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Which LoZ Game Should Be Remade with TP Graphics?

which game should be remade with 3D graphics???

  • Legend of Zelda

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  • Adventures of Link

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  • a Link to the Past, Link's awakening

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  • Ocarina of Time

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  • Majora's Mask

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  • Oracle of Seasons/Ages

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  • Wind Waker

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  • Minish cap

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  • Twilight princess

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  • Phantom Hourglass

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self-explanitory. which zelda game should be remade wth better and advanced graphics like those in TP???
i think Minish cap and a LttP would be WAY better in 3D, while some games like WW are never meant to be changed. they could have also done a better job wih the graphics in OoT and MM
May 24, 2008
In my house
I'd prefer none be remade in TP graphics, for one, they aren't the best, two, can't ever beat the originals. But if I'm forced to choose one, Link's Awakening.


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Oct 24, 2007
Adventure of Link would make a solid 3D game. I can't think of a better choice. Not only does it have a good story, the music is great, and the difficulty is a plus. They'd have to tone it down a bit though.


Air Dancer
Jan 6, 2009
I dont want anymore remakes. As much as I love AlttP.. I dont think Nintendo could please me with a remake. I just want a new Zelda. I guess TLOZ would make a good remake because of the story being so simple. AoL might be a very good remake though. People might actually like the game if it was remade in 3D. But I like it just enough as it is now ^^


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Jan 18, 2009
in my house
yeah, I don't really want any changed but Aol is first in line, mostly because I didn't like the graphics and I really stunk at the game but Aol for sure for me, it was a bit too hard for me and well I"m still in that one place trying to get the candle -.-.

El Bagu

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Jul 5, 2008
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I do not want any game re-made with TP Graphics, never liked it so much. If I had chose one I would probably go with AoL, maybe maybe the darkness of the TP graphics could fit with the AoL story and the TP graphics actually has some bright moments (and we do not have to experience the twilight :clap:). Anyway I would not mind to play a 3D version of AoL, would be great! Another candidate could be OoA, it is interesting and would do great as a 3D game.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I want to see Ocarina of Time be redone, but in TP's graphics quality, not actual models. That wouldn't look right. I mean, the lighting engine, textures, and AI would have to be better (Such as, OoT enemies only attack you if they see or hear you, or you hit them, but TP enemies go with if they see, hear, attack, or the death of a comrade).


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
To me it would take away the feeling of the game and it would seem like a whole different game only with the same story, adventure, items, and such. I would prefer that not any of them be made with graphics such as the graphics that they used for Twilight Princess.


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Feb 24, 2009
In a city along the Great Bay coast
Honestly, I like how every game seems to have their own set of graphics. It identifies them as their own game and more so what the feeling of the game is.

It's like in Wind Waker, they chose to go with cell shading. Why? It was not only made for a younger audience, but it gave you an idea, or a feeling, on what kind of game it is. Now, I love Wind Waker, I love the cell shading graphics and I love the game. It's my second favorite, OoT being the first. I think that the Wind Waker graphics not only are kid-froendly, but they kinda make you look at the Zelda games from a different angle. Up until that point, all the graphics were more serious and realistic. Wind Waker turned that around, and that's why it was a huge sucess, I believe.

Twilight Princess was revolunitary because they are the most realistic graphics to date in the Zelda history. It identifies it as a game to be taken more seriously than Wind Waker.

I don't know how much of that made sense.....I'm not good at explaining things. XD But basically I'm saying that each game's graphics gives each Link their own identity, so I don't think taht graphics should be mixed because of this reason.
Oct 17, 2008
In my coffin
I would really not want any of the Zelda games to be remade with TP's graphics,I like the games the way they are.
But if I had to pick one I would pick ALTTP.
Oct 20, 2008
I wouldn't really want any of them remade. Remaking Twilight Princess with its own graphics seems useless....
But if any were to be remade I would say Adventure of Link or Majora's Mask. Even though the latter is already relatively realistic, I would like to see it remade with the TP graphics to enhance the dark, and impending feeling of it.


None of them. Wii's graphics can be pushed so much farther than what Twilight Princess showed us. I'd so much rather see a new game with a new engine.


Jan 23, 2009
Point blank, On Your Six.
I thing ALttP/LA. LA was one of my favs, and I think it could have a lot more detail in it if it was 3D. Same with ALttP, but that wasn't one of my favorites...

Oh, and BTW, GANNON-BANNED!!! It's "Adventure of Link", not "Adventures of Link", per rule #2.:mad:

Sorry 'bout the disruption there, sheriff.


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I like the idea of a remake. Any good game that's old enough deserved an update, and I'm not suggesting that the update replace the original, just that it could be a decent way to revisit the world (Pokemon Leaf Green is a great example of a remake, while Starfox 64 is an example of an overhaul. Both work well). TP's graphics, however, consisted of unimaginative shades of brown and gray, and hardly looked like anything I'd want to be revisiting. I certainly think graphical enhancements are fine for some of the games (for example, if Link's Awakening were ever remade in 3D, TWW's graphics would be perfect).

TP's graphics just aren't up to snuff for any purpose within the Zelda universe. When I play a Zelda game, I want to feel like I'm on an adventure, like I'm discovering an ancient but vibrant world. OoT's graphics fulfill that purpose. So do TWW's. TP's certainly don't.

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