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General Zelda When Will Potions Drain?


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Nov 12, 2011
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One thing that really got me mad at SS was that the potions just stayed one color and then were empty. When will the potions drain like in real life?


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May 26, 2010
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...This happens in every Zelda. Why are you singling out one game?
Technologically capable games don't get off the hook easily. >_>
I don't think Nintendo cares to fix this oversight. It's part of taking the minimalist approach: casual people don't care about the fine details; they just look for what looks sweet at first glance.

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Dec 2, 2012
This isn't a very significant detail to make a thread about. This is probably the most minor thing to get mad at Nintendo for, I mean nobody is going to notice if the bottle is getting drained or not.


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Nov 12, 2007
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People notice these little things! There's lots of little things in games that don't really effect anything but we can get a little irritated over; my biggie has always been bad lip-syncing with characters. Just does my nut in.

Well anyway, having liquid actually be drunk is quite hard in a game, actually. Look at stuff like Max Payne 3; that's an extremely impressive game visually and in it's physics, and the drinks slosh around in glasses but aren't drained like you're asking. Is quite difficult so, if folks like Rockstar aren't doing it, don't expect it from Nintendo. ;)

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Feb 6, 2010
Honestly, I'm not quite sure what people mean when they say potions should "drain" but let me throw my two cents worth of knowledge in. This concept seems like a minor detail like the rupee physics that was recently done. In SS, the game took rupees a little further and gave them actual physics. They could actually be moved around by other objects includind other rupees. On the one hand, little things like these sometimes get fans saying "I appreciate that Nintendo did that." On the other, you got fans like me who say "Why was this focused on when insert problem with game here is such a glaring flaw?" Priorities of game making. The little things matter and can sometimes be really appreciated by the right fans but not as much as the big things and sometimes focusing on the little things can hinder the big things. Also, making a game "too realistic" makes the game enter a kind of uncanny valley situation. It's not real life, but it's so close to it that people start complaining. So games have to intentionally take out real life components to stay away from that.


Jul 1, 2012
A very minor detailing that I don't think is overall I of significant but if one were to add up all these small inconveniences and then it becomes a bigger problem.

Of course Nintendo need to get some other things straight but I would hope that the newest Zelda game with the unseen capability of the Wii U would add more detail, in the end it can be the little things that matter most and I'm sure fans would notice such improvements.


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Jan 16, 2013
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I fear we are nitpicking.

How does Epona come from one direction when you left her far away in the opposite direction?
Where do the scabbards for Link's changing swords come from in multiple games?
Why do the Iron Boots only sink you when you're wearing them?
How does Link carry so many things at one time without so much as a sack?
In WW, we see the Triforce separate into three pieces, but Ganondorf apparently doesn't receive one. This contradicts the rules established in OoT; where he must receive the piece he best exemplifies.
Why do only certain things go back in time with you in MM?
What does Link feed Epona?
Does Link need to eat or sleep like a normal person?
How does Link light the fuses for the bombs?
Why does Link shoot arrows in straight lines? In real life, they travel in arcs.
Why doesn't Din's Fire burn Link?
How does Link survive a dozen hits from a monster, looking just fine, before dying suddenly when the last heart leaves? A real person would become bloodied, bruised, and weak.
In SS, how does Link lose and regain stamina so fast? Dat stuff don't just come and go like that.
Why is the ocean so flat in WW? Real oceans have huge waves.
Real shields become injured and dented over time. In Zelda, they either break without any wear or are simply invincible.

I could go on, but i won't. Stop nitpicking the physics. Zelda ain't meant to be a realistic game. Its meant to be a fantasy far more interesting than real life and a game, and all your physics nitpicking won't help Zelda any more than those people who bash it for being too childish or dumb.


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Apr 30, 2013
I could go on, but i won't. Stop nitpicking the physics. Zelda ain't meant to be a realistic game. Its meant to be a fantasy far more interesting than real life and a game, and all your physics nitpicking won't help Zelda any more than those people who bash it for being too childish or dumb.
This is a solid point. Of course there are plenty of small inconsistencies in Zelda, but keep in mind, it's a video game. There are plenty of things that happen that wouldn't in real life (items you collect from chests floating in the air, enemies looking okay after being slashed with a sword, etc). But, that's just the medium. It doesn't make something a flaw, because it's still a game.

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