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Spoiler When/What You Can Use/do with the Lyre


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Sep 1, 2011
The Lyre: interesting stuff

Recently the Portuguese website Mygames had an interview with Eiji Aonuma and Koji Kondo and they said that they were going to make a completely new Zelda Game for 3DS and then the Majoras Mask remake, right? but that wasn't the only thing they said, they said something interesting about the Lyre in skyward sword... i don't know if it's any new, but i never heard of it.

Koji Kondo said that they were going to use the Lyre like no other Zelda Game instrument. This time you can play it anywhere and anytime, even if you are running! And playing the lyre will interact with the environment and blend with the background music. Imagine, you can add your own touch to the game soundtrack!

We don't know how it will be played but i think it will be like how you play the harp on wii music.

Comment what you think, and if this was already posted here, i'm sorry.

To read Mygames Interview - http://ez.mygames.pt/wii/accao/the-.../entrevista-com-eiji-aonuma-e-koji-kondo-682/

EDIT: The lyre it is played by strumming the Wiimote at specific times to produce a rhythm.

Thanks Cyg ;D
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Feb 22, 2011
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*Story Spoilers*

After beating the Lanayru Mining Facility, you go to the Temple of Time where you find Zelda and get the Lyre. I believe it was said by...IGN, was it? We play the Lyre by holding A and flicking the Wiimote (or something similar) as if you were plucking the strings.


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Sep 28, 2011
The lyre is supposedly be played not with pitch, like in OoT and TP and many other Zelda games, but with rhythm. It is played by strumming the Wiimote at specific times to produce a rhythm.

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