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Whats your favorite place in majoras mask & ocarina of time?

Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Hmm ... that's a very tough one.

Kakariko Village as a Child in Ocarina of Time is a great place. The slow, laid back guitar music sets the mood as a small town. The people there are lovable, and the activities in town are most memorable as a child. The Cucco Lady's chicken game, the cow inside the house with the heart piece, the kid in the graveyard, etc. It seems when all the commerce comes to town, the town loses that flair of being small and doing their own thing.

Kokiri Forest is a cool location, though for the scenery and rather not the people and stuff.

I love the Fishing Pond. Even after I've recieved anything worthwhile, I'll just head in to waste time. The Kakariko Village music really sets the calming feel that a fishing hole should have. The game is simple and can be considered boring to some people, but I love it. I had no idea about the Golden Scale or the Sinking Lure. I accidentally'd both of those by spending so much time there.

Now, in Majora's Mask, North Clock Town is the best of both worlds. You still get the feel that you're in a busy town, but it's a small garden area for peace and stuff.

Ikana Castle is an interesting place with an even more interesting history. That place is great, and theorists seem to love Ikana in general. I'm no theorist, but I find the old Kingdom of Ikana interesting, myself. I won't delve into every detail of the castle to find out what happened to them or what they were exactly, but just the interesting history behind them makes that part of the game that much more interesting.
May 14, 2011
Very tough situation for me. :/Ocarina of Time:My favorite location would be Zora's Domain because I love the Zoras.Majora's Mask:My favorite location would be Great Bay. Pirates' Fortress to the Beaver's Dam, I love it all! If you wanted me to name my favorite place in Great Bay, that would be Beaver's Dam because I liked the Beaver Brothers even though they looked wierd. Over all, I just love water places since it seems more living.


The Seal has been Broken
May 18, 2011
The Temple of Time
I don't have a favorite place for MM because I haven't played it yet. In OoT my favorite place has to be Hyrule the town before it goes all evil and everything.


In oot my favorite place would have to be spirit temple. Then followed closely by the finishing pond I cam stay and just fish for a while. In mm I would have to say my favorite place would have to be great bay. I just like to go mess around in the water as a zora.


Apr 21, 2011
In Majora's Mask I would choose either Clock Town, Mountain Village at spring or Zora's Domain. I can't choose!
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Jun 21, 2011
Behind you
Ikana Canyon, all the way. The entire place has one of the most unnerving atmospheres in gaming - decrepit and yet functional. It's empty, but you're not alone. Running through with a Garo mask on (^^) only makes things creepier.

On top of that, it's one of the most extensive and challenging pre-dungeon quests in any Zelda game. First one must obtain the Captain's Hat from Skull Keta, then use it to break into a grave and learn the Song of Storms. Then one must play it to restore the river, and thus enter the music house and acquire the Gibdo Mask. Using that mask, one must traverse the Bottom of the Well, which - without prior knowledge - can be a very difficult task indeed. Following that, one is led right into the Ancient Castle of Ikana, which again, without preparation can put an intense time strain on players, and learn the Elegy of Emptiness. The Elegy must then be used to scale the Stone Tower, and thus enter the temple. PHEW! That's a lot.

In the midst of that, the area gains a lovely irony - the music box house's wonderfully cheery music in such a dark and haunted place gives me chills just thinking about it.

Majoras ocarina

in MM i love Ikana canyon in OOT i'd say kakariko village


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Jun 19, 2011
Lon Lon ranch
i loved the romani ranch in mm ive only played up to the part where u get th goron mask
i loved fire temple in ocarina of time just the whole thing was so interesting


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Jul 19, 2011
This one is very esay to respond to in Majora's Mask my favorite location is Zora Hall it is a nice relaxing area, in Orcarina Of Time my personal favorite is Romani Ranch it's my favorite since it has my favorite horse in gaming and it is the only happy place when your an aldut.


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