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Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

Nov 28, 2011
"We're both in love with a sexy lady with an eye that's lazy. The girl that's fly with a wonky eye. She's smokin' with an eye that's broken. I think it's hot, the way she looks left a lot."



Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
My current tune of jamming...hmm...

If you're talking about general music, I have been listening a bit to Jeff Buckley's rendition of "Hallelujah." It's a pretty good song, although it took me a few listens to really comprehend the mature nature of the song's lyrics.

Now, in terms of Christmas music, the song I have been jamming to would be "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Royal Guardsmen. It is pretty good, reminds us all of the Christmas Truce of 1914, the instrumental part is pretty nice as well, and the vocals seal the deal. ^^
Jun 3, 2011

Don't know if I posted this one before, but here you go!

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