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General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

I disliked the Silent Realms the most for sure, i hate stealth at the best of times but you can't defend yourself or fight back and its very annoying. Also, i prefer the aesthetic of the Twilight Realm, the Silent Realm didn't look too great to me.


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Aug 13, 2011
I feel that the Twilight Realm is considered boring and "tedious" because people have a way of nitpicking Nintendo for the stupidest reasons. I'm not saying the Twilight Realm wasn't kind of long and that it didn't take up a lot of time, but you have to consider they planned out how it would work and how it would fit into the Story/Gameplay. Sure the mechanics of it were kind of dumb, only being able to explore as Wolf Link(which is better than one of those Twilight Drones) untill after the Lanaryu Province was ridiculous. The Silent Realm is well-liked by most gamers either new to the series or are veterans of older games, though it has set-backs just like the Twilight. Collecting Tears of Light is MUCH easier now, but it seems there something strange going on... hmm what's that clanking sounds? OH GAWD A PHANTOMASDFGHJKLKJHGFDE45YUK....... yeah... I lied, not a lot of people liked the Silent Realm lol.
Oct 26, 2012
I've always really liked the Silent Realms. They're mystical and dreamy and I just love that music. I haven't played TP in a while but I remember HATING the Twilight Realm.


I don't really know which one I liked better or worse... as much as I loved the Twilight Realm and seemingly hated the Silent Realm, I had a lot of fun with both of them! The silent realm (as mentioned before) is more fear inducing and challenging. The Twilight Realm was great, but it wasn't much of a challenge in my opinion. I mostly liked it because you could be the wolf (which I personally loved).

I loved them both for different reasons I guess C:


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Oct 1, 2012
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I hated the silent realms because of the time limit, the watchers, and the suspense. The twilight realms were fine, and very easy because there was no time limit, and you could actually defend yourself. Also, instead of watchers and guardians, you got keese and shadow beasts, which can actually be killed.


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Jun 5, 2012
I dislike the twilight realm more. The Silent realms were kinda fun, and they were in Skyward Sword. I pretty much like anything in Skyward Sword. I also liked running from the guardians. It was really fun finishing it too. The twilight realms were blah. They were boring and I hated them.


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Dec 19, 2011
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It's a draw, since I hated both. Main reason being, that both had creepy enemies that followed you around with a stressing tune playing. And I friggin' hate enemies that follow you like a shadow, so... Twilight Realms=Zant's hands, Silent Realms=Guardians. As I voiced my opinion, I disliked both. And both of them were horribly desinged. Twilight Realms... It was just a huge castle. I was extremely disappointed, since I had been excited about it, and was eagerly waiting for an entire new world bathed in the eerie glow of twilight, all new areas with serene beauty, enemies never seen before... But all I got, was a castle. (There might've been other areas, which is most likely, but they were never introduced...) Seriously Nintendo? But you can't have it all, I guess. And Silent Realms were just spirit- like versions of the actual provinces in the game, so, I guess that's not something so EXTREME and SUPER and otherwise AWESOME, and something someone would go all 'loco' about.
But to put it shortly, I hated both of them. I know, that 'hate', is a strong word, but it's true.
And by Twilight Realm, I thought we were talking about the area past the Mirror of Twilight. Oh well.
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Jun 15, 2010
I loved the Silent Realms. The Twilight Realm (and by this I'm guessing you're referring to the parts were Hyrule was cloaked under Twilight and you had to fill the Vessel of Tears) had the same premise, but the atmosphere seemed way too murky, heavy, and slow. I was honestly just waltzing around the entire time, as if I was going on some weekly bug-hunting trip. The Silent Realm mixed suspense with it.

...And the music was better too.


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Sep 16, 2011
I disliked the Twilight Realm. It was bland and boring. The Silent Realms were bright and motivating. There was action and my heart raced the entire time I was there. I dreaded the Twilight Realm, and while I did dread the Silent Realms at first, eventually I found them to be pretty exciting and fun. The music really affected that too. I enjoyed the Silent Realm's music; the Twilight Realm's music just added to it's drabness.

