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Which One, the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3?

which do you prefer?

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I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I currently have neither system, but I voted for the XBox 360 anyways. I have played both consoles at my friends house several times before, and I think that the XBox 360 has better software, which is the primary reason why I vote for the XBox 360. I have had minimal experience with the online play, so I have no say on that.


Zora Warrior
Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
I prefer the 360, the controller is more comfortable, and it has more exclusive titles. If you get the new 360 you can play Blu-ray disks just like the PS3. Also XBOX live is still up and running properly and hasn't been hacked twice in the last 2 months. The problem is that XBOX live is expensive.


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
It all comes down to what games do you like? But when I hear dumb comments like the 360 breaks a lot and the online cost money, it just really boils me up. The 360's problems have been fixed since the Elite came out and XBOX LIVE is worth the money due to being the best online gaming service. That's not an opinion, its fact. And I also recall the PSN screwing millions of people over a while ago. I have both systems in my household and will like to have a PS3 of my own but I perfer the 360. The graphics are fairly the same as the PS3 and I like the 360's exclusives a whole lot better. Sure, the PS3 has great exclusives but to me that's all I'll play on the PS3, its exclusive titles (if good) and nothing else. And the XBOX games that are also on PS3 are generally better.

Sorry if I came off strong but I'm a gamer and I take gaming serious.


didn't build that
From what I've read the PS3 has the most exclusives of any console this generation. You get unique titles like Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet, which I've wanted to play but haven't been able to. It's also superior to the Xbox in terms of hardware--L.A. Noire is a showcase for this.

The Xbox seems to be mainly a console for shooters. I own one, and have found very few games I like for it. Most of the good 360 games are available on the PS3 or PC anyway, which in my mind decreases its value as a gaming platform.

The only reason I'd suggest the 360 is the Xbox Live Arcade, which is robust. But from what I've seen, the PS3 has a good digital distribution program too, featuring plenty of old classics. Take your pick, but I regret my decision to buy a 360 virtually every time I boot it up. The only exclusive I've enjoyed for it is Tales of Vesperia. It's nice, but Tales of Graces f is coming out for the PS3 soon, so you'll still get your Tales fix on that console.

IMO the 360 is the worst console of this generation.


I am me....
Jan 25, 2010
If you get the new 360 you can play Blu-ray disks just like the PS3.

Not nice to spread rumors or lies like that. The Xbox 360, no matter which model you get, original or slim will not play Blu-Ray discs. There was a recent update for a new disc format which added about a Gigs worth of space to current 360 discs, but it is not Blu-Ray. Just thought I would point that out.

Hylian Pants

Nintendo Wench
Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
I don't have either console, as I've mostly been a slave to Nintendo for my entire gaming career. I'm trying to change that though, and I'd really like to branch out. I've been considering it for a while and think I'm going to end up with the PS3. For one, I like the controllers much better. From the first time I picked up an Xbox controller when I was like, 13, I just never liked the feel. The exclusives on the PS3 are drawing me in more and more, much more so than those on Xbox. (Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus collection for ex).

Online capabilities don't concern me much.. so PSN's fiasco doesn't really bother me. Also, yes, I'm one of those people who thinks the 360 breaks often. I have quite a few friends who have gone through numerous systems, and it's not very reassuring. I'm hoping to get my hands on a PS3 sometime in the near future, after I finish all my current Wii games. I will hand it to Microsoft though, I played those Burger King Xbox games when they came out around 5 years ago and they stand out in my mind as some of the most ridiculously entertaining games ever.


"Frocobo says die!"
Apr 2, 2011
I HATE this poll. I'm sorry. This is a stupid question and when ever I bring it up it leads to fights. Though, this is a great site and we all seem pretty mature and can handle this subject well. I love my ps3, free internet, better graphics, Kratos on MK, and castle crashers is only 10$ unlike live where it is 15$.


