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What will history books from 2100 say about us?


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Apr 8, 2019
Imagine time travel. You end up in the year 2100. In a futuristic-looking library with fiber glasses, you find a history book. Flipping through the pages, you find the section about the era and people of 2000-2030.

What do you think the book will say about us and our generation? Which events do you think will make it to the history books of the future?

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Nov 5, 2007
Love this thread! It's like brain candy to me. I know it's optimistic, but I really believe 2100 will be freer, cleaner, wealthier and more equal than we are now. My jottings below are on that assumption.

I hope there's not a limit ;) because I have a ton.

  • The internet, access to information, instant communication
  • The internet in the Facebook age, echo chambers, election engineering and whatnot
  • The clean energy revolution, 1990 - 2050
  • The AI revolution, 2010 - 2040
  • The reorganising of how money works in the age of abundance and automation
  • Coronavirus as something that accelerates all the above, but otherwise just a fascinating "that one time the world went mad"
  • 9/11 and Islamic extremism being the major fear, 2001-2022
  • The Iraq War through the Arab Spring and the Syrian War
  • Chinese totalitarianism overtaking Islamic Extremism as the major fear, 2018 - 2035?
  • Africa's rise of out poverty (Chinese investment) and the end of endemic extreme poverty globally, 2000 - 2030
  • If China transitions to democracy (which I suspect) then the HK (and Thai) protests will be seen as the thing that set the snowball rolling
    • If instead the CCP manages to nail down its dictatorship, the HK Security Bill will be seen as the end of the Chinese democratic movement that started in the late 1980s
  • Either way, the Rise of China on the global stage
  • The Uighur camps as the last great genocide - IF China turns democratic. Otherwise it's a footnote.
  • The 2008 crash and the resulting polarisation and rise of far-from-centre politics, 2008-2020ish, let's see the result of the election
    • ... which is also due to the Facebook age, I think any decent history book wouldn't try to tease those causes apart
  • The demographic crisis of the developed world, 2030 onwards
  • Victim politics / identity politics / the marginalised winning more power / call it what you will
    • Includes BLM, #metoo, and others
  • The dawn of the Economic Space Age (I was going to go Privatised Space Age but it doesn't flow so well)
  • The decline of traditional television, 2015 - 2030
Woo! That was fun. I better take a breath.


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Aug 16, 2019
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There would be a section called "Humanity and Hope"
Which contains chapters about natural and man made disaster such as H1N1, 2011 Tsunami, Covid 19 pandemic
and how we coped with them. We would have initially messed up very badly and would have learned from our mistakes. For eg: building of earthquake proof buildings after earthquakes

A section about resource management on how we completely switched to ubiquitous and renewable resources

A section about some extinct species the same way we read about Doudou and Seacows

A section called Rationalism and change in perspective.
Which contains chapters about Black lives matter, Srilankan Easter bombings and several other incidents which led to the extinction of racism, casteism, sexism, religion, extreme cults that are harmful to humanity and homophobia.

In National history section:
Formation of new states
2008 Mumbai attacks
Scrapping of Triple Talaq
Polio eradication
There would be a section about Indo chinese and Indo Pak tensions and how we regained PoK and Aksai Chin.
How Make in India started
The end of Bollywood Nepotism
The end of religious politics
The scrapping of Section 377 (introduced during British empire)


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Nov 3, 2020
In the year 2020, the people of the United States used their voting rights to repel the invasion of fascist dictator Donald Trump.

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