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Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?


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Oct 4, 2009
What I think is that the game intended you to go to the Shadow Temple first because you learn the song STRAIGHT after the water temple and it is true that you need the Lens of Truth to get through the desert but then the storyline says otherwise. The quest status screens, the importance of Impa... The storyline says that the spirit temple is first!

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Oct 14, 2009
I think the spirit temple is better because the music is better and its a mid boss then a boss then a boss. I think the spirit temple should com first because Naboruu says nothing about the end of your quest and Impa does. The nocturne of shadow comes after the desert song.


I was did the shadow first, but i admit that i make this because i looked at the net and everywhere the shadow comes first. But i thought the same thing in the first time i played this game. When i loaded one game after beating the shadow, i saw a gap between the water and the shadow medallion. Then, i looked at the menu and saw that there the medallion and the song didnt come first. But, there's one thing that convinced me that the shadow comes first. When we see Sheikh for the first time, she tells us where are the five temples in the order we are supposed to play. Using her words: 1- Deep forest; (Forest Temple). 2- High mountain (Fire Temple). 3- Vast lake (Water Temple). 4- House of the Dead; Graveyard (Shadow Temple). 5- Goddess of sand (Spirit Temple).

Someone said that the game maybe was originally made with the spirit first (i agree), but, for some reason, they changed it and the spirit became the last temple, but somethings (like the menu) werent changed, so all this controversy started.

Sage of Shadow

Well, I think you can do Spirit before Shadow and vice-versa, but it might be much easier to do Shadow and then Spirit. A couple situations in the Spirit Temple require the Lens of Truth but then again you could just get the lens from the well and then do spirit. Plus there is one instance in the spirit temple where you need the hover boots to make it easier (when you have to jump onto the sand goddessess's hand to play Zelda's lullaby)


Dec 16, 2009
I always do the Desert one first, I never like darkness and Shadow Temples.
Maybe it's my 14-inch tv with very low intensity or whatever...Perhaps it could leave you some impression when you can see something. Plus, the background sound/music from this temple never stuck with me.


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Nov 8, 2009
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When I was playing it I stopped going into the water temple right after I got the Longshot and went to Gerudo Fortress. I then completed the Spirit temple before the Shadow and Water temple.


I always did the Spirit Temple first and then the Shadow Temple, though a few times I've done the Shadow Temple first.

I wan't Kybyrian to look at and read this sentance carefully, then try to honestly say that it's not a fail.;)


Jan 31, 2010
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I did the Spirit Temple first because I was scared of the Shadow Temple and REALLY didn't want to go in there.

But I can assure you it's possible.

Navi tells you to go that way. Besides, there is a room in the Spirit Temple that is really hard to beat without the Hover Boots. It is the one that has the rolling rocks and the silver rupees. You can't get the last one without doing an unorthodox trick. That is either letting yourself get hit by the rock, or by swinging your sword at exactly the right time. It is hard and would take many tries to do. That makes it obvious that the Shadow Temple goes first.

Oh, I remember that room. What I did was use a jump attack when I was close to the edge to get that last rupee. When you REALLY don't want to get those Hover Boots, you find a way. ;)

Timing Jump Attacks gets you onto any platform you need to reach, and you can use just the Hookshot to cross the desert. I'm actually tempted to see if I can find a trick to beat the Shadow Temple without them, someday. I have a theory that the Hover Boots are superfluous and were just thrown in to make the game easier late in development. Specifically, I think that Bombchus were the original item they put in the Shadow Temple, but people found it too confusing to use bombs that way.
Feb 22, 2010
:) :( personally i havent beat oot yet because my gamecube controller is broke (yes i have collectors edition) and i am in the water temple but it would seem fun to do the spirit temple first


New guy here... thought I'd throw my two cents in. Here are a few things to note... I think Spirit comes before Shadow.

1. You do not need the hover boots to beat the Spirit Temple, or the Gerudo Training Grounds, or to get on the magic carpet.
2. Most people who found the Song of Storms after getting the hookshot, would have immediately went back in time to play that song, thus getting the Lens.
3. Saria tells child Link to go to the Spirit Temple after you beat the Water Temple.
4. If you followed step 2, you would notice that Gerudo Valley, and Gerudo Fortress are the only blinking spots on the map, indicating you need to go there.
5. Kakariko Village will only blink if you haven't gotten the Lens.
6. Impa SHOULD be the last sage because she is Zelda's Nanny. She tells you "soon you will meet princess Zelda" before she gives you the medallion.
7. Spirit comes first on the subscreen.

Therefore, Spirit comes first (to me at least...)
Feb 22, 2010
I'm going to have to go with the Shadow Temple First! :)

Because in the Spirt Temple there was a lot more that goes on in it like the witches and a lot of short mini-clips that i love!!!

<Zelda of Ever> :)


Just do the one you like best first :P, I did forest-water-fire-shadow-spirit but next time I probably do fire-forest-water-spirit-shadow just to mess up the order completly :D

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