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What Was the Most Frusterating Mini Game and Why?



The hardest that Ive tried are the archery game in kariko and the slingshot game in hyrule castle I could never beat them and still havn't


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Mar 13, 2010
The shadows
gerudo archery, deku playground, bever brothers, the shooting minigames 1 and 2 for the peices of heart in MM, any 2-d shooting gallery shooting game that's not on the DS, the whip game in wittleon in ST, money making game, and expecialy (even though i beat it) ROLL GOAL! IN TP that was HORRIBLE!!!! I absolutly HATE THAT MINI-GAME if the prize was anything BUT the frog lure (or they could have had a heart peice) i would have blown that house apart and brutally beat the fishing guide just for makning that game SO HARRRDDDD!!!!!! (i beat it though)


The Hardest minigame for me would have to be That retarted Roll-Goal In TP and the town archery game in MM because I can never get a perfect score because the octocroks dissappear too fast. Still have not completed either of them
Feb 22, 2010
OMG my wrost mini game that drove me crazy...well idk if it really was a mini game was the ball rolling game in the fishing hut on TP!!! :( (It was on the wii vision TP not cubecube) Umm...idk why this game gave my a lot a touble beucase i did fine on the gamecube vision but when it comes to the wii one it sucked!!! The board i got the fastest on was 8 if anyone got farther on it tell me plz!! :)


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Only three Mini-games have annoyed me to the point of me going "GANON SMASH!!"

1. The Bombchu Minigame.

That minigame was annoying, I had a hard time timing and setting the darn bombchu towards the right place. I was jumping for join when it hits the target, but if it misses, I go nuts and kept on going till I have no Rupees.

2. Roll-Goal
This was THE ONLY Mini-game that took me a MONTH to finish it. God it was hard, the wii remote was not matching my actions, and I had a hard time positioning my hand properly. And what do I get? A frog Lure. Worth it? NO. Though it IS needed to be 100 percent complete.

3. The Shooting Range in Phantom Hourglass.
This was easy to beat, though concentrating is hard. I really hate missing a target, I always go berserk if I miss, that's cause a miss means no 2000 points. -.- But I got it after wasting a thousand rupees. Worth it if your after the Heart Container.

Phantom Ganon

Oh god, I would have to say the Goron Dancing Minigame crap in OoA.
When I was 8, when I first started playing it, the screen of my Gameboy Color was just about to kiss my wall when I finally completed it. Took me a few weeks (remember, I was 8!).

Thanks for reminding me. Also gave me nightmares when I was about 7-8 years old :stalfos:.

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