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What Water Based Dungeon Is Hardest?

Sep 1, 2009
Ok, Wow

When I made this thread i really REALLY did NOT think it would be this popular

so far it goes by (considering your posts)

Hardest - Great Bay Temple

Hard - Water Temple

Difficult - Lakebed Temple

Average - Jabu Jabu in Oracle of Ages ( i mainly put it here cuz no one really played OOA or havn't gotten this far

Easy - Water Dungeon LttP

so im really hoping that the Water Temple(if their is one) in Zelda Wii Will be harder then the Great Bay Temple :D but i doubt it... if it is it will be the ultimate zelda challenge


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Sep 30, 2009
From easiest to most difficult:
5. Jabu Jabu in OoA: Not bad at all. I really liked the little rock flipping tool, the name of which I don't recall.

4. Alttp's Swamp Palace: This was one of the easier dungeons in Alttp to me. It was also pretty fun.

3. Great Bay Temple: I died several times to the Gekko. Controlling the current wasn't too bad though. This dungeon was seemingly kind of compact too, which was nice.

2. TP's Lakebed Temple: The enemies were all pretty easy, but I spent hours wondering how to get that chest at the top. Also had some issues with getting those waterwheels to turn.

1. OoT's Water Temple: I got lost quite a few times. All things considered, it wasn't too bad. Just extremely aggravating at points.
Oct 31, 2009
5: Jabu Jabu in OoA
Don't remember too much anguish about this one. In fact, I don't remember it at all! :P

4: Water Temple in OoT
The reason for this is because I kind of cheated and watched my mom suffer through it first (we were playing through OoT at the same time and she was ahead of me). I could pick out her mistakes and made mental notes of them. She would always get mad at me when I would try to make suggestions, lol. I think there was one time where I was stuck because I couldn't find one key, and it had me going in circles for the longest time. Other than that, the only thing that annoyed me was how you needed to switch between the boots and Iron Boots all the time. It got old.

3: Water Temple in ALttP
I believe was was 7ish when I first attempted this dungeon. As you can imagine, it did not end well. I think I was stuck on it for a whole week.

2: Lakebed Temple in TP
This one gave me far much more trouble than I care to admit. I could never get the stairs to direct the water current how I wanted to. The enemies and everything were easy, but figuring out the water... It's also possible it was 3 in the morning and I might have had a case of the dumb.

1: Great Bay Temple in MM
I went into this one completely blind, and boy did I get my butt handed back to me. The water moving in a circular current made it difficult to direct Zora Link to where I wanted him to go, and I would lose track of which rooms were where. Then I wouldn't hit a switch I was supposed to and would have to go through the nightmare of backtracking... o.o Gyorg was a nightmare, too. I think what I eventually did was chug a bottle of Chateau Romani, stocked up on fairies, jumped in the water and hoped for the best. Heck, it's still what I do today. :P This dungeon takes the methodical way of dissecting a Zelda dungeon and throws it out the window, making it the hardest for me.


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Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
I think the hardest was the water temple. The great bay temple wasn't that hard. you just had to follow the pipes and the map helped alot. The lakebed temple was a slight less harder than the water temple.I loved the lakebed though with the water flowing through out the temple.
heres my order:
water temple
lakebed temple
great bay temple

I haven't played the other dungeons.


Aug 29, 2009
Great Bay temple, I STILL haven't beaten it...The boss is hard, and you keep having to restart it if you run out of time.
Nov 26, 2008
First off: Kinda funny a thread like this is made by someone named "Water-Is-Evil". :xd:

I'd say the hardest is definitely the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask.

See, other dungeons dealt with water differently. In ALttP and MC, the game was 2D, so the water deal was approached simplistically: Just swim around and play in some puddles. :P It was never all that much different from a normal dungeon.

