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What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?


Nov 12, 2010
Well, I like Ganondorf, but my dad always called him Ganondork when I picked him in Super Smash Bros. Melee. At first I really hated it, like a lot, but then he started picking Ganondorf and I could reciprocate the taunting. It really began to grow on me, referring to Ganondorf as Ganondork even in more serious situations like the ending of Twilight Princess. It's a lot less daunting face off against Ganondork. When I finally decided to join Zelda Dungeon, I had to pick a name. I didn't waste a moment's notice; I knew Ganondork was the perfect name for this site.

As for my usertitle, we're not entirely sure what happened to Korp. We believe her to be dead because she hasn't returned Nicole's calls, hasn't been online in months, and I couldn't find her facebook even though we were friends back in October. It's basically in honor for her, although I hope she's actually alive.


It somehow became my nickname at school...
Other then that, I just thought it was short and simple
(and other personal reasons I'd like not to share).


Gimme a Break
Dec 27, 2011
Well, my name is Katryna, but people call me Kat, and one of my friends started calling me Kitkat, so that's what I'm going with. As for my user title, I love remixing music, and Zelda has the best music. ^^


Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
The root of my username is pretty straight forward. As anyone would likely guess, it originates from the girl Saria of Ocarina of Time. What's probably strange is that she's not particularly one of my favorite characters...I suppose I liked the sound of her name. Then I gave it my own touch by extending it with a "nae" at the end, and when I realized how much I liked how it looked and sounded, I was sold. I did consider the alternative spelling of Sarianea, but I decided then (and I still agree now) that I prefer the spelling I chose with the "a" preceding the "e" at the end.

My usertitle is meant to be a reflection of myself in a way, as I am someone who values the infinite wonders of fantasy a great deal more than I think a lot of society does, and I feel as though I'd be someone who'd want to hold a position just beside it endeavoring to protect it from the uncomprehending, unfeeling world. In a way, my avatar is also supposed to be an abstract representational image of this as well, as I feel they do compliment each other in that way....although I don't know how much sense this makes to anyone other than myself. My usertitle is just very personal I suppose.
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Sir Analog

Hope Rides Alone
Dec 29, 2011
Clocktown, Termina
I wanted to stray away from what I usually use as a username (Bacon Boy/Nexus Red), so I just started throwing names together, and I came up with Sir Analog.


Reviver of threads
Sep 8, 2011
I like the Over head games! Well, I like all the Zelda games I've played, but particularly the over head games!
Dec 23, 2011
Well, I remember a friend of mine had some Nintendo related gamertag, and I remember thinking how much I liked it.
So, when it was time for me to pick out an Xbox live gamerag, I just put together the first two things that came to mind,
Kirby, and BBQ. :3


I was originally signing up for an account on the official Pokemon website, and I was going to be the Shiny colored version of Litwick, a pokemon I like, but ShinyLitwick was taken. So, I just thought of a random alteration, and ShinyFlitwick seemed like a good choice. Since then, I've used it for several other accounts on a few other sites, including Zelda Dungeon.



Jan 19, 2011
I thought Cuju was a funny word, I didn't know it was some kind of Indian football...


Combining Legend of Zelda Four Swords with Japan's famous tokusatsu series, Super Sentai.

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