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Hyrule Warriors Where is your hype for Age of Calamity?

Age of Calamity is a game we didn't know we wanted and one we never expected, despite the concept being perfect for a Warriors game.

It was certainly a surprise reveal for all of us and definitely a welcome one for me.

But where is your hype for Age of Calamity?

Are you bouncing off the walls and counting the days already?

Or are you meh about the whole thing because Musou gameplay isn't your thing and you didn't enjoy BotW or the original HW or both?

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I am bouncing off the walls at the speed of light. BotW is my favorite game ever, so having a new entry in its storyline in the form of a gameplay style I enjoy is awesome. I loved HW so I know I'm gonna love this. I am extremely hyped and I've already preordered it. I can't wait.
Oct 14, 2013
Past this, I am somewhat hyped for the game. It should be really good. However I feel once some more info about the game is shown at the end of the month I'll be more hyped. I really hope it's a good musou game. HW1 was really good.
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Mar 17, 2012
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Firstly I feel we all need to be happy with everyone being hyped about the game. Not get all pedantic over pointless %$#@. In short just because someone is hyped for the game, there's no need to act like an ass towards them. I am talking in general here to everyone, myself included.
Dude, you posted a dupe thread and people pointed out that one already existed. Get over yourself. No one was acting "like an ass".

As for hype, I'm not a musou fan, so HW2 won't be tempting me to get a Switch again. I'm not exactly at a flat zero, though, because this has been exciting news for a lot of people here, so I'm glad for that, at least.
Medium to high I guess? High hype levels for me are still kind of moderate, as I guess I grade my hype on a curve ever since Skyward Sword. It'd be higher if I had certainty that I'd be getting it at launch. Would like to tho. I remember Hyrule Warriors sold out everywhere here when it launched and it was quite a quest to find a store that had a copy in stock. Don't think it'll be anything like that because of the quarantine at least.


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Jun 16, 2020
Pretty high. I love Musou gameplay, having played FE Warriors as my main experience with Musou games, which I think really nailed the smooth feel of the combat and managing of units on the battlefield. I hope HW: AoC follows the same gameplay format and feel.


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Apr 8, 2019
Insane. Like Az, I hold BotW as my favorite game of all time, so this is all I could ever hope for in a Warriors sequel and then more. I think I'm also extra hyped about the fact that I never played the original HW, so this will feel extra fresh to me.


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Sep 9, 2019
I have a fair amount of hype, but not that much. I try not to get too hyped up for games nowadays tbh, since for me its harder for a game to live up to an insane amount of hype/expectation than it is for a game that has no hype/expectation going into it, so I try to minimize the hype level until I'm able to actually play the game for myself, no matter which game it is.


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Feb 19, 2020
Medium hype. Looking forward to more information. I’m not nearly as hyped as I would be for BOTW2 release, but this is pretty exciting. :)


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
I mean, I still don't own a Switch yet, but I'm pretty excited. I enjoyed slashing my way through hoards in the original HW, so this game is definitely on my list.


The game is on!
I didn't enjoy the first Hyrule Warriors all that much so when they announced Age of Calamity I wasn't particularly interested in it. But after having seen some more of it in trailers and gameplay footage I've gotten more and more intrigued. Part of it might be because of the connections to Breath of the Wild, which is my favourite video game ever, but I think it also seems to be more fun in general compared to the old Hyrule Warriors. So I suppose I've become unexpectedly hyped for this game. ^^

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