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General Zelda Which Game Would You Consider Yourself to Be an "Expert" In?


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Dec 17, 2012
Pretty much all of the early Zelda games (LoZ / AoL / LttP / LA)

I haven't played through any others more than two or three times.
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Sep 23, 2014
It's gotta be WW and MM. WW was the first Zelda game I played and the one I grew up with...and I've been playing MM nonstop for the past year.

Call me pathetic, but I have.

I'm addicted. :0


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Nov 4, 2013
Ocarina of Time hands down. Finished the game countless times, just recently for the first time on the 3DS. I can dream every dungeon, cut-scene, conversation, poe location and more.


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Oct 1, 2014
Fortune Street
Ocarina of Time, hands down. I've invested the most time into it, and its one game I can comfortably play with no issues, not even Master Quest.

Other than that, I'd say Mario Kart, especially the one on DS, but MK7 I'm alright with too. Yoshi's Island as well.

I know what I'm NOT a pro with tho. Super Smash Bros. I suck major [lemons] with that game.
At first, I didn't realize this was for Zelda games and I almost said Hamtaro--

Phantom Hourglass. Talk to me, baby. Pretty sharp on A Link to the Past as well, though since there's always that one key in the Palace of Darkness I forget about, I'm probably not... "expert" material. And, and... Skull Woods--*shudders*.

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Aug 10, 2011
I would say everything that has the name Zelda in it. But I'll just go with Ocarina of Time, I've been playing it for over ten years, lots of hours. I regret nothing!


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Jun 18, 2011
Occarina of Time, although I don't bother with getting all the Skultulas, and would say A Link Between Worlds as well since I 100%-ed it.
Oct 26, 2014
None, I tend to play them once(a couple of them twice) and forget them, so I can relive them in 10-20 years.
Which is something I did with LttP few months ago. After not playing it for 17 years, I only remembered ~30% of it(overworld/main path). All the secrets and dungeons were mostly blank. I was so glad that I forgot so much cause the experience was awesome!


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Jan 13, 2012
Twilight Princess. I beat it 8 or so times and have an (active????) memory on where (just about) every little secret is. I know where all the Heart Pieces are, I know most of the other locations for other secrets, I know what the story is (obviously), and I could probably even quote multiple sentences- word-for-word. (And if I mess up doing so on one- that'd be because I'm rusty- but I definitely could at one time)

I think TP is the first Zelda game I absolutely fell in love with. My second would be Majora's Mask, being that I didn't play it until YEARS later- when I got my first N64 from a local flea market. Though MM is my most favorite Zelda game of all time. (so-far)- with Hyrule Warriors coming up as a close second, if you count it.

And, no, I don't think I consider myself to be a master of Majora's Mask quite yet. I need to play it a few more dozen times or so. xD
(actually, I'm not too too far off from my TP beat- count.) I've played MM roughly 5 or 6 times so far. I'm trying to memorize when to do stuff at the most convenient time, so I could perhaps speed run it someday after I master it. I mean, that's all there really is to beating MM successfully. Knowing when to do things, knowing how to do things, and knowing what the most convenient time to them is. In order to master this game, it requires a lot more memorization. (time schedules and such) ...which does take more time than being a master at TP.

TWW. I know a lot of secrets that even the Prima guide didn't cover.
Oh, the guides never cover everything.

There are even moments in which they cover something, but totally get it wrong.

For instance, in the 'official' guide to Majora's Mask. There's a specific frog that in one part of the book, they tell you it's in the Snowhead Temple, and in another section they say its in the Great Bay Temple -WHERE IT REALLY IS. The worst part about it though, it's not just a typo or a text error. They actually show an image of inside Snowhead Temple indicating what the temple it's found in looks like. (or so my memory serves me- I stopped using my Prima guide because of this) ...on top of that, the rest of the guide is riddled with inaccuracies all through it. Little things though, like rephrasing answers to the Keaton quiz, instead of taking it word for word, and pasting the same song button image for two songs. -what I mean here is they used the same image (same notes and all) of one song, on another song in the ocarina songs list. Simple image to text error, but still an error none the less. (I didn't even cover ALL the inaccuracies I found- by the way) ...in short, I think this book was trying to make a subtle pun. That being "I AM ERROR"....
More or less, I could say my satisfaction of this guide is "grumble, grumble".
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I think I'm an expert at Classic and Adventure of Link, strangely enough. When I saw this, I thought "Twilight Princess" - but then I really thought of the old games I've actually been playing since childhood and how many times I've given people advice on this board when they were taking on Zelda II: Adventure of Link for the first time and complaining about its legendary difficulty. The fact that I've beaten that game more than once... in fact, more than twice... I think I've beaten it at least four or five times without any cheats tells me I might qualify as some kind of "expert" since it seems to be the most-quit Zelda game in existence.

Also, anyone miss me?

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