemon yellow has made me love Pokemon since then.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Star Fox - I have not played the games
WarioWare and Wario Land - I have played it once on the DS when available as a demo, but I have never played any Wario Land games
Wii Fit - I have not played it
Yoshi - I do remember playing a games on the DS..

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Jul 2, 2011
Animal Crossing: I spent many hours playing the first [North American] game. Hours well spent. I plan on buying New Leaf.

Donkey Kong: Yes. Arcade game, Jr., original DKC trilogy, and DKCR.

Earthbound/Mother: Nope.

F-Zero: Yes. I wish Nintendo would anounce F-Zero UX.

Fire Emblem: Some. Awakening for the 3DS looks very promising.

Game & Watch: Nope.

Ice Climber: I played the game. Not very challenging and not very fun for me.

Kid Icarus: Played some of the original game, thought it was fun. Uprising looks great and might be worth a purchase.

Kirby: Yes. A lot of Kirby.

Legend of Zelda: Never. :right:

Mario: Yes and yes. Who hasn't played Mario?

Mega Man: Played some of the classic games and X games. Great series. Too bad Capcom doesn't give it the treatment it deserves.

Metal Gear: Yes. Great series, I'd reccomend it to anybody.

Metroid: So much yes. A truly great series that I enjoy playing.

ROBOT: Nope, never.

Pikmin: No, but it does interest me.

Pokémon: Yep. Though, I don't play much of it nowadays.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Yes. The older games are pretty good, the newer games range from garbage to alright.

Star Fox: Oh yeah. I love me some Starfox 64. The original SNES game is fun, Adventures is good for its genre, and Assualt felt somewhat mediocre. Haven't played Command, though.

WarioWare and Wario Land: I've played both and found them fun.

Wii Fit: The minigames are actually pretty fun, but I haven't touched the game in years.

Yoshi: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story. Yoshi's Island is quite an amazing game with everything good going for it. Yoshi's Story is okay, but nothing special.


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Apr 12, 2012
Animal Crossing: Thought it looked stupid when the Gamecube version was new, then a friend of mine showed it to me. I got the idea of what the game really is, and bought my own copy. Since then I've actually been a pretty big Animal Crossing fan.

Donkey Kong: Yes, I love the DKC games old and new, and DK64.

Earthbound/Mother: Watched one of my brothers play Earthbound around the age of 4, didn't like it because I didn't know what was going on. Thanks to the power of emulation, I've played Earthbound and Mother 3 in more recent years, and they've become some of the best games I've ever played. Hopefully we'll get an official Mother 3 port sometime soon down the road.

F-Zero: Yes, GX for Gamecube was, and still is one of my favorite racing games. I've been anticipating a new F-Zero for years, hopefully the Wii U will deliver.

Fire Emblem: Due to my curiosity of Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros, I watched Let's Plays of a few games, and the stories have really caught my interest. Fire Emblem: Awakening is the first game in the series that I've actually played and owned.

Game & Watch: Never played.

Ice Climber: Played with my Dad when he dug out his NES games, didn't like it.

Kid Icarus: Same situation as Ice Climber for the NES game. Uprising however, is fantastic.

Kirby: Yes. From Super Star to Return to Dreamland, gotta love Kirby.

Legend of Zelda: Words cannot describe how much I love these games.

Mario: Who hasn't played Mario? Super Mario All Stars was the first game I ever played. I'm more into the RPG games (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi), but Mario in general really just holds a special place in my heart.

Mega Man: Probably the games I've ragequit most on. Past that, I enjoy Mega Man games.

Metal Gear: Yes, and it is definitely one of my favorite series.

Metroid: Yes. I've played Super Metroid, the Prime trilogy, and Other M. I completely respect this series for what it is, but I personally am not the biggest fan of it.

ROBOT: Nope.avi

Pikmin: Yes. I played the first 2 on Wii and thought they were fantastic. Pikmin 3 is amazing too, but compared to how much there is to do in 2, it feels a bit short.

Pokémon: Liked the anime, never could get into the games. I'm not very interested in Pokemon now either, but I'm willing to give Y a chance.

Sonic the Hedgehog: As a kid I liked Sonic Adventure 1&2, and some of the 2D games. Nowadays, I'm not interested in Sonic, and the ones I used to like haven't aged well in my opinion.

Star Fox: Yes. one of my favorite franchises. Such a shame it's practically dead nowadays.

WarioWare and Wario Land: Yes, I always have a good time playing Wario games for sure.

Wii Fit: No, but I am thinking about getting Wii Fit U sometime...

Yoshi: Yoshi's Island is all I can say, and it's just simply fantastic.


