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Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Tonight I finished watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, due to the latest Mafia theme that's still in progress. Right now I'm in the process of hunting down another series to get started with this weekend. Hopefully there'll be some good suggestions within this thread.

If you want something good, check out Future Diary. I think the whole series is on Hulu for free and I'm sure you can find other places that have it too. It's insanely good.

Believe it or not, I've actually decided to re-watch Yu-Gi-Oh because I've been watching the insanely hilarious abridged series on Youtube, and it's gotten me interested in the show again. It's quite funny to watch because it's the first time I've watched in something like 6-8 years and looking back the show actually had some decent humor, and it's funny watching adults freak out over a children's card game :lol:

Aside from that I'm going back into Bleac, Bo-BoBo, and Soul Eater.

And I'm hoping that soon the series Psyren will be made into an Anime (it's a manga worth checking out if you like post apocalyptic stories or psychic powers).


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Oh, this thread exists. I recently finished Casshern Sins. The premise is interesting, but I don't think it flowed very well, and the characters weren't as believable or interesting as they could have been. Tonight I watched the two Kino's Journey "movies" (they're the same length as episodes), finishing up that series pretty much. It reminded me a bit of Mushishi since it's about a traveller encountering different cultures. However, I don't like how detached Kino is. Most of the episodes are very unsatisfying. I started keeping a list a while ago to keep track of my opinions of series I've watched and to look for recommendations, since the ones I get from other people are usually fruitless. Yes, I'm currently watching Pokémon as well. I'll probably stop after this season's over.
Feb 5, 2011
Tiger & Bunny

That's about it for now. I started watching K-On! to find something genuinely funny after suffering through Ultimate Spider-Man, where 1% of the jokes were just lame and 99% of the jokes gave me this reaction:
ã€￾Forum Weapon】 That was so terrible, I think you gave me cancer! - YouTube

K-On! is genuinely funny and sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a nice slice of life comedy than another anime with action, dark story elements, giant robots, monsters and alike.

Pokemon is the only good video game cartoon.

Tiger & Bunny is actually pretty cool. Wally Wingert & Yuri Lowenthal as the titular heroes actually work with each other well.

(Yes, I'm watching the dub on all of them)


Dec 3, 2008
Thought I'd bump this thread to herald the start of the Winter 2013 anime season. This season I'm watching:

Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan
Savanna Game
Ai Mai Mi
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
Minami-ke Tadaima
Senran Kagura
Bakumatsu Gijinded Roman
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT
Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
Chihayafuru 2
Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Tamako Market
Yama no Susume
Vividred Operation

In addition to Sakurasou, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes, and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure which will continue from last season. This season I'm really looking forward to Minami-ke Tadaima, Chihayafuru 2, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT and Amnesia.

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
I started Hetalia:Axis Powers last week and so far I love it :P
This is pretty much my first experience with anime, it's great.
guhhhhh canada and america are so cute c:


There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
Currently I'm watching Death Note. I actually watched the first episode, but then stopped there for a bit because I decided it wasn't my taste (what with Light's fervid vengeful outlook on justice). Ultimately, though, Dracomajora prodded me to keep going, because of the inclusion of "L" in the second episode. The series has picked up as both Light and L battle it out in a match of wits. It constantly leaves me guessing what will happen next.

Igos du Ikana

Oct 13, 2012
Nothing, I am internetting right now. But I am on the 7th season of Naruto Shippuden which I probably will finish later on tonight.


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
I'm actually watching the anime box set the my aunt gave me for my 16th birthday. I didn't give it much thought before because she was always off on what to give me but now that I'm watching it it's a great series.. it's called DN angel. and I'm glad she gave me the whole set lol..


Pikachu my Snorlax
Dec 14, 2011
Recently I found out that Eureka 7 has a second season, Eureka 7 AO. I'm only a few episodes in, but already it's got me hooked.
Dec 17, 2012
A lot of people say this. I watched a couple episodes and I wasn't terribly impressed, to be perfectly honest. Does it get better?

Currently watching Nichijou and FMA: Brotherhood. Taking my sweet time with those, then... I'll figure out what to watch next. XD

EDIT: If anyone hasn't seen Shiki, I highly recommend it. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's a phenomenal vampire anime.


Nov 9, 2010
I just got the two boxed sets of death note, so I'm re watching it now:). Other than that I haven't been watching a lot of anime recently. That needs to change.

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