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Which Game Evoked the Most Emotions for You?

This thread was inspired by another in the SS forum, I thought it could make an interesting topic.

A video game is made primarily for fun. It's entertainment, it's a game. But as with any medium games can also be an outlet for artistic expression. There are games which attempt to move you or effect you in ways in book or movie can. Which to you have touched you the most?

For me there are a few, Zelda has a few moments which have, like the end of OoT with Link being sent back as a kid and Navi leaving. MM is full of emotional moments, Anju and Kafei deciding to stay in Clock Town together as the moon is about to crash is by far the most emotional scene in Zelda period. I loved it and I was very much moved by it, it was a great moment of love.

However one game for me has packed more emotional responses then any other, Final Fantasy IX.

It was my first FF and first RPG, but to this day I find it a special gem in gaming. It's a work of art and have many memories of it. It's a deep story line that is also littered with humor to create a rich experience when playing it. There are a few moments though that I admit got me a little teary eyed. Spoilers ahead if you haven't played it...

For me the scene where you first go to Gizamaluke's Grotto and Burmecia and you see first hand the destruction wrought by Queen Brahne. Just walking through the city you can see the rubble and the bodies of citizens laying about. Cleyra takes the cake though. Freya finds her long lost love only to find he does not remember her. Cleyra itself is attacked and eventually you have to watch hopelessly as the people you tried so hard to save are obliterated, this includes innocent citizens and even children!

The attack on Lindblum as well really hit home when you walk in and see a little girl there asking where her mommy and daddy was. I remember asking getting to that part and wondering why they had to be so dang depressing! Vivi's whole story ark is very moving as well.

The most emotional scene by far was the "You're Not Alone" scene in Pandemonium in Terra. When Zidane realizes what he was made for and ends up in kind of a daze pushing his friends aside. In a series of battles you friends come to your aid, all along with a fantastic song made even better since it is only ever used in this scene;

Final Fantasy IX You're Not Alone - YouTube

At one point Steiner, who gives you all kinds of crap early in the game (calling you a common thief and throughout the game planning to turn you in), calls you his comrade-in-arms and even says he would follow you to "Kingdom come". I admit I got pretty teary-eyed there. It reminded me so much of how far the characters had come and how they had grown together. The game's hallmark was it's characters and character development imo, each bonded together by helping you on your quest but each with their own stories and motivations that drive them. That moment really exemplified this and reminded me just how far they and grown together.

The ended was very touching as well, especially with Vivi :(

There have been games which have stirred emotions like that in me, FF7 being a great and final example, but to me none comes close to FF9. As someone said on a review I read; Perhaps the most notable thing I can about the game is this: it makes you think. I became so immersed in the people, places, and story that I felt sad as I neared the end, knowing that the story would eventually have to conclude. I actually got a little choked up during the ending, because it's so emotional and passionate, and you feel like you've experienced everything alongside the characters. When all was through, I sat there thinking: about life and people, and what's really worth pursuing. Yes, it's a game, but a profound one.

What about you guys? What games, if any, have effected you emotionally in some way?
May 5, 2010
For me personally is Heavy Rain. As the game progresses, my obsession with finding Shawn Mars alive is addicting. When you find him and you don't know if he drowned or not is emotional nonetheless.


Sep 19, 2011
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This may sound pretty sad but sonic 2 each time I beat the game and that end music plays and end scene. Tis a great nostalgic throwback for me.


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Jun 23, 2010
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I could have sworn there was a similar thread to this before. I think it was about game made people cry.

Okami and Okamiden. Namely the endings.
Professor Layton and the Lost Future.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. And the original two of this trio set of games.

For a more modern game.
Journey. If you have a PS3, you need this game. It's simple and short but it has an atmosphere about it that draws people in. I've replayed it so many times that i've lost count and it still hasn't lost it's spark.
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Sep 17, 2011
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With out any contest it would have to be skyward sword for me. The only other emotions I ever felt towards characters in a game was anger, and that was probably because I was frustrated. I really got a anger, annoyance, impatience, revenge, genuinely wanted to accomplish my task and set things right again.

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Feb 16, 2012
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Gears of war 3 is last of the gears of war games and I grew fond of Dom, The protagonist's best friend who is with you from the
other two games. He was easily my favorite character of the game, and in the last game he died a heroic death by sacrificing himself
by driving into a tanker and killing all the locust and lambent, and saving his friends in the process.
Losing a favorite character in a series is the only thing in a game that stirs up any emotion when I play games.

