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Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

Oct 14, 2013

Michael Nyman Music from The Draughtman’s Contract (1982)
Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds
The garden is becoming a robe room
An eye for optical theory

I don't like the 3rd track here but I really like the other 2. You can look up the music videos for them but I just like this video because I can listen to it and not worry about the visuals when I am doing something else.
The music here is almost more baroque than actual baroque period music.
It's a shame Purcell died so young.



Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout

The thing I've always appreciated about Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is its knack for atmosphere, and I think it has yet to be topped on that front in the main series.

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