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What's your biggest problem with the Zelda series overall?

We all love Zelda here (given that its a Zelda forum) but the series isn't perfect. Some games have more problems than others and some problems are unique to stand alone games...

But which overarching complaint do you have about the Legend of Zelda as a whole?
Which problem is present in every game that the series could do without?


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Jul 6, 2011
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The problem present is that there is no voice acting in the series. It was ok before 2006 because of the times but when TP came out there was no excuse. They make the characters mouths move as if they are talking but instead of a voice you hear some kind of sexual groan or grunt instead. It was as though the voices were edited out rather than purposefully not included and their lips moving are just mocking us who want to hear the characters speak.

There is another problem. Not technically a problem with every game in the series but with a lot of them. That is inconsistent quality of the games. Most do not stand up to the greatness of OOT, MM, WW and TP and instead are a blight upon the series such as the FSA.


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May 4, 2012
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this is just a personal issue and im not sure if many would agree to this,but i am so sick of the new links
yes,while a boy setting out on a journey to become the destined hero makes for a decent and safe storyline,we've had too much of that already,this is actually something that bothered me about link b/w worlds,b/c he's literally the same has his predecessor so....why not just use him??
i'd much rather see a continuation of an already established link rather than they create a new one only to never use him again


May 18, 2013
My big problem with the resent ones is that they don't allow you to save anywhere you want, they have to do it in a specif spot, even that's kind of pointless because you can usually warp to them, so why bother?

Weapons tend to have very specif uses, only a few ones are versatile, the dungeons themselves are heavily puzzle focused.
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Dec 17, 2012
my wants and needs have changed. the series has not. this isn't so much a complaint as an observation - i don't expect to be catered to. it's just an inevitable consequence of shifting priorities.
Jul 14, 2015
Hmmm... my biggest problem? It's always the same plot. Link grows up on a farm/village, becomes chosen, collects certain items, Ganon is revived and kidnaps Zelda, and you discover the Trifroce... I feel Zelda should take a leap and try something that is fresh and new without losing what makes it Zelda.

Maybe a timeline that's advanced beyond trains, but nothing too advanced like cars or skyscrapers, and has its usual plot, but with twists and changes that you've never seen before. Maybe even an enemy worse than Ganon and you have to team up like with Bowesr in Mario RPG.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Lack of any consistent or acceptable lore. I love theorizing about connections between characters, events, and places, as well as seeing both concepts and characters evolve with time. Yet Zelda seems to ditch that entirely after WW. What coherent connections you could find linking the games, like the obvious MM leading into WW, were erased by a timeline that makes no sense and was clearly not thought out. No, I don't believe that it was planned. Where we could once see places and events in one game inspire places in another, leading to all manner of theories and little things in the lore that show attention to detail, we now have to sit on a bizzarre world where MM doesnt relate to WW, where alttp has no relation to TP, and where OoT is a massive continuity nuke that creates the whole mess. New Timeline please!


Sep 21, 2013
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- No voice acting still
- Link is a silent character still
- There is an official timeline that exists. There should never have been an official timeline imo
- Combat still extremely shallow
- Bosses with obvious weak spots that are easy to kill (imo, bosses should not center around just shooting a boss's eye and then stabbing it a bit. The player should have to actually think about how to defeat the boss, and there should be no one simple method to do so)

Really I could go on


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Aug 7, 2010
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I guess you could say the lore. I love and hate it. I adore trying to piece it together and to find secrets, but I loath nay despise that they've never written some kind of rule into place about how the reincarnations have to look or be. This wasn't an issue until recently, but with all the people clamoring to change Link, I now see it as a weakness. The character was never meant to be anything they wanted, so much as it was just an excuse to allow the same character to show up time and time again, so I guess you could say that my issue is more an issue with the fandom, the series, and the current world of video game issues.

I know it seems petty and shallow, but I'd exchanged all my fandom of Zelda, all 15 years or so to avoid having Link changed. He means a lot to me, and while he isn't the only reason I find Zelda great, he's a cornerstone at least, and I know that there are far far better ways to incorporate a female protagonist, or whatever else someone wants that don't involve changing an icon, which is what tears me up the most, changing Link is not the right path it's the worst least creative path that offers as little as possible to the growth of the series.
Jul 18, 2015
my wants and needs have changed. the series has not. this isn't so much a complaint as an observation - i don't expect to be catered to. it's just an inevitable consequence of shifting priorities.
Echoing that, mostly.

It's interesting that so many people want voice acting... I actually really like that there's no voice acting, especially now that most games do. I'm not playing to get to know the characters or for the story; I'm playing for the adventure. No voices makes the world feel a bit more alive and personal to me, if that makes sense? I get to imagine everything instead. Mind you, I'm not anti-voice, and I prefer having voices in traditional, character-driven RPGs. I guess it all comes down to what I'm looking for out of the game.