In the 3D Zeldas, it was much harder because it was a three dimensional approach to water. There was diving (there was kinda diving in MC, but it's not the same), water level, etc. Jabu Jabu's Belly was pretty simple. It only had some pools here and there. The Water Temple was much more complex, dealing with flood level. In Twilight Princess, there were pools of water, but most of the dungeon was similar to the Watergate Dungeon/Swamp Palace in ALttP in that you were activating water flows and activating contraptions with them.

In the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask, you had large pools of water and interconnecting tunnels, passages, and etc. It was difficult to get a feel of things and know where to go. Then you were activating water flows and changing them. It was incredibly confusing and just threw me off... :sweat:

That's my opinion anyway. :)
Oct 18, 2008
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3. Lakebed Temple. Of all the water temples in Zelda games this one is the most straightforward, you just have to remember to use the Clawshot to hit the switch's on the ceiling(which are easy to overlook)and you should have no Problems with this dungeon.
2. Great Bay Temple. The hardest thing about this dungeon is the flow of the water that keeps you from getting to where you want to go.
1. OOT's Water Temple. Now this water dungeon is a nightmare in my opinion. First you have to hit the switches to rise and lower the water levels, which makes it annoying if you rise/lower the water level when you weren't suppose too and can lead to having to backtrack.
plus the game's camera will sometimes get stuck on a wall, which makes it hard to see where you are.
Dec 2, 2009
Vantaa, Finland
5. Lakebed Temple (TP)
Difficulty was decent first time through.
4. Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OOT)
Used to be VERY HARD and VERY SCARY when I was younger. Jabu-Jabu's Belly and Water Temple took most time when played for the first time back in the day.
3. Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoA)
Oh man, this was darn hard temple to beat.. I can't really remember why or pinpoint where I was stuck, but there was some puzzle I couldn't solve and that's why it took several weeks to tackle. Temple wasn't as annoying as that darn Goron Dance, though.
2. Water Temple (OOT)
Most people seem to hate iron boots on/off part, but I never really minded that, or i never got bored there. Best sub-boss I can think off, best c-item Zelda series has ever had and it was also so darn scary back then. I LOVE IT!
1. Great Bay Temple (MM)
Pretty much tied with Water Temple in my opinnion, but channeling water currents made my head hurt more than few times (in a good way) ... It wasn't just hard, it was also very interesting temple to explore with all those gigantic cogs and wheels and machinery etc. Boss fight was also hardest in the series, at least from any 3D Zelda title.

5. Swamp Palace (ALttP)
4. Lakebed Temple (TP)
3. Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OOT)
1b. Great Bay Temple (MM)
1a. Water Temple (OOT)


Dec 16, 2009
Ugliest dungeon, and therefore award winner is ... MM Great Bay temple.
Man, those colored tubes look nasty. The are HARD ON MY EYES!

I like water temples! Swapping boots is no big deal!
Having only two buttons, LA swaps items way more!

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Dec 16, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Easiest to Hardest:

1. Swamp Palace
2. Water Temple
3. Jabu
4. Lakebed Temple
5. Great Bay Temple

Although I put Great Bay as the hardest, I think it's my favorite dungeon out of all the Zelda titles. It was so much fun swimming through the currents, playing as Zora Link in general is fun, and the multiple ways you can beat the boss is pretty nifty as well. Not to mention, I think that the Great Bay Temple has one of the best musical scores in the series... as soon as you hear the drums and the eerie keyboard effects... it just lets you know that you will die or die trying lol.
Nov 26, 2008
Although I put Great Bay as the hardest, I think it's my favorite dungeon out of all the Zelda titles. It was so much fun swimming through the currents, playing as Zora Link in general is fun, and the multiple ways you can beat the boss is pretty nifty as well. Not to mention, I think that the Great Bay Temple has one of the best musical scores in the series... as soon as you hear the drums and the eerie keyboard effects... it just lets you know that you will die or die trying lol.
While the Great Bay Temple isn't a personal favorite of mine, I totally agree with you that just because a dungeon is hard doesn't mean it isn't fun or good. My favorite dungeons are generally the harder ones. :)

Oh, by the way, most of the bosses in the game have several possible methods to beating them. ;) All of them except for Odolwa, I think. Maybe even him.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Hardest water based dingeons for me are

3. (easiest) Tp water temple. Seriously i dunno why people find this one hard. It's pretty much symetical and if you know one side of it you know the other and the hardest part was the maze which really wasn't that hard.

