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What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?


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Aug 6, 2010
First, I don't see it happening. Seeing as how almost everyone in Japanese anime is Caucasian, I wouldn't see Link changing races. But, honestly, I wouldn't mind at all. It might be cool to see Link as part of another ethnicity.
Sep 28, 2010
the funny thing is, I always thought of Link as more asian than anything else. Yes he is Hylian. but in a sense he is kinda anime leading to being more asian than anything else. But whatever. Link is the man regardless of what color he is.

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Nov 13, 2009
... I love how "politically correct" everyone is being here. I mean, I haven't heard the term Caucasian in around 5 years! My computer didn't even think it was a word! (just added to dictionary)
Apr 10, 2009
For those who say Link is supposed to be blonde from beginning according to Ocarina of Time... well i disagree. Simply because Link existed since the NES, and he wasn't blonde with blue eyes.

Link started with a darker skin town and brown hair, his second game art he had lighter skin and still kept his dark eyes, not many would consider the drawing style to portrait him as a handsome character, even the a link to teh Past has to suffer some anime-eque update when the game was passed to the portable Gameboy Advance.

So I really don't see him that untouchable. I agree, he better be according his surroundings, or else it could be awkward, but even if I somehow don;t see it happening soon, I don't think it will affect my thoughts in the game. I could even parise it for it. I will feel weird, but same happened when Toon Link came, and hey I now I love that lil bugger! It would be just that, the first hours to adapt to the idea, that done, i would accept it.


Jun 12, 2010
Why bring up a dead thread?
No zombie threads D:

I also think Nintendo should make Link customizable. Like what hair he could have and what skin he has, and earrings, etc.

One thing you all forgot is that Hyrule is a European-esque country in northern parts of whatever world Zelda lives on. Link could only be black. When you think about it, it also points out a lot about racism and segregation between the races. Hylians were afraid of Gerudo people because of their skin and they were associated with thieves...lol. You should know where I'm going with this.
Sep 28, 2010
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why stop with skin color, i mean who wouldn't want to see what would happen if ganondorf had to pick on someone his own size just once. He'd probably apreciate getting his but handed to him by someone as big as him rather than a little snot nosed kid in tights. He'd feel more threatened and not start off going so easy on you. It might actually be more fun for some to just go all out on him instead of having to run away from him until a window opens up for you to shoot him from a distance or only hitting him when he is really vulnerable.



They should add a character creation option and all im talking is mayb his height and skin tone. It would have Zero effect on the story line and the image of link we all grew to love. I mean think about it we have the option to Name ourselves in the game and it doesnt have any affect on the story at all or the image of the game. I know i enjoy games more when i feel the characters appearence is in someway related to mine. How ever i think this late in the game if they made a option to change link it might cause some controversy as to why we can change him now and not befor. So IMO link is here to stay the way he is

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