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Where Have You Traveled To?

Feb 23, 2011
I've lived in two different states - Louisiana and Michigan for extended periods of time, traveling back and forth during summer breaks. I have extended relatives living in both states, so any trips to those places were solely to visit them. I've traveled to many other places as well, most of which were in the US. Aside from the two states that I mentioned, I've been to Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. I've never ventured outside of the East Coast/Midwest, though.

I've traveled outside of the country [US] as well. Although, I've never been anywhere aside from Canada, which neighbors my state, so it's not a big deal. While in Canada, I visited Toronto, Chatham, and Windsor, Ontario on numerous occasions. I've also been to Montreal a few times. Most trips to Canada are/were for leisure, but my older brother lives in Windsor.

My mom has traveled the globe during missionary work, and I was not allowed to go with her, but it would have been really neat. She's traveled to India, Sri Lanka, England, Indonesia, Beijing, etc. etc.

Someday, I'd like to visit these places:

I've always had dreams of traveling the world since as far back as I can remember. So far, I've only been to Canada; mostly Chatham, Windsor, or Toronto, Ontario. It's not really that special, considering I go there at least five or more times a year. In fact, I live very close to Canada. Anyway:

  1. Vancouver: I've wanted to go to Vancouver, British Columbia for quite sometime. I'm mostly interested in the Ocean Productions Studios where many of my favorite anime (such as Dragon Ball Z and Death Note), were [are] dubbed and edited. I've actually planned on living there someday and working for Ocean Group, to become an anime voice actor myself. One of my favorite things I've heard about it is that it rains a lot there, and I absolutely love rainy days.
  2. Tokyo: It goes without saying that I have always found Tokyo, Japan to be among the most interesting cities on Earth. Not only is its architecture and culture, which blends old and new, amazing and creative, but its technological advancements far surpass our own. I'm sure there's more than enough more video games and anime for me to live off of there as well. lol I'd liken it to living on an entirely different planet - futuristic and whimsical.
  3. Venice: Venice, Italy is my kind of place - primarily for its artistic beauty. I'd like to visit there someday mostly to do research for a novel I've been working on. I've drawn much influence from Venetian themes and culture, like the canals, buildings, and cathedrals. I find its overall architecture highly interesting - mesmerizing, as is its language (which I'm currently learning), its customs, and its cuisine.
  4. Sri Lanka: It's not the greatest tourist attractions in the world; it has its problems, but it was once home to my dad, and I even have paternal relatives living there. I think it'd be nice to visit there someday. It'd also be pretty neat to visit the capital and see the Indian Ocean up-close. This island south of India boasts rich culture, history, architecture, and a unique population. Mmm...frikkadels... lol

Pretty boring, huh? ;)


The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
No where really. I've been out of the country a few times because of a cruise to Mexico and Jamaica. But other than that, just here in the United States in the middle of the nation.
Apr 6, 2012
I've been to loads of German cities (no wonder, I live there).
In the US I visited Atlanta and Nashville, then there were UK (London, Oxford, some smaller cities), Spain, Austria and Portugal. :)
Dec 21, 2011
I live in the U.S. and have been to exactly four states in my entire sixteen years of living! Oh, and I only whent to those states to visit family, nothing else. No museams, parks, exploring, etc.


Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
I've never left the US, but I have a list of some of the states I've been to.

West Virginia (It sucked)
Virginia (It sucked too)
North Carolina
South Carolina

Everything from Maryland down was when I was driving to Florida for vacation.

Also, if I can gather $3200 by September, I can go on a school trip to Scotland, England, and France for a total of 11 days. I wish that I was old enough to work...
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
I have traveled to almost half of the states and Washington D.C. in the U.S., but I’ve never been outside of the country before. Lately (the past few years) I’ve been doing a bit of traveling to visit my relatives since I have them spread out in quite a few different states, and since one of my sisters is in the Army, I’ve had the opportunity to visit states she was stationed in that I otherwise might not have been able to visit. I actually just got back last night from a three week trip to visit her since she was having a baby (my first niece♥).

The states I've gotten to experience are here, in alphabetical order (I hope):

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York

Anyhow. The three states I know and love best (with most of my relatives in them) are Maine, Texas, and Washington, so I know them better than I do the other states I've been to. Hopefully, someday soon I can visit a foreign country and add that to my list. I'd also eventually like to visit the rest of the states. <3


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
I haven't been to very many places. They few big stops have been Canada, Florida, and Washington (the State). I don't remember Canada since I was young, but I remember visiting my grandfather in Florida multiple times. Now he has to stay up here due to his memory. Washington was awesome, because we went to see my cousin and her husband worked at Microsoft. That place was so cool, but what was cooler was that Nintendo of America was about 9 paces from Microsoft. Unfortunately, I couldn't visit NoA because you need to reserve a visit.
Sep 10, 2011
Puerto Rico, Connecticut, Peru and Haiti. Both Peru and Haiti were for charity work, I've had some of my most worthwhile experiences there.

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