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Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
It's weird to me how this song resonates with me so much. The guitarist and songwriter of this band, Tom Searle, passed in August of 2016 from cancer. This song was written about his battle with cancer. Why this song resonates with me so much is because almost a little over a year after his death, in September of 2017, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. I dont know why listening to a song about someone's struggle with cancer helps me feel better but it eases the pain somehow.

Architects - Gone With the Wind


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Dec 2, 2012
Man, people seem to criticize the music of Breath of the Wild a lot. I can understand where they're coming from, to a degree, but the game really does have some amazing tracks. Case in point, here's my favourite final dungeon theme in the series. It's dark, and sinister, but also hopeful. It gives you the sense that there's finally an end in sight, but when the classic Ganon's theme comes in, you also know that the end of the road will present a great challenge. Overall, it does a great job of building up to the finale of a great game.

Edit: I also love the references to other tracks in the series. Most notably, of course, is the short excerpt of the main theme, but there's also some Zelda's Lullaby hidden within, and the melody reminds me a lot of the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Plus, the whole song in general gives me Hyrule Warriors vibes.


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