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Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

What order did you collect the triforce?

  • Courage, Wisedom, Power

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  • Courage, Power, Wisedom

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  • Wisedom, Courage, Power

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  • Wisedom, Power, Courage

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  • Power, Courage, Wisedom

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  • Power, Wisedom, Courage

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  • I don't remember

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Apr 7, 2012
Duck Land
the same order the first three temples came in.
I originally heard about the glitch, and freaked out.
so just to make sure(:
Apr 4, 2012
I found the Sky Keep so challenging that I didn't know which one was which until I reached it. I was just grateful to scrape my way through it, let alone have some sort of plan.
Nov 26, 2008
Power, Courage, Wisdom.

HOWEVER, I deeply regretted it and did it in a different order on my Hero Mode run (and intend to do it this way every time I play it from now on). The order that I feel is objectively the best is Power, Wisdom, and Courage. It's clear that Power is the easiest to get, so I think it's obvious that they intended something of a reverse order compared to finding the flames.

To take that a bit further, note that the Sky Keep actually does have a boss and miniboss. The miniboss is Dreadfuse, and instead of a traditional dungeon boss you have the miniboss gauntlet fought in the Courage-piece room. I think that you were sort of intended to do this last because it's the boss of the dungeon, and even if you weren't, I think fighting the boss gauntlet last is just funner. So although you can often get Courage before Wisdom, I always do Courage last because the miniboss gauntlet is an awesome finale to the Sky Keep. :)

Hopefully now you've all seen the error of your ways. :P
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Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
In all four of my playthroughs, I went from Courage, to Power, to Wisdom. Might just have to switch it up next time 'round -- live on the edge!
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
Power, Wisdom, Courage is the order that I did them in. I'm not really sure if I had any sort of plan to do it a specific way, but that's how it came out. For some reason it just seems kind of right for Courage to be last, in my opinion. That order seemed to work pretty good for me, and I don't intend to do it a different way next time, I just hope I remember everything I did since I was able to go through it pretty fast the first time. :>

godess reborn

Blame The Cricket
Jan 29, 2012
Turn around...
I got them in this order: Power, Courage, Wisdom. I was trying to get courage first, but I found myself in the power place instead. So I went ahead and got that, found out how to get to courage, then got that too. Wisdom was hard to get to, but I stumbled on it eventually.

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