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What's Your Favourite YouTube Channel?


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Dec 4, 2014
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Rooster Teeth/Lets Play
They do Lets Plays and other nerdy stuff. Podcasts, etc.

Mainly just watch the quicklooks and mailbags.

Horrible Reviews
He reviews and talks about horror movies primarily.

He does metal covers of a bunch of popular songs, anime, gaming, movies, tv, etc. Insanely talented. Works Iron Maiden into a lot of his stuff too!

Classic Game Room
One of the first game review shows on the internet. Pretty funny.

Glass Reflection
Anime reviews. Guy kinda irks me, but he's a good reviewer and seems really unbiased, and I appreciate that.

More anime reviews. I like this guy. He's funny. Does a lot of top 10 lists.

Good Mythical Morning
Just started watching this channel. These guys seem ok. Liking it so far. They just kind of talk about whatever. It's pretty random.
May 4, 2014
I like
Fawful's Minion
Cory Kenshin

they've got great personalities, I'll sometimes wander into Black Nerd Comedy and Josh Scorcher's channels
Feb 23, 2011
Throughout the entire history of Youtube, I've never had a favorite channel. That is, until NOW. Nowadays, my favorite Youtube channel is Misty Chronexia. It's a channel on which the Youtuber counts down a list of the top ten X anime series.

Aside from that, all I watch on Youtube are fighting game tournaments etc anymore. Channels include but aren't limited to: Team Spooky After Hours, GAMEacho, Jourdal2012, ファミ通TUBE, and Goldenrody. Wouldn't necessarily call them my favorites, though, even though I tend to visit them frequently.
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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
-Maximillian Dood (he does fighting game stuff)
-TheSw1tcher (better than Lame Lumps)


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Jun 18, 2011
I have a lot of different favourite channels, so gonna divide into categories.

Let's Play:
I don't really watch a lot of these, but I have one exception and that's CaptainSparklez, and especially his minecraft stuff:


Both these channels are about discussing, looking further into fandoms I'm interested. For comicbookgirl19 it's mainly her Game of Thrones and Hunger Games stuff that I watch, and for Emergency Awesome it's Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.


I really enjoy good parodies, and although I follow more channels that do that these two are my favourite. ERB that does Epic Rap Battles of History, where they pit historical, mythological and/or fictional characters up against one another in rap battles. And Not Literally that does parodies of fandoms like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, etc. They do both the music video variety as well as video series where you "ask" characters from the fandoms questions. They have Ask Hogwarts, Ask Westeros and Ask The Doctor.


Here I have two channels I mainly watch for boardgame content. With Geek & Sundry I watch Table Top where Wil Wheaton plays games with guests. It's high production, explains the rules well and functions nice as a help to learn how the games are played. And with the Dice Tower, I enjoy their top ten lists, where they present game suggestions for various genres, and such. It's a nice way of getting an idea of what else is out there.


Ideas & Discussion:
Wasn't sure how to categorize these three, but basically they all present fast paced thoughts and reflections on various subjects. With Idea channel it can be pretty much everything from fandoms to social issues to whatever, with Game/Show it's mostly gaming related, and Extra Credit does more in depth gaming-related reflection in a more toonish way.


The last group is the one where I follow the most channels, which are people who make fanvideos for fandoms that interest me. Basically the three are the three whose work I admire and look forward to the most. KatrinDepp does a lot of really good Doctor Who videos. Phoebecolefan does a lot of various fandoms, some that interest me and some that don't. PauseTheTragicEnding is mainly a Castle vidder, and though they don't have many videos and take long time between each video they post, each video made is really, really good.


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