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Spoiler What Was Your Favorite Ganon/Ganondorf Battle?

Sep 1, 2009
Ok so.. which GANON fight was your favorite???

Maybe... LttP, Oot,TP,WW(puppet ganon) loz, ooa n oos mixed game, or what?

mine was TP it was also the hardest out of ganondorfs SPOILER 4 forms in my opinion


Ocarina of Time's final fight with Ganon.

Honestly, his castle collapsing into itself to form a battle field is probably the most epic thing ever. It could be a little harder, but the atmosphere of the battle is perfect.


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Jun 2, 2009
My favorite Ganon battle would probably be OoT. Fighting him in that battle scene gave off a feeling of pure epicness! :D It's one of the best 3-D battles with him yet.

My favorite Ganondorf fight would be the one from TP, the one where you have to fight Ganondorf one on one with swords. The thing that made it so awesome to me was when he took his sword out from the sheath and lighting struck behind him. :O Pure epicness!!!

I also loved the music that played during both of those battles. Those two songs made the fighting more awesome. :)
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El Bagu

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Jul 5, 2008
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Appearancewise: Ganon in Ocarina of Time, never has a boss been cooler!!

But I think the best fight was the one in OoX, I loved/love fighting Ganon under these conditions, spectacular indeed ;)

Ganon is always awesome by the way!


Twilight princess Hands down for me Although I do prefer old fights such as Ocarina Of Time!
Aug 4, 2009
TP final final boss (DARK LORD: GANONDORF)
OoT final final boss (GANON)
WW final final boss (GANONDORF)
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Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
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Ok so.. which GANON fight was your favorite???

Maybe... LttP, Oot,TP,WW(puppet ganon) loz, ooa n oos mixed game, or what?

mine was TP it was also the hardest out of ganondorfs SPOILER 4 forms in my opinion

hmmm does that include just ganon the beast or ganondorf or both? Well out of both my fav is the ww one. It's just so fun bouncing light arrows off of my shield to stun ganondorf plus driving the master sword into his head. Heh... dang that was unexpected. Out of the ganon battles I guess that would be oot. Mamma Mia a giant demon came out of that castle luigi! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Heeeeeeeelllllllp!!!!! I'm scared!! Don't be worried luigi he's just big that doesn't mean hes strong. Just look at bowser. Oh yeah I forgot *ganon kill mario* Mario ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *ganon kills luigi*. Heh that would probably be what happens if mario and luigi fought ganon.


Feb 2, 2009
Should be in Zelda Favorites... but...

My favorite was TP. To start out, the music was pretty epic. Sounds like some weird latin chat, but I thought it fit the fight very well. While I tend to like Ganondorf fights better than Ganon fights, especially OoT/TWW/TP, when it is sword to sword, but I also like it when you have to fight something that is clearly plenty times stronger, and you have to out-wit it. You did just that with Ganon, and I thought it was pretty fun, especially that suspense, and how when you just see him as he is charging at you, and there's that close call. It was also pretty cool how you had to turn in to Wolf Link to attack him when he was stunned. Either way, just great fight overall, better than the other Ganon fights, in my opinion.

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Jun 9, 2009
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I prefer the TP battle, it was very fun to do, those commands were great.

When battling Ganon, I just loved how would Midna tumble that big boar, but I don't think that Link enjoyed biting it in the belly...

Also, trying to shoot a light arrow at him while riding Epona was a good Idea.

And the final battle, when you had to wait 'till the right moment to deliver the finishing blow was just the definition of epic!:nod:


Ocarina of time BY FAR!
Because it was the first 3d fight with ganon, he was strong, he looked cool and he wasnt weak


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I would have to say the whole battle with Ganon/dorf in TP. It was a lot more epic than the OoT battle in my opinion, being able to go toe-to-toe with Ganondorf in sword combat instead of just battle light balls back at him. We got that part out of the way with the Zelda battle. The whole idea of being forced into a ring to fight him while Epona and Zelda watch on was just great. The music was very epic, and the close-up of Link and Ganondorf locking swords was a really memorable moment.

The beast Ganon part was great too, with the eerie tribal-like music and the disappearing act. It was also a nice touch to add in one of the earliest things you learned in the game, wrangling goats, as a way to beat the final boss. Who knew you'd use that technique to stop Ganon?

I did enjoy OoT's fight with the beast Ganon, but really it was a bit dull. Yes he was big, yes he was creepy, yes he was imposing, but really he just stood in one position and pivoted around a bit. He really didn't do much other than look impressive, but TP's Ganon was all of those qualities and he also posed a serious threat in his disappearing and charging.

The horseback battle was great as well. It seemed a natural thing to have to do way back in OoT that I felt was missing. You had Link on a horse, you had Ganondorf on a horse and yet there was no classic jousting or horse-dueling battle. People are always saying how TP didn't feel like the medieval Zelda that most enjoy, and yet I would say that horse / sword battles are a prerequisite of medieval knights and the like.

I'm surprised more people didn't like the TP battle after all of the complaining from the Spaceworld GameCube footage of the non-WW Link / Ganondorf fight. People wanted that for years and were diappointed when they didn't get it in TWW. We finally got it in TP and it was spectacularly done, and yet people don't seem to like it. To each their own I suppose...

So, with 2 Ganondorf fights, a Ganon fight, and a Zelda posessed by Ganon fight, I'd have to say it's the winner.


Aug 25, 2008
I liked both Ocarina of Time's and Twilight Princess's Ganon battles, however the TP one lasted longer, was far more epic, and even the music was just so much more fitting. In OoT you fight Ganondorf, who's only flying cowardly above shooting spells at you. You get that in TP anyway with Ganon's Puppet Zelda. I did like the Beast Ganon a bit more in OoT than in TP, I must say, but they were quite different. I even enjoyed the horseback part of the battle in TP as well. Now of course I preferred this Ganon battle over all the rest, but his appearance was really out of place and overshadowed Zant, though.
Oct 26, 2008
I have two seperate answers....

Ganondorf: My favourite Ganondorf fight was TP's, It was the best out of any of the Ganondorf fights I have been in or watched. The sword fighting was fun, A lot better than OoT's in which you hit a magical orb back at him, It wasn't as good as an actual sword fight. Also it had great ending, great music amongst other things.

Ganon: My favourite Ganon fight was definately OoT's. That was just awesome, A huge Boar/Pig beast dual wielding dual swords on the destroyed ruins of Hyrule Castle, It was just EPIC...nothing else about it. The surroundings where great and it was a fun task to help defeat Ganon without the Master Sword for the first half the fight, It was a nice little twist.

The Regalist

TP just because of the final portion of the boss was a swordfight. No elaborate stages, no magic, no pig beasts. Just Link and Ganondorf going man to man for the fate of Hyrule.

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