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Which bug/fish models did you get?

New Horizons allows you to have models made of any bug or fish of your choosing by giving 3 of that bug or fish to Flick of CJ. Which ones have you gotten made so far? And which ones look the best and worst?

So far, I have a tadpole, angelfish, zebra turkeyfish, and oarfish for my fish models. And I have a peacock butterfly, moth (gift from a friend), mantis, orchid mantis (gift from a friend), and a scorpion for my bug models.

The best one of those for me is probably the scorpion. I came across a scorpion island the morning of May 1, stayed past 5 am, and returned to Flick in town so I just went for it because the scorpions are really cute in this game. Glad it was preserved for the model. My biggest gripe with it is that I kind of wish the stand wasn't there for it because it doesn't actually need it since it's balanced on the ground? Honorable mention to the mantis, but Flick is a pervert and I am concerned about how thicc he made her.

The worst is by far the oarfish. I was expecting something vibrant and at least a decent size and I ended up with this dully-colored tiny piece of garbage that literally defies the anatomy of an oarfish by folding it in half. It's even worse because I sacrificed 40K bells to have it made.

So yeah, how about you guys? Were you ambitious with getting some rare ones made?
I have a friend who had an Atlas Moth made and they were disappointed with it.

They wanted to recreate a Godzilla vs Mothra scene with it since they also bought the Monster statue. But the Atlas Moth had a crappy stand and didn't look very good.

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I have a colecanth model coming in the mail tomorrow. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Aside from that, I have a peacock butterfly model to commemorate it as my primary source of income (at least until the appearance rates got nerfed way too hard) and a bluebottle model to look pretty outside of Silvia’s house.

EDIT: colecanth model *looks* okay I guess but it’s so tiny. Why is it so tiny? Are they forcing all models to be 1x1? That’s kinda lame.
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Sep 9, 2019
So far I've had five models done. The sea bass (solely since I didn't feel like selling off another 3 sea bass, lol), the agrias butterfly, the great purple emperor, the Rajah Brooke's birdwing and the tarantula, with the Queen Alexandra's birdwing and scorpion also ready for whenever Flick comes around again. No real reason for the bug models, just kinda caught enough and figured "why not?" I'm scattering them around my island since I kinda feel like it helps give off a more natural feel.


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Feb 21, 2020
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I've only seen Flick ONE TIME and never seen the fish otter guy (sad..) but I used my Flick visit to make a statue of...


I did this to troll my girlfriend :)
Aug 15, 2017
I have a large assortment of models due to my stubborn fishing and bug catching methods of hunting until I have 4 of each creature. I don't mind showing them off to anyone or touch trading them if you'd like them to appear in your Catalog. I am curious however, can Dee Sea Creatures be turned into figures by CJ?

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