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Dec 17, 2012
Animal Crossing: never

Donkey Kong: Played it for the first time as an actual arcade game at the skate rink (yes. it was the 80s). Enjoyed the DKC games

Earthbound/Mother: Loved Earthbound to death. I liked Mother 3 well enough.

F-Zero: Played the original a fair amount. Have GX but have never invested a great deal of time into it

Fire Emblem: I have an English translation romhack of the original that I play from time to time.

Game & Watch: I bought one back in the day

Ice Climber: Once.

Kid Icarus: Worked through the original over about 10 years. Have the GB game, but never got through it.

Kirby: Played the crap out of the Dream Land, Adventure, and Super Star

Legend of Zelda: Who?

Mario: A few times...

Mega Man: Incessantly until around X2

Metal Gear: My only exposure was with the original, which I didn't love.

Metroid: I've played (and own) virtually all the games, but I never really felt the spark of enthusiasm I did with other franchises.

ROBOT: Like... ROB the Robot? A friend of mine had one but it was broken.

Pikmin: Never had the desire.

Pokémon: Picked up Blue shortly after release. I actually found the franchise much later in life.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Just the first three. I was never a SEGA guy.

Star Fox: The original is the only one I've put any time into.

WarioWare and Wario Land: Just Wario Land: Mario Land 3.

Wii Fit: I don't really use it any more, but it was a major catalyst for a lot of lifestyle changes I've made of the past five years.

Yoshi: Yoshi's Island's was teh awesome.


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Nov 12, 2007
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Animal Crossing
Only played the DS version of the game but planning on picking up New Leaf when I get a 3DS. And I really enjoyed it. Baby's first Sims!
Donkey Kong
Played a lot of Donkey Kong titles but not recently, the drum games were the last game I really remember. And if Diddy Kong racing counts, I played the absolute **** out of that.
Not even touched, doesn't look like my type of game and the crazed, eccentric fans don't help.
I love F-Zero, played on N64 and Gamecube and they're just terrific, quality titles.
Fire Emblem
Played a version on the GBA, and then played Ike's games on the Gamecube and then Wii. Overall it was quite fun, but very sluggish and slow-paced. Other tiled, turn-based games don't suffer from that, but, overall, a very fun game.
Game & Watch
Never touched.
Ice Climber
Never touched.
Kid Icarus
I played the original after demo'ing it on Brawl and it was alright, I actually had a lot of fun with it. The 3DS one was pretty boring. Didn't enjoy that.
God I love Kirby... I've played most Kirby games if at all possible.
Legend of Zelda
Never even heard of it, is Zelda the one with the green hat?
Played a lot of Mario games, on all platforms really. He gets *****d out quite a bit but stuff like Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy are brilliant.
Mega Man
Dabbled, didn't enjoy it. Fanboys raged. I lol'd.
Metal Gear
Not tried Metal Gear, but played every Metal Gear Solid basically. I very much enjoy them, especially MGS3, but got a bit (well, even more) convoluted and messy in MGS4 when it tied up about a hundred split ends and I didn't like the stealth as much after coming from DE:HR. Pre-MGS4, though, definitely an awesome franchise. I like Big Boss' titles the most, MGS3 and Peace Walker.
Didn't actually play any of the originals, my only knowledge of Metroid is as an FPS in Metroid Prime, and it's terrific. Other M, I didn't enjoy that one.
Played the original Pikmin only and it was fun, enough for me to be about to play Pikmin 3 when it hurries up and arrives.
Love me some Pokemon, played one game from each generation so far. Same old Pokemon each time but it still hooks me everytime, no matter how hard I try to not let it.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic was awesome, Sonic was ****, and now it's back to awesome. I skipped out on Sonic's mid-life crisis, going straight from Sonic & Knuckles to Sonic Generations basically, only dabbling a bit in-between. I like Sonic. I could live without SEGA's dumb cast, though. Sonic and Tails, that's all you need. And, Knuckles can come too.
Star Fox
Lylat Wars, as it was called over here, was amazing, I adored that game. I played a Star Fox on Gamecube I think, where your on foot sometimes, not in the ships, and that was a tad dry. Lylat Wars remains one of my all time favourite games though.
WarioWare and Wario Land
Played Wario Land on the Game Boy and it was really fun, and I especially liked Warioware. The mindless, fast-paced minigames sure were fun!
Wii Fit
I tried it but, I prefer the gym.
My character from MK64! Do like Yoshi, his game on N64 was awesome, but haven't played any of his games since then. Would like to.

