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What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?


Feb 24, 2010
Probably the Wind Waker. The overworld was huge and there were many small areas to explore, unlike the overworld in Skyward Sword (bit of a disappointment for me). Although the searching for the Triforce took this exploring a bit too far in my opinion, it was still pretty fun nonetheless. It was always nice to take time off from finishing the main quest to go explore random islands or try and finish the sea chart just for the sake of perfectionism. There were a few issues, such as the distance between islands being a little too much or the awkward combat system the boat had (having to stop to attack everything was pretty annoying). However, I don't think any of that ruins it for me, it's all just a minor annoyance.

I really don't get why people keep saying Twilight Princess though. There's nothing in there except for a bunch of heart pieces and Poe souls, plus it all looks so depressing. =(
Sep 21, 2011
I had the most fun exploring with Twilight Princess. It had a HUGE overworld that I immediately drooled over. Sure, Oot & SS had a good overworld, but Oot was just too small & empty. SS to me just didn't have much of a overworld at all, but that was the only downside of SS for me. TP's Hyrule field was so much fun to ride Epona & shoot arrows at enemies. Heck, sometimes when I'm bored, I'll still pop in TP & ride around a bit
Jul 25, 2011
In the US
Skyward Sword. The reason is that land did not seem to be empty, to me, and had puzzles in them. Even though I wish the sky wasn't empty it still was fun to explore it. TP seemed to empty to me and so did OoT. Those two didn't really make me want to explore the land.

But it was fun to ride Epona through Hyrule field in TP and shoot enemies with arrows.
Dec 10, 2011
I think ALTTP, LA, and SS was the most fun exploring and just at the right size because there was always something to find whether it was rupees, heart pieces, completing side quests, finding goddess cubes and goddess chests (SS), and any hidden places. With Zelda 1, II, OOT, and TP it was basically empty and barren with just enemies and props. OOT was too small and seriously it felt like a water-down version of Hyrule from ALTTP and Hyrule field felt like the size of a foot ball stadium's parking lot. With TP sure it has the biggest overworld next to the TWW but all there were was enemies, poes, chests, and heart pieces. Just because its the biggest and has a huge draw distances doesn't make it better just take the Peak Providence so much potential yet such a waste. However I did like TWW over world and just like my favorites it had something to explore or find.


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Feb 8, 2011
As a child, I enjoyed Majora's Mask the most. I would spend countless hours roaming through each territory during the course of the three days. That game had so many secretive areas, mostly within Termina Field. That's where most of my time was probably expended, since I wanted to gather bombs, rupees, arrows, and other necessities before I moved on with the main quest. It was the best and most efficient place for resources due to its adequate placement between Clock Town and each "province." Seeking out treasure chests or hidden holes added to the enjoyment. Diversity like that is missed in Zelda games, but I hope to see it returned.

I was most satisfied by the diverse forms I could take, as they allowed different modes of transportation. All these came in handy when navigating the terrain. For example, the Zora's form could sail through the water with the same elegance that an eagle carries on with in the air, and the Goron rolls like a boulder through whatever's in his path. The challenges that these were required to complete appeased somewhat my insatiable appetite for exploration. Jumping the ramps on my ways to Snowhead or sneaking through the lower levels of the Pirates' Fortress...those are some of the moments I look forward to as I restart the game.

Lastly, possibly the top motivator for exploration: The 3-Day Cycle. Given that amount of time to accomplish what I set my mind to in a certain playing period stimulated me to get much more done than I typically would. For once I felt a need to rush through a Temple and defeat the Boss before the "timer" ran out. Now I can go through each step-by-step and without fear of failing Termina. That's how much I played Majora's Mask over the years, and absolutely love it. I hope one day we'll return to Termina and follow the same basic gameplay structure with the masks. :)


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Sep 28, 2011
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This is definitely Twilight Princess. I literally spent hours upon hours running around the colossal overworld finding new things to do. I enjoyed all of it.
This area is probably the only major thing I don't like about Skyward Sword. It has beautiful landscape and everything, but honestly, they should've put more stuff to do when you return to areas below the sky and the sky just needed more to begin with. The sky could've done with more large islands like Skyloft (OK, maybe not that big), but just putting a bunch of Hidden Grottos on the little islands would've made it absolutely amazing.
So yeah. :)
Dec 11, 2011
First, WW. The GREAT Sea. It was such a great sea. The game is not complete until you have filled your sea chart IMO.

Second, ALttP. Exploring Hyrule in both the light and dark world; incredible.

Third, MC. Kinstones!!!!


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Nov 21, 2011
I could spend hours in TP, riding on Epona, exploring every bit of Hyrule Field. Even though there wasn't a lot to do there it was always fun to ride on Epona while listening to Hyrule Field theme.


i had the longest clean playing time with ocarina of time with almost 80 hours.

my savestate at skyward sword has atm 40 hours, but i still have to do alot of things
Dec 19, 2011
The Wind Waker! It was so adventurous and I don't care what anybody has to say about the sailing, I thought it was inspirational!


i liked tp's overworld because it is very Big and epona runs as fast as she can, the camera goes wide a bit and then back centered, i really felt the massive, although empty, overworld of tp really explorable.

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While I typically have enjoyed exploring all of the Zelda games I've played, I would say Twilight Princess was the most fun. Wind Waker was excellent as well, and Ocarina of Time definitely gets the nostalgia points, but I found TP the best in this regard. Then again, I haven't yet played Skyward Sword. We shall see!

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