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What's Really Annoying to You?


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May 16, 2010
Misery Mire
-The cutscene that plays whenever you near the deku scrub's flower in Clock Town (fly faster!).
-Any enemy that freezes you.
-Constantly getting knocked down by chilfos' in TP.
-Seahats knocking you out of your boat, especially when trying to salvage something.
-Adult Link's scream in OoT.

I don't see why people are annoyed by characters though, I think it's exaggerating a little.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
Navi haters isn't a part of the games, Ember. :P

One thing that really annoys me is Tingle in The Wind Waker. I got annoyed every time he asked me to pay up all those rupees, but at least he put some sort of use to your endless wallet. It just seems that Tingle was the only thing that you could spend rupees on, but still didn't like doing.

Another thing that annoys me is the constant beeping whenever your life is low. It doesn't happen often to me, and if it does I use a potion or something, but early on in the game when you have few hearts and you happen to get low on life it can get really annoying. For the most part you're able to ignore it or completely block it out, but at first it's definitely annoying.


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Aug 3, 2010
Somewhere over the Rainbow
What's this heart beep thing? My health never gets that low... :lol:
But really, the beep is annoying, and sometimes certain puzzels can be annoying. In games like WW, PH, and ST, the overworld is annoying, and boring...

Link's Shadow

EFFING Wallmasters! In ALttP I would get so immersed in the combat that I wouldn't notice the little shadow of the hand over me and then I would get snatched and have to go back to the beginning! Also, the Redeads' shrieks every time I would enter Castle Town as adult Link.


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Mar 15, 2010
Kirby's stomach
Those hands in the Twilight Palace in Twilight Prncess.
Rolling into doors.
That bird in Majora's Mask that steals your stuff, also getting jinxed by those skull things.
In Twilight Princess, whenever you start your file again and you get a blue or yellow rupee he always holds it up the first time, I know how much a blue rupee is worth!
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Jun 15, 2010
There's only two things that really annoy me that I can think of right now:

-The EXTREMELY slow text in OoT/MM. This is SO annoying, especially when you've beaten the game already and CAN'T SKIP THE CUTSCENES! >_<
-Ice and everything that is or is related to ice. This includes Freezards, Mini Freezards, Chilfos (which I especially find annoying), Snowpeak Ruins, the Ice Cavern... You get the point.

Heart beeping, Rupee screens, Navi, Tatl, and all that jazz don't annoy me whatsoever. Although I have to agree that Tingle is a little annoying.


Jun 14, 2010
Not in the SB ;-;
Oopah Limpah Koolimpah, Tingle, Really, What the... Miyamoto, He is a ruppeless raggamuffin (LOL thats what Linebeck the 3 says)

Beadle with his dumb prizes when he starts shouting to you, i am like, HUH


Trying to roll up stairs, but apparently bumping into steps, making me go slower.

When those Stalfos in TWW rebuild themselves because you were to busy avoiding the Wizzrobe.

The way any Link screams when he falls off a high cliff.


Apr 18, 2010
1. The heart beep. It's sooo annoying. I really hate those beep beep sounds. When I got the beep for almost half an hour and couldn't find a single heart, I went insane and chopped up all the enemies I could find. And finally I ended up with a game over.

2. The Wallmasters in Alttp. Really, Wallmasters in 2D were very annoying and irritating. I enjoyed taking my time standing still to solve puzzles and trying to figure out where to go, etc. And those times were the perfect for Wallmaster to appear and catch me. I couldn't see the tiny little shadows they made and couldn't tell when they were gonna come out either, so most of the times I found myself back at the entrance. I hate them to the point that I gave up on that dungeon (for 10 minutes).

3. The cutscene with the Deku Scrub in Clock Town. I hate to watch the same cutscene for 5-6 times. I've always tried to avoid his flower, but sometimes I accidentally went near it, and triggered that cutscene AGAIN.


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Aug 4, 2010
The worst is in Ikana castle when you get to the room where you need to jump to make it back,you know the last room before your outside on your left when you enter,well I never make it back and when I do make it back I die/fall/my nintendo bugges but anywho...navi is gonna kill me someday...
Jul 29, 2010
Cincinnati Ohio
most annoying thing about TP. when you open a chest with a rupee and your wallet is full you have to put it back. its such a ****ing pet peeve to have to leave an unopened chest like that!


May 9, 2010
I with you man he is annoying one time was in Hyrule Flied he came had to like skip it


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
-When TP assumes I don't know what the Rupee colours mean. Every time I open a game, it's like "You got a Blue Rupee! (5)" Ugh! I know I got a Blue Rupee and I know how much it's worth!
-The Magic Armour in TP. Because of that junk my wallet is always full!
-When I have to pay Tingle 3200 or so Rupees to decipher the maps in WW. I'd rather translate them myself!
-OoT's veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy slllllloooooowwwww texxxxxxttttt. And Kaepora Gaebora, he always lectures me on stuff I already know. Far worse than Navi, but at least he was better in MM.

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