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What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

Nov 29, 2011
The Wind Waker I would say was my favorite to explore in the most because you sailed the sea and visited different islands, not knowing what to expect there. Also allot of the islands such as Outset, Dragon Roost and Windfall were also fun to be at with quite a few NPC's, side quests, hidden rooms and lots of areas to explore. Even the dungeon's to me were fun to explore and I pretty much enjoyed them throughout. Still my favorite Zelda to explore in.

I haven't played Skyward Sword yet but it looks pretty much the same instead of sea there is Sky but when I do get it and play it, I'll see if this changes.

How about you?


Oct 4, 2010
I also liked the idea of the unexpected in the overworld of Wind Waker. Usually in the other games, it wasn't very fun to cross the overworld. In the Wind Waker, the idea of curiosity gave me the motivation to spend my time actually crossing the Great Sea sailing. This is also similar to Skyward Sword, which I am working on right now. There are so many unknown islands floating in the sky, I wish to take time and explore each of them.


Sep 6, 2011
Hyrule (United States)
Exploring the Great Sea was super fun in Wind Waker. It did occasionally get boring though. Yet, it was fun to get all the islands on your Sea Chart, and also get the chance to explore the island too! There was always a surprise somewhere.

I really like flying in Skyward Sword too, but the islands are slightly more, uneventful. When I first found the Lumpy Pumpkin in SS, I was super thrilled to run around and explore all it's nooks and cranny's. I do, however, get bored sometimes, but I still overall enjoy it.


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May 26, 2010
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Ocarina of Time was the best game to explore in my opinion. It wasn't all that...well, it wasn't really an explorer's dream, but it was grand. Everything in the game is extremely easy, but I absolutely loved it. OoT3D does Hyrule Field justice.


Jun 22, 2011
I think Legend of Zelda has my favorite exploration in the entire series because you can travel anywhere from the start of the game. Next would probably be Majora's Mask because there are so many things to explore in Clock Town and in each of the four main areas of the game.
Feb 25, 2011
Waker Waker.
the exploration is what really made the game for me. the atmosphere, the setting and the music really got me existed. just sailing around, hearing the great music and knowing that there's an amazing journey ahead was just so moving and for me, very emotional. Wind Waker is the reason I'm a Zelda fan. it was my second Zelda game, and before going into Wind Waker i thought that Zelda is good, not great thanks to Twilight Princess. but when i started exploring the great sea, i feel in love with the series.
Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are my favorite in the franchise, Skyward has the best Story, gameplay and Dungeons, but Wind Waker has the best settings and exploration


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Jul 6, 2011
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Twilight princess was the most fun to explore for me. To be able to see a smouldering volcano in the distance and be able to go to it, and to see a desert with an unusual structure whilst being in a lake and then actually getting to be fired there in a cannon, absolutely wonderful. TP had the largest overworld and was interesting to explore, it was just so vast and despite some people complaining it was empty, I still think it was the best overworld and the most fun to explore.
Feb 25, 2011
Twilight princess was the most fun to explore for me. To be able to see a smouldering volcano in the distance and be able to go to it, and to see a desert with an unusual structure whilst being in a lake and then actually getting to be fired there in a cannon, absolutely wonderful. TP had the largest overworld and was interesting to explore, it was just so vast and despite some people complaining it was empty, I still think it was the best overworld and the most fun to explore.
When I started Twilight Princess I was very existed to explore the world, that i thought was very vast and epic. And I did. It was fun for like 30 minutes, and it just got down right boring. I found that just getting to the place I wanted to explore was a chore, and it did not help that the field between places was empty and had nothing in it. When I actually got to where I wanted, in was almost as empty as the field. TP's overworld was just a collection of landscapes that are great looking in the background, but where boring to explore. It did not help that beside the City in the sky, which was just a dungeon without exploration, TP's locals are unoriginal and predictable. I did not had that feeling in Wind Waker. Evan thou most of the dungeons had standard themes to them, I felt that the overworld held something new In every island. the overworld layout of WW and SS just more appealing to me. But that's only my opinion, I respect your opinion as well

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I find myself replaying Twilight Princess simply to explore it. I feel it had the largest amount of field to explore and running around looking at everything was enjoyable. Wind Waker was also nice to explore, but I just wish there was more land than sea at times. I also still enjoy exploring Termina in Majora's Mask, but I feel I've just been everywhere... I wish it was larger.