To be honest, I prefer collecting tears in a suspenseful life-or-death trial than a slow, dark, and boring bug hunt...

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Dec 6, 2012
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I loved the silent realms, I thought they weren't that challenging but at the same time were hard enough (sort of) to still make it fun, meanwhile the twilight realm I found to be plain boring, partially cause I really disliked being in wolf form, but also it was just way to easy I just didn't enjoy the twilight realm.

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The two realms are similar, yes, but what sets them apart is this: tension.

Twilight Realms had no tension in them. The only enemies you fought were the Twili creatures, and either you could see them a mile away or you could tell when a caged fight was about to occur. Also, they were even easier than normal enemies, since all you had to do was use Midna's power and kill them all in one hit. When I first met them they freaked me out because they kept coming back and making that awful screaming, but once I got that power of Midna's all tension from there on out dissipated. It was kinda cool to see the effect the realm had on the different races, to be sure, but other than that they were boring.

The Silent Realms, on the other hand, were the most stressful and tense moments of the game. When entering the realms, for Twilight it was "Oh boy, let's advance the plot forward and get this hour of boredom over with." whereas with the Silent Realm it was more like "...okay... gotta relax man... you can do this... steel yourself... breathe... let's DO THIS!!! (plunge sword into gate)" The Guardians legitimately scared the crap out of me the first playthrouh, and when I got caught by the Watchers I just lost my **** and panicked. Eventually on my Lightning Round speed challenge I got over the fear once I realized I can make a beeline for the next tear just fine, but up until that point they really intimidated me.

And as a side note, the Twilight Realms could only be entered once, then dissipated for good, but once you get to Lanayru the dragon you can face the Silent Realms whenever the heck you wanted.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Hmmm I love TP but I have to say the SR were more fun. Yes I say it again...much more fun. I HATED the music (hahaha it gave me the run-for-your-life feeling) but I so loved the challenge. I remember I didn't save the game at one point on purpose so I could play it again. I really enjoyed the silent realms very much. The adrenaline got pumped through my body and at last I decided to see how far I could run with those enemies chasing me. I still smirk when I think about it.

I also liked the TR but to be honest after a while it becomes a bit lame. It's not challenging at all. There are hardly enemies around and all you have to do is simply dig, jump, dash and kill these bugs and collect the tears. That's all.
Aug 24, 2011
THE SILENT REALMS. My gosh..every time I had to do one of those stinking trials, I had a huge adrenaline rush and I freaked out! Haha..omg those Guardians were so freakin scary..(the music made it 10x worse.) But yeah..the Twilight realms were okay..kinda boring and bland, but not really scary. I definitely don't want anything like them again though. Killing all those bugs was SO annoying.
Feb 1, 2012
I just can't stand Twilight Realm, It felt very monotonous, boring, easy and wolf link didn't help either. I also felt like It was quite pointless, It was there just to make the game longer. It took me 2 freaking months to beat TP compared to the 2 days for SS, I usually get very addicted to Zelda games and I can easily play them for 10+ hours straight on summer breaks, just couldn't do It on TP.

On the other hand, I loved how tense Silent Realm was. The colors, BGM, avoiding watches, being afraid of the guardians attacking you, It just brought me back to something I didn't feel in years, being scared of messing up. Heck, the last time I had that sensation was probably when I was 7~8 and playing Resident Evil 3 and running away from Nemesis. Those tense parts are the kind of things you don't really like yet you just hope a game has them, It's a mixture of disturbing and fun that makes them interesting and getting through those parts just feels so rewarding for some reason.

Anyway, I don't know If It's rare for that kind of experience to come by due to me getting older or If this current gen is to blame for, but silent Realm was an unique and amazing experience, I've always felt like It did what Twilight Realm was supposed to do but failed terribly. While I'd hate for It to get overused (actually, It shouldn't be used ever again), I'm hoping for more tense parts in future Zelda games.

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