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Spoiler Where is the Snow ?

Dec 29, 2011
I don't think a snow theme would go with Skyward Sword. But I would like to see it return in the Wii U. I liked the one in TP, and given the Wii U demo graphics, a snow-themed area would look very, very nice.
Oct 26, 2011
Yes! But alas, Nintendo may have put so much into the TP ice area and such, that it would have seemed superfluous. I do wish (in a way) there were more places to visit...Like more water, rather than just that small part of water in Faron, because (to me) Lanayru and Eldin seemed almost the same...


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
To be honest, I didn't even notice until after I played through the first time. Unless the snow region had lots of places to explore, and entertaining things to do like minigames and such, then i'd feel the same way about the game as i do now. However i do like the idea of another race involving the snow. Maybe they could've had a sort of frozen Zora race, but then there was a massive volcano eruption melting all the snow forcing them to evolve into the Zora. (I don't like the Parella evolving into Zora theory)
Dec 29, 2011
A snow-themed dungeon woulda been cool, like in Twilight Princess. Make it blizzarding for that feeling of danger, and create ice enemies. Ice was always my favorite element, so I wished they put snow somewhere :/
Apr 8, 2012
i thought it wouldve been cool if at some point there would be snow in a region. like if there were to be snow where eldin volcano is or something to make it more interesting and then you have to make the volcano erupt so its lava again, idk but i dont particulairly like the snow dundeons like in TP


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Master Link, I have determined that it is cold as a witch's titty out here. I would suggest not going in the water. If you do so, you will get hypothermia and you will die.
I have such a weird and random sense of humor...she informed him that he couldnt go to the volcano summit before he got the fireshield earrings, so don't judge me lol.

Yeah, I would have loved a snow region.


The Inquirer
Apr 4, 2012
I would've liked a snow region in SS. I too actually wondered at some point "Wheres the snow?" Oh well, at least SS was still great, even without snow. :)

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