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Jul 9, 2013
My computer
Animal Crossing: Haven't played any, but I'm looking into getting New Leaf

Donkey Kong: I played Donkey Kong Country I believe (really old, for the Gameboy...) and Donkey Kong 64 which was a great game.

Earthbound/Mother: I've played Earthbound once, loooooong ago.

F-Zero: I used to play F-Zero-X with a friend of mine a lot back in 3rd grade.

Fire Emblem: Same as Animal Crossing. I want to try this series out soon as well.

Game & Watch: I've never had the chance to play any of these games.

Ice Climber: Same as Game & Watch....

Kid Icarus: Played the NES one when my family used to have an NES.

Kirby: I've played many Kirby games, and they've all been a lot of fun.

Legend of Zelda: I've played a few titles, I think. Zelda seems like a pretty cool guy.

Mario: I've played a lot of the games, but the only one I really enjoyed was Super Mario 64.

Mega Man: Mega Man II was one of the few games I had for my Gameboy, and I played that game almost as much as I played Link's Awakening.

Metal Gear: Yet another series I really want to get into.

Metroid: Have only played the Metroid Prime games, and I enjoyed them, but haven't had enough interest to play the other games of the series.


Pikmin: Played 1, didn't buy 2, but I'm liking the looks of 3.

Pokémon: I played every generation up to Black/White. I have Pokemon Black, haven't had enough motivation to get through it, but I'm thinking about starting my file over and trying it again.

Sonic the Hedgehog: After we had the NES, our family got a SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog was the only game I ended up enjoying on that system.

Star Fox: Star Fox 64 was one of my favorite games from my childhood.

WarioWare and Wario Land: I had Wario Land (1 or 2) for the Gameboy and I've played WarioWare at my sister's house once. They were okay.

Wii Fit: My family got this, and everyone was obsessed with it for about a week, now we don't use it.

Yoshi: I've only played Yoshi's Story, but I remember liking it a lot.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Animal Crossing

I've only played the first Animal Crossing game and the newest Animal Crossing game. I want to get City Folk and Wild World some day, but for now I just have Animal Crossing and New Leaf. I love the franchise. I used to adore the first game until I got New Leaf. New Leaf is one of my all time favorites already.

Donkey Kong

I think I've played some of the original Donkey Kong, and maybe even some Donkey Kong Country. I do own Donkey Kong 64, but I haven't played much of it.


I have never played a Mother game, but I want to.


I used to have F-Zero X, but I think I sold it. I remember liking it, but it was kind of hard.

Fire Emblem

I borrowed a Fire Emblem game from my cousin once. I don't remember which one though. It was one of the GBA ones. I loved it though and I want to get another Fire Emblem game.

Game & Watch

I didn't even know what this was until Smash Bros. So, nope.

Ice Climber

Never played it, but I want to.

Kid Icarus

Again, never played it, but I want to. Uprising looks interesting.


I played Kirby's air ride. Does that count? Other than that, no, I haven't, but I want to.

Legend of Zelda

Um... What is 'Zelda'? o_O I've played almost every Zelda game. I just need to find FSA again and get my hands on PH, ST, and SS. I obviously love the franchise.


I've played Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3. I've also played World, 64, 64 DS, and Sunshine. I love the franchise. Sunshine is my favorite and 64 is my least favorite though.

Mega Man

I've only played and beaten 2. I liked it though.

Metal Gear



I've played some of the first one, second one, and Super Metroid. The farthest I've gotten in the game is Prime, but haven't beaten it. I like it, but too much backtracking made me drift away from playing it.




Nope, but I want to.


I've played Ruby, Soul Silver and Pearl. Soul Silver is my favorite by far though.

Sonic the Hedgehog

I've played the first 3, but wasn't interested enough to beat them.

Star Fox

I've played 64, but not much of it.

WarioWare and Wario Land

Nope, I've played spin-offs with Wario in them.

Wii Fit

Lol, no.


I played Island and Story but don't remember them. I've played spin-offs with Yoshi in them though.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Animal Crossing - I'm a huge AC dork, and I've played p. much all of the games (except for Jap. exclusive titles).

Donkey Kong - Played the original, then never touched any of the games again.

Earthbound/Mother - Nope, but it looks fun.

F-Zero - Nope.

Fire Emblem - Played the FE: A demo, and I've been meaning to pick up an actual copy.

Game & Watch - Haha, no.

Ice Climber - Yes, it's ok, I guess.

Kid Icarus - I should really buy Uprising...

Kirby - Yes!! I love Kirby so much! :D

Legend of Zelda - Nope, I've never played TLoZ. :bleh:

Mario - Nope, never played Mario either. :right:

Mega Man - Never played Megaman, but I've been meaning to try it.

