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What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

Dec 22, 2011
High Ground
snakeb0t is a bunch of reasoning rolled into one thing. I love Metal Gear Solid, and the main characters are all code-named Snake in some way. Additionally, I have the rare ability to unhinge my jaw like that of a snake; this ability scared the bejebus out of an X-ray technician once. I replaced "bite" with "b0t" to sound rather "1337" and to imply that I may be accused of being a bot online. (I never am.)


It might sound overused, but my favorite color blue and my element is air. I wish I could fly
Dec 22, 2011
I feel really bad now because my username has nothing to do with The Legend of Zelda but rather another series I am more in love with: Doctor Who. All my usernames are "badwolf".


My favorite videogame character is Link, and the 101 is just a cool number.
Dec 22, 2011
I was playing some Tony Hawk game for the gamecube when I created my character. And then I just thought of the name Riken. Odd way of coming up with that but it just happened. When I joined some website I decided to add #s to the name which of course came to be 007, James Bond (still love GoldenEye for the 64, wish there was a true remake). And there you have it. Later I realized that my username is close to a starwars character, General Rieekan, another username I also use but it's rare.
Dec 22, 2011
well my last name is haak lol and well luva is like love ya so yea luvahaak lol I use that name for everything.


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
Sailorgirl221. that is the name I have for the fact that I was in the navy and I still miss the sea and ship life..
And that I am a girl...
also alexis is my first name so yeah.. lol


The game is on!
I wanted a username that sounded cool. And Pendio sounded pretty cool to me. I also wanted the username to be neutral and work in many occasions, my previous username, Komali, wasn't that neutral. And Pendio is actually an Italian word, it means "slope". That's cool, isn't it?

My user title: Beyond even the clouds. It's just an awesome quote from the prologue to Skyward Sword.


Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
I chose mine simply because I love the Mario series, and I thought it sounded cool at the time. Although, over time it has grown on me.


Overlord of Userbars
Jun 19, 2011
Chamber of the Sages
My username was created when I got tired of my old username "Luigiwoot" and decided to think up a new one! There is actually no real meaning behind my username besides it sounding cool! ;)

My title is pretty much self explanatory... :P

The Minish Link

Mine is self-explanatory, really.
I love The Minish Cap :)

P.S: On an unrelated note, how do you create a signature? I've been searching through the settings and I can't find anything.

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