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Nov 1, 2011
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. I know it sounds weird but I hold friends in high esteem, almost higher than my family. I'd do anything for them. Red Rescue Team ends the main story with you having to leave the Pokemon world and become a human once again. I got pretty sad at that cause I'd hate having to move to leave my friends.

Another game (well series cause I can't choose) is the Metroid Prime games. The level of suspense those games had already had me in edge as I played through areas like the Phazon Mines, Dark Aether, and the Space Pirate Homeworld. What had me in almost sheer f***ing terror were three things: Metroids, sneak attacks, and barely any save rooms.

Finally Metroid Prime. I would almost literally jump in terror whenever I saw the SA-X. That thing was able to kill in a few shots and it always appeared suddenly.

Those are them for the most part.
It took me awhile to ponder a sufficient reply to the question at hand as I didn't wish to leave a cliché response. I can't choose one game so why not settle on a few. Also, I complete lost my mind reading those crazy Japanese names in the opening post regarding Final Fantasy. :lol:

The ending of Halo: Combat Evolved unarguably was one of the most emotional in gaming. Captain Keyes perishes at the hands of the Flood in the penultimate chapter and detonating the bomb to destroy the Halo ring isn't only a quest for vengeance but to purge humanity of a great evil looming overhead. The same appeal to pathos was later seen in the third installment of the franchise. You just couldn't help but feel angry at Master Chief being separated from the Arbiter's half of the escape vessel and being doomed to rot in cyberspace. With the reveal of Halo 4 at last year's E3, however, we all know that ends differently...

Another title which evoked strong emotions for me was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Please don't flame me for listing that again for it truly had a great story before the franchise devolved into something less thereafter. You cared for characters like Soap MacTavish as well as Lieutenant Price and truly felt bitter feelings for the enemy especially after the public executions performed early on in the game as well as the fleeing of the antagonist's son. Such cowardice is truly disgusting. During the last mission, when you're lying on the ground in agony aiming for that last pistol shot, you can't help but make a connection with those brave fighters.

The last two I'll keep brief and therefore include in the same paragraph-The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Gears of War 3. The former is self explicable for the majority of users on this site as the numerous sidequests ferment a connection like no other with even the most minor of characters. Also, you can't help but feel sorry for the Skull Kid who represents the loss of childhood innocence due to negative societal influence. The latter struck my heart with how one after another, the COG soldiers fell to the enemy. Great way to end a franchise-a victory amid otherwise searing defeat.


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Jun 21, 2011
Behind you
Journey. If you have a PS3, you need this game. It's simple and short but it has an atmosphere about it that draws people in. I've replayed it so many times that i've lost count and it still hasn't lost it's spark.
Oh my god yes this. I must have Journeyed at least 30 times by now and yet I cry every time I finish with another person. Just the very nature of the game, finding another person and Journeying together through the sands, the earth and the snow toward the mountain, and then the incredible ending - it just moves me so deeply. Such a beautiful game.

I'm listening to the soundtrack right now


All Hail Shadow
Both Final Fantasy VI And Sonic and the Black Knight have had a emotional impact on me.

In the case of FF VI, It was the characters. Terra wanted to know what love was, as did both Locke and Celes. However, both Celes and Cyan stole the show with their scenes. Celes, as part of an elaborate plot of our heroes, had to be in an oprea so that she could blackmail the pilot Setzer into giving them his airship. And what followed was well, this:


The best score I've ever heard in a video game.

Cyan's story wasn't as good as Celes' but it was filled with alot of emotion, with Cyan having to deal with the fact that Kefka basically murdered his family. He had to let go of them, in the most tear evoking scene I've ever seen in my life. Even Sabin, a man of very small emotions felt sad.

In the case of Black Knight, it was the fate of the world hanging on a hedgehogs shoulders. It wasn't as good as FF But was still epic in it's own way. :D
Apr 17, 2012
My biggest emotional impact with a video game I had with Tales of Symphonia. When I first got it, I was around 12 years old, and I really got into the world and grew a strong liking to most of the characters. I think that I have never been into a game like this again, partially due to me growing older, I suppose. But to this day, even though I played through ToS at least 15 times now, I always notice a tear running down my face when Collete says good bye to Lloyd right before the fight with Remiel...The music and the whole atmosphere of that scene just always gets me. And after that, I'm always so fired up to take that angel down to hell.

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