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General Classic Which Should I Download?

Jul 12, 2010
Hello, I'm Link~Triforce and I've just recieved 1000 Nintendo Points. I instantly put them onto my Wii and now I'm wondering which VC game to download. On one hand there is, Zelda : A Link to the Past. On the other, there is Zelda : Majora's mask. I've heard lots of praise about these games and decided I would download one or the other. Now could you please help me? I have the small problem of which one to actually download!:xd:
So what's your personal favourite out of the two and why?


MM is probably more fun, being 3D and all. Alttp has a bigger story though, even though MM has the most emotional one. MM has a lot of sidequests but Alttp has the biggest number of dungeons (Actually about three times as many dungeons). The dungeons are obviously smaller, but some people would rather play a game with a lot of dungeons instead of a lot of sidequests, your choice. Of course, there is a big difference because MM is 3D while Alttp is 2D. When it comes to difficulty, I would say both of them are some of the hardest Zelda games, I'll say MM is harder.


Sep 20, 2008
I would have to say...Majora's Mask.

It is one of the truly "Must have" epic games that live on in history. It is better suited to the 3D graphics of the Wii and poses a fun, fast paced challenge (along with the optional sidequests, which are fun too)

Of the two, A link to the past is the easier and poses less of a challenge, but some of the later bosses can be a bit tricky.

Overall, i'd choose Majora's Mask, simply for the sidequests, the masks, and the overall challenge.
Jul 14, 2010
i would go majoras mask because u got 1000 points use all of them i have downloaded both ocarina and majoras and i have finished them all my decision was based on my nintendo 64 didn't work but u decide on what u think is the better game and choose that one


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Apr 16, 2010
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I would go with Majora's Mask. It's my personal favorite because the whole mask transformation thing. It's different in a good way. Plus, it has tons of great sidequests (Anju and Kafei anyone?)


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Jun 14, 2010
Those are both amazing games. If only you had more points, I'd recommend both to you:lol:
If you want a longer game with lots of dungeons, play A Link to The Past(and of course if you like the old-school top down style). I still have quite a few dungeons left in it, and there is quite a big overworld(or should I say two) to explore.
If you like doing sidequests, Majora's Mask has the best ones. You do a lot of character interaction and the dungeons(while there's only four main ones) are quite challenging.
So whatever one you like, you can't go wrong with either;)
Jul 12, 2010
So right now, there are more votes on Majora's Mask, but I still quite like the idea of lots of dungeons in A link to the past. Hmmm...
Jul 4, 2010
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Beeker is right, mm is mostly sidequest and is short while Alttp is mostly main quest an is pretty long, it really depends on your style. i'm not a particular fan of either of them, but i'd have to say Alttp is just a little bit better.


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May 26, 2010
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Majora's Mask is a very long game, a LOT longer than that of ALttP. MM has tons of ways to beat the game, and filling out the Notebook completely will give you a great sense of heroism. ALttP introduced the main Zelda formula, but beyond that, I wouldn't recommend it over MM. That's only my opinion though.

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Feb 1, 2010
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I downloded Majora's mask on Virtual console and its great but,if i were you I would get ocarina of time which is also on VC As it is the pre-sequel to majora's mask but its your choice...


Jan 31, 2008
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Didn't I already answer this one?
Personally, I would recommend playing Majora's Mask. A Link to the Past is a fun game and all, but Majora's Mask has a deeper story to it, I believe. Majora's Mask also presents that challenge of the time limit, and has some very enjoyable dungeons and good boss fights. The different masks in the game also add another level of fun into the game, whether you try to collect them all or not, the masks that are necessary to the story increase the greatness of the game.

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