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What's Really Annoying to You?


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Mar 26, 2009
Them ugly children at the beginning of TP annoyed the hell out me. It was not just the appearence, but they were so horrible to the other guy (Sorry for forgetting the names, I havn't played TP in a while). :P


Aug 29, 2009
Having to keep reseting the water dungeon on majora's mask. Having to turn into a wolf when teleporting with midna. That fairies can go through walls to escape you.


The owl...I still hate the owl to this day... That's the only flaw about OoT. :P


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Jul 1, 2009
What annoys me the most would probably have to be the beeping sound when your health is low. it would always annoy me when I was playing Late at night. Hey, at least it kept me awake with its annoyingness.
Oct 20, 2008
Most annoying is probably the sailing in Phantom Hourglass. I rather enjoyed sailing in the Wind Waker, if felt free and open - even if it could be boring at times.

However, sailing in Phantom Hourglass felt like the antithesis of the Wind Waker, it was constricted, limited, the process itself was irritating (I detested having to open the sea chart, draw a line, then sail there. Why couldn't I just.. sail there? It felt like such a hassle.)

Perhaps almost as annoying, was in Twilight Princess. Where every damn time you get a blue or higher rupee, Link has to present it to you like it's something he's never seen before, and act surprised every time - even if you've found that denomination a hundred times already. This wasted so much time, and just overall annoyed me.

The low-hearts indicator didn't bother me too much.. Except for a few times when I got down to one or two hearts, and had to run across the entire field or something like that just to get it to stop.
Jan 17, 2009
The Universe
Rolling into doors trying to go into them.
I think Link would've died from all those crashes in real life. :P

And also those Mini-blins (whatever their called) in WW.
I hated the fact that they re-spawn endlessly.
Sep 1, 2009
I really disliked it when fairies would go through walls and you couldn't get them :(

i also didn't like the beeping sound when low on health... and maybe some other times :(

but overall not much i LOVE the legend of zelda :)


What annoys me? Well, if it ever happens, the beeping when health is low. The most obvious would be Navi. Obnoxious little fairy. -.-; Then I get a little annoyed by the slow cutscenes sometimes when I know what the say and just want to get along with it.

Hmm...the ReDeads also bug me if I accidentally get too close and they decide to scream and make me stop moving, then they won't get off and baaah...

Really, there isn't too much that annoys me, really.

...the water temples, definately. Those annoy me.

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Apr 24, 2009
I find Keese and Wall/floor masters the most annoying. Especially floor masters, they grab you and you have to start from the beginning of a certain point in the dungeon. :mad: Second is the magic meter. Upgrading that thing is tedius in all Zelda games with the exception of OoT. Plus, you can only use your magic until it runs out and then you have to smash pots. The Earth temple in Wind Waker was a pain, you had to rotate the mirrors to reflect light and everything. Heart beeps yes, but you can always mute the volume.


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Sep 29, 2009
if anything in the Zelda series annoys me that isn't navi it is another fairy, tatl.

my reasoning is :
she won't stop pestering you about the fact that you should know all the monsters.
she acts just like navi.

so if you can find anything more annoying other than navi and midna, have fun.
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the huuh heee haaa link when he screams he can't talk but he can grunt
Feb 27, 2009
Oh wow, so many things. First Navi, never liked her. Then the owl, so pointless wish I could just skip him. And last thing is the beeping when you are low on health, this could be worse though... At least the screen does not blink red or something like that.

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