I feel the same way about Pokemon. I don't want voices in it, ever, and, on a similar note, I've always resented when they've tried to insert a more formal, structured story (like in Coliseum and XD especially, and 6th gen). I get that the formula of saving the world gets old, but at the same time, I'm not playing either Zelda or Pokemon for the story.

Anyway, that rant aside, my biggest problem? Hm. I don't really have a lot of gripes, honestly, since I space my Zelda games out so far apart that they don't get terribly stale. I haven't really enjoyed the move towards alternative controls (Wii mote and stylus). I'd rather just use a controller. Especially the stylus in Phantom Hourglass. I liked the game, but the controls were awful and really killed some of the enjoyment I'd have had otherwise.


Apr 22, 2011
The lack of ambition, lore, and originality has really made the series plummet down there with Titanic and Adele, for me.

The remakes seemed like fan service but even if they were that, and not money grabs for being too lazy to make a great original game, it was the wrong king of fan service. Make one new good game, instead of 3 old remakes. The average wait time between original games seems to be 3-4 years, yet even after such long time the games are barely above average. The only decent lore this series seems to have is about enemies, items, and the three characters that have been re-used the past few decades. And there is hardly anything new these days, if something new for the series comes up, it has already been done by some other game, and better.

Since the GCN was released Nintendo has kind of just been chilling it seems. The big rivals have always been xbox & ps since then, nintendo just barely keeps up with it's weaker machine and less ambitious games. I don't even have my Wii U left anymore since the anticipation for Zelda U is totally gone, I'm more excited about playing an OoT any% run on an emulator than that game hehe.


Jun 11, 2015
I guess for me the biggest issue with the series is a lack of new enemies. Every game I find myself saying "where is a new enemy that I haven't seen before." If they made a new game with NOT A SINGLE REUSED ENEMY I think it would be fantastic. And almost every game is about saving the world or rescuing a character, but I sorta wish that the plot would have a slight change. Plus, the need/use for useless items i.e. the slingshot.


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Mar 27, 2015
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The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series ever (and may it continue!), but I do have some issues with it.

1. Frequency of Games/Cheapening of the IP

While this isn't a critique of the games themselves, it's something that worries me. I hate Mario. I hate how overdone Mario is, and I don't want Zelda to go in that direction. Spin-offs like Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors worry me. I get that a lot of people liked HW, and the only reason it sold well is that it's "Zelda", but that sort of thing, imo, cheapens the franchise and the name "Legend of Zelda". I would rather see just one, maybe two, core Zelda games a generation, with all efforts and resources thrown at it, making it an incredible experience, rather than having two or three for console and then two or three for handheld, even if they're not developed by the same developers.

2. Plot

We all know Zelda games aren't centered about engrossing stories, deep plots, intricate lore, or anything like that, but at the same time, it's time that the game take a break from the old formula.

Hmmm... my biggest problem? It's always the same plot. Link grows up on a farm/village, becomes chosen, collects certain items, Ganon is revived and kidnaps Zelda, and you discover the Trifroce... I feel Zelda should take a leap and try something that is fresh and new without losing what makes it Zelda.
It wouldn't hurt to do something different. I think having an open-world, as Zelda U is saying it has, is a good place to start.

This plot issue is especially true now that Nintendo have shoe-horned an official timeline into the series. It's so absurd because very few of the games have had any sort of continuing lore. As much as I've grown to dislike the series, the Elder Scrolls still has one of the (if not The) best in-game lore of any series. I've spent literal hours reading Tamriel history books, trying to piece together what happened during the Dragon Break, for example. I'm not saying Zelda should follow suit, but if Nintendo insists on an official timeline, then it's time the games start having a little bit of a better story.

3. Voice Acting

For NPCs, at least. Other games do this just fine. Again, I use the Elder Scrolls as an example. The NPCs are all voiced, but the PC remains silent, answering through text. Link, the player, doesn't need to talk, but it's 2015, and I feel that the NPCs should. However, this isn't a deal-breaker for me. It's just something I would enjoy, and that would make the game more immersive, I think.

4. Save Points/Spawn Points

I think saving should be available anywhere on the map, and that loading a save game should start you where you saved, not a predetermined location based on where you saved (i.e., if you save on the overworld, you spawn in Kakariko village).

Also, enemies shouldn't respawn as quickly as they do. If I leave an area, that shouldn't mean enemies immediately respawn. If I completely clear out a dungeon, I should be able to leave for a bit, and not come back to it infested as if I had never been in there.

5. Concept of Time (Game Specific)

If the game is going to have some sort mechanic where time actually passes, then it would be nice if it didn't go super fast (like in Ocarina of Time — note that I'm not complaining about the game, it's an N64 game after all) and if time had an effect on the world and NPCs. I don't necessarily mean that every NPC should have a schedule, and that they do different things at different times, but going back to OoT, at night different enemies came out than during the day. And also, I would like to be able to experience the time change, not like in Wind Waker where time stands still if you're in a town or village, but progresses naturally in the field.

Again, this would be game specific, and again again, this isn't a deal-breaker, but it's something I would enjoy, and that would make the game more immersive, I think.

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