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Which is better: OoT or BotW?

Which is better

  • Ocarina of time

  • Breath of the wild

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Jan 13, 2018
Ordon village.
These two awesome Zelda games go head to head in a battle and I need you to tell me which is better.
Ocarina of time or Breath of the wild.

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Apr 10, 2017
In the Future, Could you name your posts something a little different? "Which is Better" leaves no info on what is being voted on, and when people want to make the same post, when they look to see if there was one, they wouldn't find it.

"Which is Better: OoT or BoTW?" would be a bit better
Ocarina of Time

I liked the story of BotW, but it wasn't told well, i liked the characters too but they were one note and their relationships with Link weren't very meaningful.

OoT's story wasn't told well either but at least it wasn't optional and nor was it trapped in the past with little sense of impending doom.
I think the characters were deeper in OoT and that their relationships with Link were far more meaningful.

I enjoy playing BotW but you can defeat anything with any tactic.
I much prefer exploiting the weaknesses of enemies in OoT and using what I've earned through the game.

The sense of progression in Zelda has always been something i've enjoyed but that notion is lost in BotW with things being optional and everything being covered in the opening moments.

I do enjoy BotW but I dont play it as a Zelda game, i dont feel anything from BotW in the same way as previous Zelda games, this isn't a bad thing but the reasons why i choose to play Zelda games just arent in BotW.
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Nov 24, 2012

I enjoyed Breath of the Wild, but it was just missing so many of the traditional elements that make Zelda games great. I enjoy getting new weapons and abilities throughout Zelda games that allow you to interact with enemies and the world in different ways. Breath of the Wild took this out and all you had was "hit" weapons. The only weapons that were interesting were boomerangs because they functioned differently than swords/clubs, but they were never that useful.

The lack of story was also a major disappointment to me. I feel like BotW had so much potential, but the story was a total afterthought. Every single part of the story is in the past, and most are used to demonstrate Zelda's insecurities (I enjoyed them, but there should have been more cutscenes). I know people say Zelda isn't about story (although I'd disagree with that sentiment) and it's all about the gameplay. But the dungeons were too underwhelming to make up for the little story we were given. Rightfully considered "big puzzle rooms" because thats all they were. Some of the shrines were more interesting.


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Jul 5, 2017
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Title edited for clarity.

Story: Ocarina of Time
Gameplay: Breath of the Wild
Soundtrack: Ocarina of Time

Spirit pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as story and gameplay is concerned. Botw is incredibly fun to play and IF you chose to do enough research and buy the DLC, the story isn't half bad.

The soundtrack of Ocarina of Time is iconic and each piece of music fits every area perfectly. There are some incredibly catchy tunes in Breath of the Wild as well.

I do enjoy BotW but I dont play it as a Zelda game
I felt the same way at first. Most of the traditional elements of Zelda was switched up which made it feel less like a Zelda and more like your run of the mill open world RPG. Despite this, I'm glad to have Zelda in the title. Praise be to Mipha.
Feb 7, 2014
OoT by far. It tops BotW in just about everything except outfit customization and waifu bait side characters.


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Dec 26, 2017
Am I the only BOTW picker? Wow.
I'm actually replaying OOT right now and while I still love it, BOTW did the gameplay way better for me. Being able to ignore all the cutscenes/story is only a plus in my eyes.


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Jun 18, 2011
For me it's Breath of the Wild hands down. Don't get me wrong, I love Ocarina of Time, for a long time it was my favourite and is now my 5th favourite. I will say that OoT definitely has the superior dungeon design, though I don't mind the divine beasts at all and they work really well for the world they were put in. And OoT does have the more memorable soundtrack, but again BotW's sound design works really well for the experience we're meant to have.

However BotW has a far superior world, not just because it's newer and bigger, but there's also so much to do in it. As a teen, I was wowed by OoT's world, but there is really not much to do in it outside the main story/areas that are actually enjoyable. In BotW, I enjoy the exploration, I enjoy scavenging for ingredients, hunting down ore and treasures, and since getting the Korok mask, I also actually enjoy hunting down those little guys, I enjoy the shrines, the camps, stables, towns, everything I come across really. BotW also has the more enjoyable gameplay, I absolutely love the traversal and how you can tackle things in basically any order you'd like. It's the same reason I love ALBW more than OoT, the openness of the world and how you can choose the order you do things.


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Oct 13, 2013
Breath of the Wild by a huge margin.
I would also say A Link to the Past is better than Ocarina of Time too. Not by a huge margin but it is better.

Ocarina of Time even loses on music because only a few tracks are totally new, the rest are based of the ALTTP music which is mostly new. BotW does not have music (for the most part) but it does ambience really well though and I liked it.

el :BeoWolf:

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Feb 4, 2016
BotW by a long shot. There was more to see and do.
OoT is like the super saiyan of Zelda. TP is OoT that has ascended past OoT. and BotW is to go even further beyond


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Jun 28, 2017
Ram Village, Zofia
OoT is overrated I'd say. See BotW is exactly what I want in a Zelda game. I mean OoT is a great game, my third favorite Zelda, but compared to BotW it is left in the dust. But hey, people can have opinions.
Feb 4, 2011
Ocarina of Time is a bit overrated, but it's only better than Breath of the Wild in one area.


Ocarina of Time had better dungeons with better designs, themes and bosses.

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Mar 23, 2013
Breath of the Wild.

Ocarina of Time feels too much like being led around an amusement by an overbearing parent. Everything goes only skin-deep and you're never allowed to do anything fun.

Of all the 3D Zeldas (barring Skyward Sword), I think Ocarina of Time has aged the worst. Its overworld is dull and restrictive without any actual exploration. Instead of allowing any sort of exploration, items act as keys to new areas. Heck, the only real way to sequence break is to deliberately leave a dungeon early and move to another.

My biggest gripe with Ocarina of Time can be felt shortly after completing the Deku Tree.

You're thrust into what seems like an open world, so you go off to explore. If you're like me, you wind up in Kakariko Village before anything else, trying to work your way up to Death Mountain. What do you find? A locked door.

Gerudo Town?

Locked door.

Zora's Domain?

Locked door.

Playing Ocarina of Time is like being taken to an all-you-can-eat buffet, but being told you're only allowed to eat one item at a time and only in the order the manager allows you.

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