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Twilight Princess Where Do People Get Off Calling This Easy?


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Well, Zelda has quite had the reputation. If you look back, look at how hard the original and Zelda II was, well, I guess you'll know where those vets are coming from. Even if you're sort of new to the series, you gotta say that the series has been lacking in difficulty the past installments. People aren't really saying that Twilight Princess is easy (maybe some do), but they are comparing it to the difficulty of past video games. Anyone remember Majora's Mask? Yes, that game's difficulty was iffy, but it was still challenging. Now Ocarina of Time had the perfect difficulty level. This is where people come from when they say that Twilight Princess was too "easy". Hope I was of help! ^^
Feb 23, 2011
I personally thought part of the issue was the enemies. They were hardly a threat and most of them inflicted too little damage to be taken seriously. All the enemies did was just hit you. There was no strategy or skill involved at all. Also there were no "status ailments" (a term I borrow from RPGs) unlike previous titles; that is to say, you could not be burned, jinxed, stunned, etc. While there was a possibility of being frozen, it was no big deal because of the little threat the enemies provided (also there was the typical Redead scream, which temporarily paralyzed you) All in all, the only enemies that remotely provided a challenge in my opinion were the Darknuts and the Chilfos. The bosses were also a walk in the park, as the majority were nothing more than a three hit deal and provided one battle phase, so there was no need to change and rethink strategy. Interestingly enough, each of their various hits took about the same damage as your run-of-the-mill Bulbin.

I won't go much into detail about the puzzle design. However, I will say most of them took less than a minute for me to figure out. Many of them also felt uninspired and predictable, which contributed to their overall difficulty or lack thereof.
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one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
i think that's just a matter of opinion. my bro and i are usually a team. im the do this person, he's the slashy do it guy. the first time was really difficult. the second time when i just played, it was easy for me


I dunno, man, I'm generally pretty awful at video games but I never had much trouble with Twilight Princess so <_<

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