2. MM gbt. Okay this is one messed up temple what with you needing to go through a ton of rooms and change the water flow everywhere. Seriously so messed up.

1. Oot Water Temple. the hardest of them all. The oot water temple was so hard what with having to raise annd lower the water so many times. Ugh... and then it was annoying cuz if you change the water level at the wrong time then you have to go through everything to get the water back to that level again.

Yeah disregard this.

#4. The Swamp Palace

Pretty easy dungeon in my opinion. Just putting water in dried up pools, and annoying enemies that keep reappearing. But overall the enemies can be killed easily and the puzzles are really easy. The boss Arrghus is really easy. Although when he goes bonkers things can get pretty wild... FOR HIM!

#3. The Lakebed Temple

I was debating whether to put this at no.4 or no.3 but when I remembered the waterwheels I immediately thought 'no.3 it is'. The mini boss and boss were really easy. I mean well yeah just throw bomb arrows in his mouth and he explodes allowing for pwnage. The little Deku Tadpoles are really easy as well. Just spin attack and repeat and then you're gold. The body slam is just so pathetic. Rolling makes it super easy to avoid. The boss is just so lame though the Deku Toad is more of a proper boss. Sure the bomb fish are kinda annoying but I go through not even caring about them. I just go for the eyes which makes things a lot easier. Pathetic. The puzzles were somewhat repetitive in my opinion due to the 'symmetrical' theme of the dungeon which made things a lot easier. The maze to the boss key was pathetic. I've done harder mazes when I was 8 (though not in video games).

#2. The Great Bay Temple

Okay this temple is so pathetic. The water currents, I'll admit, were somewhat of a challege but seriously? Is that the best this temple can do? Well yes, yes it is. The enemies were kinda creepy and I thought were better avoided than to go out of your way to kill and the mini bosses. Just so dang easy. Wart in my opinion should stay 2-D and Gekko really? Gekko's just plain annoying. Thee jellies are really quite easy to take care of and with golden timing (which I've formed through Mario RPGs) it's NO PROBLEM to freeze the jellies when they fall from the ceiling. The boss, Gyorg, whoo just so dang easy he makes me cry. I just slap on the Zora Mask, put up my electro shield, and voila! I've got me a Heart Container and fish fry! Plus with Chateau Romani you don't waste anything.

#1. The Water Temple

Well the mini boss (Dark Link) was fun but oh so easy with or without Biggorons Sword. And the actual boss was even easier (corner+waiting=easy Heart Container). Though the puzzles were very hard and the enemies were SUCH a pain when trying to complete said puzzles. Plus those enemies were really hard to adapt to killing underwater with the hookshot. The clam things were so hard to adapt a good killing pattern to. The water levels were just so hard as well. If you change the water level even a single second too soon you have to do a good portion of the dungeon all over again. And that is why the OoT Water Temple is evil.


Dec 16, 2009
Great Bay temple, I STILL haven't beaten it...The boss is hard, and you keep having to restart it if you run out of time.

You want some help?
Did you slow down the flow of time by playing the song of time backwards?
Did you warp to the Zora cape directly?
Did you bring some fairies in bottles? Or potions, but it always seems too much work in MM to get some...

Try to do a backflip when he bashes against the block you are standing on, even if you're not targetting him, just prezz Z (pay attention to the sounds he makes)

There are many ways to kill him, shooting arrows, swimming as a Zora while holding up your magic barrier....
Try everything, you'll find something that works.

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