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Hyrule Warriors What Would You Want in a Hyrule Warriors Sequel?

Mellow Ezlo

Dec 2, 2012
Angry Elfo
I've talked several times about how much I want a sequel to Hyrule Warriors. I'm not sure how many people share that sentiment, but I think it will happen eventually in any case. So if it were to happen, what are some things you would want from a sequel? What about some things you wouldn't want? Maybe there are some new characters you'd want to be added? Maybe a story based on Breath of the Wild?

Personally, I think a story based on BotW with the champions replacing the sages as playable characters would be cool. If also like an online multiplayer feature, with competitive and cooperative play options. But what about y'all? Discuss~~


ZD Legend
Things I'd like;

-I'd like the Champions to be playable.

-I'd like less playable versions of Link and Zelda clogging up the roster.

-I'd like to see the roster given an equal amount of love; don't give Link 8-10 weapons and other characters just one.

-I'd like it to be canon.

-A longer campaign with voice acting.

Thing's I wouldn't like;

-Bad roster choices

-Recycled content from the first game.

-Don't make it go open world like DW9.


The Destructive One
ZD Champion
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
Some bigger variaty in the enemies, designwise. Would also like it if it was a bit easier to get the golden materials from some of the Big Bosses. It's frustrating as hell when they drop a weapon I don't need for the 10th time in a row instead of mats...


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
They could add more obscure characters to the sequel which would be interesting. It was fun seeing how all the characters would fight in the first game so I want to see what ideas they have for other characters.

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