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General Zelda Which Game Era Do You Want to Live in


hmm, yup
Mar 3, 2013
Downtown Clocktown
Probably Ocarina of Time (Child Timeline)

You'd get to see a lot unfold: End of the Civil War, the Hero of Time meeting Zelda,
Link heading off to Termina, and possibly Ganondorf's execution.

Plus, since he isn't a hero, you could try and befriend the Hero of Time, and that would be just awesome.


I think this is a difficult question because most people would simply choose their favorite game. I'd choose Termina because I feel so connected to all of the characters, like they're all my best friends already.
May 14, 2011
I guess I am the loner as I would like to either live in Subrosia or Koholint Island (Both in the Era of Light and Dark). I love the world of Subrosia as it a unique world in which the Subrosians have odd customs such as Link having to demand the Subrosian Smithy to get the Rusty Bell polished and bathing in lava (Which I would love). Now, onto Koholint Island. Koholint Island has a lot of interesting/my favorite characters such as BowWow :bowwow:, the Town Tool Shopkeeper, etc. Also, many different animals only appear on Koholint Island such as Hippos, alligators, a mouse, a walrus, etc. The environment of Koholint is also intriguing as each region is unique to each other.

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