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Which of the Evil Teams would you join?

Aug 31, 2019
If you had to. Based on the battle music, outfits, organisation members or goals. Who would you join up with?
Pokemon evil teams.jpg
How many Zubats would you have?

(I like how Magma's not up there but Plasma is twice.....)


BoDoc Horseman
Staff member
Nov 24, 2012
Team Skull is my ideal aesthetic which is absolutely style over substance. I don’t know exactly what my motivations are but I will do it with a LOOK.


The Resting Sun
Sep 9, 2019
I'd go with Team Skull, since they are one of my favorite evil teams in the series, though that said I do enjoy most of the evil teams (only exception is Team Flare).

Just 1


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
Mar 18, 2019
Plasma is by far my favorite, but I don’t exactly agree with their goals. That being said I don’t quite agree with the goals of the teams in general. I’d rather not be the puppet organization of Ghetsis. Same goes for Neo Plasma. I’d join N in a heartbeat though if we’re specifically talking about black 2 white 2.

Aqua is pretty cool, but as much as I like Archie he’s probably the biggest idiot in the franchise (what exactly would flooding the world accomplish? There are over 300 Pokémon species in this region alone, I don’t think we need anymore life).

Magmas goals are a bit better, and I’m all for land development, but I can’t get past their outfits. I still have no clue what the heck their supposed to be.

Flare is a bit too... them for my tastes. I’d rather not blow up the world. Plus I don’t have a million dollars lying around for me to join them with. I do like their grunts outfits though.

Galactic is overall just stupid. I Just can’t take them seriously with their ridiculous bowl haircuts. Also they have the exact same plan as flare.

Yell is just lame

skull is honestly quite alright, it’s not my style though.

So as much of a cop out it is, I’ve gotta go with Rocket.

man, so many of them are just so lame
probably neo plasma, they have a good balance of music, outfits, and.......what were they trying to do again?
Mass terrorism:party:
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