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A Link to the Past What's YOUR Death Count?



it depends on the game. for all the 3D zeldas i had low death counts and for a lot of the 2D zeldas i had moderate to high death counts. my lowest for ALttP was probably around 8-10. on a side note, in OoT, i did the 3 heart, no sheild, challenge and didnt die once. i find 3D games easier to survive in
Dec 19, 2011
Where the forest meets the sea
I'm playing the game blind right now for the first time with no internet hints at all. Trust me, there has been death xD. I'm in the dark world, just beat dungeon 4 but i still gotta do #3. I know i've missed quite a few things, seeing as now enemies do like soo much damage compared to the beginning.. i must have missed a tunic upgrade.. but that's the fun of zelda to me, discovering the secrets by yourself. Following directions completely spoils the experience. I like covering as much as i can with my own intuition of the game. Then only after i complete it my way will i look back and fill in all the fail. xD
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