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Which is better: OoT or BotW?

Which is better

  • Ocarina of time

  • Breath of the wild

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Jan 17, 2011
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Breath of the Wild, no question. That's not to say Ocarina of Time is a bad game by any means, I enjoy it a lot. It has good dungeons and Master Quest was a great challenge. A decent story and fun items and good music also give it a lot of meat. However, it doesn't compare to the sheer fun that is BotW. The best gameplay in the series, the most freedom of combat, creativity, exploration, and discovery, some of the strongest music in the series, and a story that is fun to discover at your own pace. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous artstyle that outstrips every other look the series has ever had (and any other video game I've laid eyes on, for that matter). Thematically awesome cutscenes and battles make up for the lack of difficulty in some places, and fun is more important than difficulty, anyway. BotW is the most fun I've had in the video game, quite possibly ever. At the very least, it's close to the top. I appreciate what OoT did for the series and for video games in general. It's still a good game, but next to BotW, it just can't match the pure fun this game offers.


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Jul 6, 2011
Ocarina of Time. It feels like a game should feel not a sandbox playground the developers didn't finish making into a complete experience.

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