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Which scenes/dungeons/locations/bosses could a Zelda game have done without?

Most of us love Zelda here and most of us have a clear-cut favourite within the series, but despite these games being our favourites or even ones we just like a lot there will be parts of said games that we just don't like or agree with... So here is a thread to let us know which scenes/dungeons/locations/bosses etc some Zelda games could have done without.

For example; I rather enjoy Twilight Princess, its in my top three, but there's a cutscene in TP that I wish had not been included because its so cringe-worthy. I'm talking about the 'surreal' scene that explains about the Dark Interlopers (the one that plays after the third dungeon with the falling spinning Ilias and Link's seedy/pervy sex smile).

Its a scene that tries far too hard to be dark in a game that is trying too hard to be moody, its just embarrassing...

Other 'should not have been included' portions of Zelda games for me are;

The Imprisoned
The Silent Realms in Skyward Sword
The Tadtones portion of Skyward Sword
The Sealed Grounds in Skyward Sword (seriously awfully designed location)
Oct 13, 2013
  • The Super Mario like fetch quests in SS. The ones where you have to go into the spirit realm and collect those spirit things without being seen or hit. Made the game feel more like a 3D Mario game and less like a Zelda game. Totally not needed in the game.
  • The Last heart piece and Mirror Shield in Minish cap. Items that you can only get after beating a game that has zero post game content is totally pointless.
  • Light Arrows in Minish cap. Annoying to use, totally missable if you don't know how to get them and not needed to beat the game. A pointless arrow upgrade.
  • Rupees in all final dungeons of every Zelda game. Zelda 1 excepted because of the Bow and possibly TP excepted because of the Magic Armour. Why give me rupees I can not spend as there is no more shops between this dungeon and the end of the game. Pointless.
  • Ice Arrows in Ocarina of Time. I have beaten the game enough times and never found a use for the ice arrows in that game.
  • The "Spell" spell in Zelda 2. Pointless spell. Sure you need it to get the Infinite Key. But I am sure the game should just have had that building already there without the need to cast Spell. Totally not needed in the game if that one building is just there as it should have been without needing a spell to make it appear.
  • The Book in Zelda 1. I found it easier to use the wand without the book. Sure the wand becomes a torch too with the book, nice in dark dungeon rooms, but without the fire after every wand use, you can shoot the want more frequently and is much easier to use. So if I had my way I'd not have the Book in the game. We already have the redundant double torches in the game, one of them is enough why have a 3rd way to light up dark rooms. Pointless.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Most enemy designs in SS. Retarded looking bokoblins, Tentalus, Imprisoned, keese.
The stealth mission in SS. I like stealth but there are games which do it so much better that SS's attempt was painful.
Skyview Temple in SS. This is one of the most boring temples in Zelda, it's monotone and just not fun.
Sandship dungeon in SS. Many praise this dungeon but I have no idea why, it is a brown and boring place.
Fire Sanctuary in SS. We didn't need two fire temples, there is no justification of it being there.
Demise himself in SS. The worst villain in 3D Zelda by far. He lacks screentime and has no character development at all. They could have easily put Ganon in there somehow instead who at least has the benefit of having been developed in other games and being one of Gamings favourite villains.

The perfection of OOT. It's just too good. It was the first game I played and every game I have played since has been in its shadow.

Great Bay temple of MM. It's just a horrible tedious dungeon, plus it's another water temple. There should only ever have been one of those. The boss of Great Bay is also a pain in the ass.

Wind temple in WW. It's boring and that's all there is to it. I didn't enjoy the aesthetic or puzzles of this place. The boss was good however.
Triforce hunt in WW. Fixed with WWHD, but a big detriment to the original experience.

Four Swords Adventures. <Thats just a full stop there.

The Sky symbol fetch quest of TP and the tears of light quests of TP. Tediousness like this should have no place in Zelda.
City in the Sky of TP. I didn't like the place or the music.
Aug 12, 2015
Funny, I disagree with a lot of these. Both the Tears of Light from Twilight Princess and especially the Sacred Realms from Skyward Sword are among my favourite moments of the series (such great atmosphere!), I never really had a problem with Wind Waker HD's Triforce quest, and the Imprisoned is awesome. I loved the Wind Temple and hated its boss.

If anything, I can half-agree with the City in the Sky mentioned by G-King, though I don't think it shouldn't have been included, I just think it should have been redesigned drastically.
Oct 13, 2013
I forgot to mention all the Andross clones in the various Zelda games. This is not Hyrule in space. It's Legend of Zelda, Andross clones have zero need to be in the games.
Sep 20, 2015
The section in Twilight Princess where you take the Zora prince guy to Kakariko Village. The bomb birds... the fires... trying to shoot arrows and throw boomerangs at the same time... all from horseback. Just no.
Aug 12, 2015
Double Post, but it's been a while so whatever. I actually need to retcon what I said earlier about the Wind Temple, since replaying Wind Waker I noticed I confused that with the Earth Temple - that's the dungeon I liked but hated the boss with a passion back then. The second time actually wasn't so bad, but still not my favourite boss.

One thing I actually think the game could have done without were all the light circles on the ocean you can access without treasure charts. Getting 50 Rupees from each and every one of them grew tiresome very quickly, but the obsessive collector in me just couldn't bear to not haul those chests up. I would have prefered only finding treasure via chart.
Jun 19, 2015
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  • The Woods of Mystery in MM
  • Most of the green Kinstone Fusions in TMC
  • The Tadtones in SS
  • Ganondorf in TP
  • Bellum
Also say what you want about the Fire Sanctuary, but it had one of the best boss fights of the series.
Aug 28, 2015
Jabu Jabu's Belly in Ocarina of Time.
Woods of Mystery in Majora's Mask.
The excessive amount of sailing and everything that has to do with it in Wind Waker.
Taking the robot to the Fire Sanctuary in Skyward Sword. That was the only part of SS that really bothered me.
The Fortress of Winds in Minish Cap.
The Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker, and going to it TWICE.
Renting items in A Link Between Worlds.
The boss key puzzle in the Crown Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.
The entirety of Link's Awakening. (I don't dislike this game, but the story makes zero logical sense. Plus the game is kinda bland, I could do without it.)
The slow start of Twilight Princess. (I don't mind the Tears of Light, but the slow start is abysmal.)

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