Metal Gear - Nah.

Metroid - I tried Other M, but I could never get into it.

ROBOT - This exists?

Pikmin - No, but I want to play it.

Pokémon - ALL OF MY YES

Sonic the Hedgehog - EVEN MORE OF MY YES (srsly guiz, what da frick?)

Star Fox - Uhm, no.

WarioWare and Wario Land - I couldn't care less about it.

Wii Fit - LOL

Yoshi - lol


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
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May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
AC - never played it,but this would've been the perfect game for me as a kid D:
DK - im looking into getting the country games,but for far i've only played the arcade/NES titles
MOTHER - i effening love these games,too bad they weren't localized [aside MOTHER 2 recently]
F-Zero - just very recently started playing GX,why the hell did retro decide to make dk over this,its screaming to be on an hd console
FE - still looking to get either path of radiance or a gba title
G&W - not particualrly interested
Ice Climber - it was ok....but just ONE game and they made it in smash?
Kid Icarus - eh....
Kirby - bought the Dream Collection,its pretty good
Mario - do you know who you're talking to?
Mega Man - just recently played 9,looking to get the anniversary collection
MGS - LOVE the games,must havz the Legacy Collection
Metroid - i can't get past prime 3,and i heard it was suppose to be the EASY one :S
ROBOT - ........hm?
Pikmin - 1 was good,2 was just freaking outstanding,awesome sequel
Pokemon - FireRed & Silver so far,just need a 3rd gen game and i'm done w/ this
Sonic - recently got into it,GOD i want my SA2 back
Star Fox - love it,there NEEDS to be a new game for this
WarioWare & Land - i've played twisted once,interesting as hell;Wario Land Shake It is one of my favorite Wii games,the other one i have is 3,its pretty good
Wii Fit - BWAH
Yoshi - Yoshi's Island on gba is a top priority for me right now
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The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Animal Crossing: I've played the first two games in the series and I have been meaning to grab my own copy of New Leaf but alas, I have no money.

Donkey Kong: Been playing the series since Donkey Kong Country came out! I can't wait for Tropical Freeze this Fall!

Earthbound/Mother: Well with only Earthbound ever to release here in the states, I never got the chance to play Mother 3, though I really want to. I heard so many reports of being such a good game.

F-Zero: I love the series and I really wish they can bring F-Zero back into the gaming industry, but then again, Mario Kart is still alive and I still play more Mario Kart than F-Zero. :(

Fire Emblem: I have only played Sacred Stones, those that came for the DS and Wii. I realy love the whole stragety of precisely implementing the correct moves at the correct time. I also need to get my own copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening, but I have no money. :cry:

Game & Watch: I have the G&W collections for my GameBoy! I love the simplicity of it all. It is nice to just kick back and simply play some G&W!

Ice Climber: I hav the only game in the series on my 3DS! I love playing time and time again! It's so much fun and also quite challenging at times.

Kid Icarus: Though I may not have played the original two games of the series, Kid Icarus: Uprising is so a fanstastic game and I love playing with my friends!

Kirby: Let's just say that I spent way too much playing as the adorable puffball from space! :3

Legend of Zelda: Played every single main game in the series! I've almost spent my entire life playing the franchise! No regrets. :xd:

Mario: Spent my entire life playing every Mario game in existence! :3

Mega Man: I love Mega Man with a passion! In fact, I'm about to play some Mega Man right now!

Metal Gear: ........ I LOVE METAL GEAR!!!!! ~(^.^)~

Metroid: The story of Metroid is the most emotional in my eyes. I cry when needed, shocked when I thought things couldn't get worse. All I can say is that Metroid is awesome!

ROBOT: Well Stack-Up and Gyromite were the only games for R.O.B., but hey I actually quite enjoyed them as a kid, even if it was frustrating at times. :3

Pikmin: I love Pikmin and I really want to get Pikmin 3 right now! Why can't I have money whenever I needed? :cry:

Pokémon: Well I am a Pokémon Master after all! Can't wait to travel to the Kalos and get my new starter Chespin! X3

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Sonic games give me the most adrenaline because of how fast Sonic can get in the levels. I need to get Sonic Lost World as soon as it comes out!

Star Fox: I love Star Fox and I really do hope that we get to see another Star Fox game in the nearby future!

WarioWare and Wario Land: The WarioWare and Wario Land games are just filled with such fun that I can't even describe how much joy I get from those games! ^^

Wii Fit: I really enjoy playing some Wii Fit whenever I feel like exercising. Speaking of which, I need to do some right now!

Yoshi: I love Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island! Them feels man. Them feels.

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