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Nov 28, 2011
New York
I actually love travelling thru skyloft better than anything. There are also many chunks of land to land on. I love all the minigames you can try, like the colored land-thing. I also think controlling the loftwing is fairly easy and great. I love flying instead of galloping around Hyrule Field on Epona because i like 2 have room to go up, down, left, and right.


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For recent gameplay: Wind Waker. So many different little islands. I just beat the game for the second time ever and this time (unlike last time) I did a self-imposed "Chart the Entire Map" quest. So much feeding of fish! So... many things I'd missed on my first playthrough of the game!

For nostalgia-filter: Classic Legend of Zelda. I have fun childhood memories of just bombing random walls and burning random trees to find random things - Potion shops, people giving me hearts, Moblins giving me money or... angry old men demanding I pay for door repairs. What I continue to love about this game, even in fresh playthroughs, is that there are no hints for places to bomb or burn. No cracks, no unusual looking trees - it's all trial and error, which may kill your bomb stash, but definitely encourages exploration. It is simple, 8-bit no frills exploration, but it being "the game I played when I was a kid" means it's full of great memories for me.


Nov 11, 2011
I haven't played WW, and I'm not far in SS, so I'd have to go with good ol' Ocarina of Time.

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Jun 29, 2011
Wind Waker, hands down. It felt great to get your sea chart filled in for every island, and then to figure out the mystery of each one, and I loved the relaxing and semi-cinematic feel of sailing. This is followed closely by Twilight Princess and OoT, tied. SS is fun to play around in, but it isn't the same sense of exploration.

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Well, in the first place i've only played a few of the games. These including OoT, MM, WW, TP. Yes, i know, not very many at all. So naturally i will choose one of these.

Big Decision between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Let's start with TP.

This was pretty awesome to roam around. Why? Freaking ginormous. Humongo. Gigantirific. Every where you turned, there was a new piece of land.
The down-side? Barely anything, if anything to do at all with all of that land. Yeah sure, you can ride Epona (or whatever you name it) around, the bug search, and the occasional enemy along the way. What else? Nothing. Huge down-side when push comes to shove.

Next, OoT

There's just the mere fact that OoT is legendary beyond belief. Once you leave the Kokiri Forest, it's like "oh what's around this corner, oh that troublesome owl and- WHOA. SWEET." Bam, it practically hits you in the face, what with all the land spread out before you (and that wierd flying pineapple thing, or whatever it's real name is). To the left, lake Hylia, to the right, Zora's Domain and Kakariko Village. Smack dab in the middle is Lon Lon ranch, and beyond that is Gerudo Valley. ALL within basically perfect walking (okay, running and rolling) distance. Who doesn't love those skeletons coming up out of the ground as soon as the sun goes down? Ahhh... OoT.​

Alright, so maybe I'm a little biased (just a smidge). And maybe there really is no competition after all. But you simply cannot count WW. Too much of the sea to enjoy galavanting around. MM was alright, but the game itself and the 3-day timeline was just too stressful to be able to enjoy actually roaming around and enjoying yourself.

With that, OoT it is. :yes:

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Jul 12, 2011
If it was still the time before Skyward Sword came out I would say Skyward Sword. The idea was flawless! Fly around around in the sky like in wind Waker but in the sky not the ocean and on a fast bird not a slow boat. Then when we learned we could jump down to an island by skydiving and then jump and start again I was super joyful. However now that the game is out I much prefer Wind Waker. Although Wind Waker's Boat moved at the speed of a slug giving you plenty of time to eat five packages of chips it had so much to explore. You would just head out and find a little island with nothing but a enemy and pots. There's no point to it what so ever, and yet it makes the sea so detailed. However in Skyward Sword even though getting from place to place and landing was much more fun the sky hade nothing to do. Only a few of the islands you could even jump on and most of them had a Goddess Stone and nothing else. If Skyward Sword had taken the amount of detail from Wind Waker and transferred it to the sky I would be saying Skyward Sword was the best. But I will have to say Wind Waker.

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