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What Would You Like to See in a New SEGA Console?


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Dec 10, 2011
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I personally would like to see motion controls and possibly even an app for apple devices that allows you to use it as a controller.

EDIT: If you don't want a new SEGA console, then don't reply.
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Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
If Sega did make a new console for some reason, I would like it to have a controller similar to the Dreamcast's, only with another analog stick. It would also have to have a reliable online service, preferably free like PSN, and last but not least, support from many third party companies.


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Dec 19, 2011
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I think it would be cool if Sega got back in the mix, but I don't see it happening especially even so now after their dilemma. But I would like to see something to the effect of motion controls if they decided to come back.

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Jan 1, 2011
Chicago, IL
Sega back in console... Touchy subject for many gamers. My only true concern is that they wouldn't have enough popular first-party titles, but enough skirting around the question.

1. Low, LOW price point - Anywhere between $250 to $100. Sega's new console would not and should not have to be all that. They should first produce a decent console to gain back the trust of fans, but nobody would buy something from a company that hasn't made a console in years for over $250.

2. Online service - Doesn't have to be the best, but should be free. I'm not paying to play Space Marines or whatever games Sega makes now online.

3. Motion control - Yeah, I realize we are leaving that generation, but it is still a somewhat modern technology and going tablet like the Wii U would nullify point 1.

4. More first party games! - Sega, get some good franchises. Buy Crash Bandicoot or something, dying franchises that contain fans that you can do justice to! I was just on their website, they are currently advertising Total War Shogun, Yakuza, Binary Domain, Renegade Ops, Captain America, etc. ... I WOULDN'T BUY ANY OF THESE!!!

5. Sonic Adventure 3 - Fan dream... Deal with it.
Dec 23, 2011
I'd like to see a new Sega console, period. ^^
As dumb as the whole "Dreamcast 2" thing is, I kinda would love to see that happen.

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