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General Classic Which is More Annoying? Navi's "Hey! Listen! Watch Out!" or Tatl's Bells and Chimes?

Which Fairy is More Annoying?

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Dec 28, 2010
The Mines of Moria
I, personaly didnt find either to annoying during my playthroughs of either game... However, I hated Tatl attitude. Navi would speak everywhere and anytime, but would always try to be helpful and was loyal to Link. Tatl however, was very sarcastic and rude to Link and saying things like: "You dont even know about the Skultula???" NYAAAAH


Apr 29, 2011
I don't
Navi talked to much in the first dungeon. She never would shut up. Tatl is really quiet and only really talks when you reset time when you beat a dungeon.
Nov 26, 2008
What if I said that neither of them were annoying to me, but that Kaepora Gaebora was somewhat annoying?

Your question is premised on the assumption that I will find one of them annoying, and/or that I will have a different opinion about each of them. In reality, I consider them about the same.
^ This, basically. I liked both of the fairies a lot, but although I still liked him too, Kaepora Gaebora actually did annoy me because he'd show up in spots and stop me from going anywhere or otherwise skipping him, so I just had to sit through his dialogue.

If I had to pick which of the fairies was slightly CLOSER to being annoying, even if I didn't think either of them were, I'd say Navi mostly because she had less personality than Tatl. Tatl seemed like a full character to me, but Navi seemed pretty empty so... I guess Navi. I'm not going to vote in the poll though. :bleh:
Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
Navi's "Hey! Listen! Watch Out is heard more then Tatl's Bells and Chimes. The thing is that Navi never shuts up(especially in the first half of the game). Tatl doesn't talk nearly as much.
When you hear something over and over again it will get on your nerves. That's part of the reason why people don't like Navi.


All Hail Yhtomit!
Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
I think that Neither is annoying. OK Tatl Was rude, But that was because she missed her brother, and she was mad that she was left behind and had to have the help of the kid she was bullying. Navi was just doing her job, she knew that Link was a kid, and he was exploring a Alien place in which he's never explored. So she knows that he will get easily distracted from the Big goal, she also worried about his safety since he was inexperienced, so she gave him the heads up when he needed it. But as far as I know, None of us would get through those games without them, they gave tips when you needed them, kept you on track, gave you the enemies weakness. They even were the Z-lock controllers! So I believe we would have a very hard time competing those games had it not been for them!


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
I say Navi............ Shew never stops bugging you. This I hate the most is even when you don't hit the talk to Navi button she talks anyways. Plus When you know what your doing she stops you to tell you something useless.


Warrior of the Past
Dec 22, 2009
I never found either of them annoying, but if I had to choose, I would choose Navi. But that is just because I like Tatl more as a character.


Scrubbiest of scrubs
May 5, 2011
Deku Palace
I have to say that i think Navi is more annoying. Though Tatl was a total brat, her noise was much less annoying than "HEY!! LOOK!! WATCH OUT!!" I think that bells fit a fairy better than an annoying voice. The bells let you know that stuff was happening without screaming at you.


Spirit of the Forest
Mar 9, 2011
With the Great Deku Tree
Because of my name, this sounds totally hypocritical, but Navi is DEFINITELY more annoying to me. The constant "Hey, listen!" when I don't feel like doing what she wants me to do at that particular moment drives me up a wall lol.

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