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Where Does the Story Lead Epona when She Doesn't Show Up in Some of the Games?


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Seriously, where does the story take Epona in the games that don't have her? Lon Lon Ranch doesn't appear in most of the games after OoT so where is she kept? Does she just wander around Hyrule forever?


Epona doesn't have to appear in every game. Ganon isn't in every game.


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Aug 6, 2010
The games are not right after each other. What I mean by this is that many of the games take place hundreds of games either before or after other games. Epona is not always the exact same horse in each game. The first time Epona was actually used was in OoT when Link finds her at Lon Lon Ranch. Then in MM, Link and Epona are the same from OoT and Link takes her with him in his new adventure. Epona was also introduced in the Oracle of Ages and Seasons games. You don't really use her, but you see her at the beginning of the game right before the title screen. TWW did not feature Epona because she wasn't needed due to the ocean. And Epona is in TP because Link is a horseman and lives in a small village where their major products are cattle and cheese. Link needed to be a master horseman because the village needed him to be.

So, Zelda games do not always need Epona in the game. She usually isn't needed and she wasn't even introduced into the series until after a lot of games were released. So, there really isn't a need to be concerned with where she is in games that she's not in. She's only a horse and if she's needed, she'll make an appearance.


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Jul 16, 2010
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She cries herself to sleep because she is lost and forgotten



Sep 20, 2008
The main reason is that the graphical cababilities arent there. Epona simply wouldnt fit in/ the animation couldnt be done.

My only other explanation is that Epona is dead. :(
Oct 21, 2010
I would say its cuz she is only in the game for transpertation. Although I love horses, she sadly is only needed to get around the world faster. :(

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