It depends on what you want out of a system. If you're not playing online super hardcore then a PS3 probably because it has free online and a blu ray player. On the other hand you pay for Live on the 360 but the connection is much better usually and there are less hackers for the most part. Also you get DLC before PS3 usually because Microsoft gets good deals.

Personally I prefer PC gaming.


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
I HATE this poll. I'm sorry. This is a stupid question and when ever I bring it up it leads to fights. Though, this is a great site and we all seem pretty mature and can handle this subject well. I love my ps3, free internet, better graphics, Kratos on MK, and castle crashers is only 10$ unlike live where it is 15$.

I agree with you. I hate when people give ignorant answers. I'm a real gamer and I like what each console has to offer because they're all different experiences.


Eye See You
Site Staff
Nov 29, 2008
I considered between the two. I could only afford one system, I chose the 360.
I have played Xbox games at family and friends for as long as both systems have been out. I've done the same for Playstation as well since it came out, the first one. I have absolutely never understood why so many people think that the controller style is better than the Xbox style. Forgive me, but they're damn-near identical. Except for the placement of the left control stick and d-pad. I'm thinking these claim on BOTH sides of controllers on either system either being better or worse are both rather... uh... well... biased. It's a really a matter of preference. Where do you like the left control stick? That's about it. That and how well it grips. Personally, I find the Xbox 360 controllers easier to hold and they feel better in the hand. PS3 controllers feel more bulky and less fluid. All this... "360 controllers are bad for fighting games" thing that has spread around, well... I have maybe 20 fighting games for the 360. One full game, and 19 something or that on the Genesis Collection. Rough count, give or take six or something. I had zero trouble with using the Xbox controls with it. Given that the two controllers are nearly identical, and added with the fact that the Xbox controller actually has more functions, I'd say the situation was reversed. The Xbox is better for fighting games.
I think the idea that it isn't comes from people that are already too attached to fighting games on the PS3. Since I've been mainly a Nintendo and Computer gaming boy for most of my life, and have haphazard exposure to the other systems, I would hazard to say I have a neutral perspective on the two systems. And without bias, I can say that on the purposes of gaming that the Xbox 360 is superior in every respect. In being a multifunctional platform, I guess the PS3 holds the title there as it runs Blu-ray. But one of the reasons Microsoft doesn't, is because they believe that movie streaming is going to replace it. They believed that when the 360 came out, before it was popular. Now here we are, where it's everywhere. Looks like their prediction is true. So I don't think we exactly miss much with the 360 not supporting Blu-ray. If you absolutely must play them, it's not gonna kill you to buy a separate player for it. TVs today are perfectly capable of having multiple video sources to choose from.


The Quiet Man
People here have better reasons than I do, but well...

I'd say PS3 because a lot of people where I live have one. I'm no sheep, but it makes for better multiplayer in my case. I started to have doubts the moment I learned of Gears of War, though.

I guess it's also a matter of familiarity too. I've already had a PlayStation, so I know the brand, but I've never even touched an Xbox.

Also, the online being free is a plus to me. Because it doesn't sound attractive to pay for something I only use 10 percent of the time. I'm more of a single player kind of guy.

Did I mention that I think Japanese are better than Americans at game-making?

Yup, I'm biased.
Jan 27, 2011
i may be a 360 owner but i'm going to side with the PS3, while i dom't have a PS3 Microsoft has a nack for really frustrating me with it's Xbox Gold Megmbership nonsense, example, just recently the demo for Sonic Generations came out, i could not play it on my 360 because i "didn't have a gold membership" and that's where i drew the line, why do i need to pay for something that the PS3 can do for free it's rediculus, i mean the only reason i don't have a PS3 is because i got the 360 first before Sony released the PS3 and most of the games that i WOULD want on the PS3 already came out on the 360 and i already got them so if i had a PS3 the only thing i'd be using it for is to download demos that the 360 won't let me get for free, there's no reason to have to do that, i mean it's already enough that we pay for their consoles, games, and microsoft points

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