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What's something you will remember from 00T?


[the.Jumping.Bean] ~
Dec 15, 2009
New Hamster!
When someone mentions OOT, I instantly remember the Water Temple. The Water Temple was the one I got stuck at on my very first try of OOT. I have a new slot and I beat the Water Temple a lot and I used to hate it but it's the only really challenging part - except for when I have to take on and off the iron boots.


Jul 15, 2009
Darn you Junehs, that's how I was going to start my waffling! :P
Anyway, if someone said "Ocarina of Time" to me, the thing that instantly comes to mind, and the thing I remember most, is a rather vivid image of looking out across the open desert from the top of the Gerudo fortress, wearing the Zora Tunic, Mirror Shield and Hover Boots, with the sun shining in the camera and that awesome music playing. :3

I always used to mess around on my Dad's completed file, and I remember I'd warp from the Temple of Time to Lake Hylia after pulling the Master Sword (those redeads terrified me so I'd bypass castle town altogether), then swim to shore and call Epona. Then I'd ride her to the Gerudo Desert and race across the main bridge pretending I was leaping over it like my dad did when it was broken. If I timed it right, I'd arrive at either sunrise or sunset, and the sun would be right down casting shadows and beams into the camera. Then I'd equipt my favourite tunic/shield/boots (master sword was standard xD) and hookshot up to the cell, then jump down and climb that long sloping passageway until I reached above the cell, then I'd hookshot across to the chest and just be awed at the view, or start sliding over little gaps with the hover boots and exploring the rest of the fortress.

Man, good times :3
Dec 11, 2009
The thing that sticks out the most from the Ocarina of Time was the fight with Dark Link. That was the hardest fight for me. Dark Link was the only thing that almost killed me.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
Well, I grew up with OOT. It was my first videogame ever I got when I was only 6. (o_O 11 years already!) I will remember practically everything. Some elements will be in my head forever. For example, I will always remember the Kokiri Forest and my first time entering in the Deku Tree. But really, when I think about OOT right now, I think about many many things, dungons, quest, story, temples, items, areas, etc. There was many great elements in this game. SUch wonderful memories. :rolleyes:
Dec 5, 2009
I'll always remember how scared I was as kid playing this game art nightfall, lol.
And the ending when navi leaves Link I'm still pissed off because of that. They could at least stay friends?!


Dec 16, 2009
I was so stocked on this game, I tried to remember everything, which I somehow almost did in four playthroughs....
Now I'm afraid it's gonna be boring and that my memories are more beatifull...

I'm replaying MM right now (second time only) and I'm quite stocked, I also played the first 4 games which were quite new after all those years, so I'll problably play OoT sometime soon, just to like it a lot again!

Some special moments:
The intro with Epona galloping in the night...
First view of Kokiri Forest when you start playing...
Getting sucked into Jabu Jabu.
Showing of your mask at the deku's.
Opening the waterfall at Zora's domain.
Getting Epona out of the Ranch, that was a cool pose and a cool camera shot!
Learning The Bolero of Fire, I don't know why.
The cool puzzle called the Water Temple!
Seeing the desert statue and being told of another goddess of sand, which wasn't in the story much?
Gannondorf turning into Ganon was the least they could do, and they did! AWESOME!

Now I need to stop before I start by waking up as Link (again?) and end by beating Ganon (once again?) and checking out the ending credits, which was also cool.


I'm back!!
I'll remember everything...

From the cuccos sidequest to meeting Nabooru, from the moment I was stuck in Jabu jabu's Belly to the Gerudo Training Grounds... I feel like crying :( Just like I almost did when I saw the credits at Paper Mario...

Of course, I would prefer not remembering anything just to play OOT again as if it was my first timr... Good moments, good moments :)
Dec 23, 2009
The ending, to this day I'm still like AH, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

then it started my timeline interest!

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