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What will Ganondorf sound like if he talks?

Feb 4, 2011
For all we know, Ganondorf will just make the cliche zombie groans.
However, because Breath of the Wild introduced voice acting, and Ganondorf looks to be making a resurrection, I got to thinking what would he sound like.
Granted, we've only heard him talk in non-canon material.
First is the 1980's cartoon (that I keep forgetting exists and hate when I remember it)
There's the CD-I games (that nobody wants to remember except for a laugh)
And more recently Death Battle gave the Gerudo king a voice in Ganondorf vs Dracula (Frankly, this is my favorite of the three voices)

So it looks like now is the first time we may hear a canon voice for him.
What voice would you expect to hear from him? Something close to one of these three? Or something else? Lately I've been rewatching bits of the 90's X-Men series and found Apocalypse being voiced by the late John Colicos to be such an excellent voice for a villain. So, if they went for the more god complex kind of villain, that I can go for.
So, what kind of voice do you expect if he finally speaks?

(I did see if this thread was done before, but months ago and wanted to see if anyone new since then has their own thoughts)
Feb 11, 2020
i tried reversing this whole trailer audio context and it sounds like something very bad happened, but everything reversed sounds like that, but when i 1st saw the trailer i instantly throught about reversing it bc it sounded like it had some sense reversed i would like to send it to you but ZD does not allow .wav format, thats a good question but i think that it may have some secret meaning
Jan 29, 2020
This is very interesting to think about. I imagine something gravelly, deep with a menacingly calm tone. Now I'm really curious if he'll speak in the sequel.

Mellow Ezlo

Dec 2, 2012
Angry Elfo
Right now I am trying to imagine Ganondorf sounding like Mickey Mouse and I can't stop laughing.

In all seriousness, we've heard Ganondorf laugh and grunt in the games, and he seems to have a very deep, potentially gravelly voice. Whatever they choose, it has to be a good mix between menacing evil bad guy but also still somewhat human in order to reflect his character.

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