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General Zelda What "wacky" Beliefs Did You Use to Have in the Zelda Games?


Bored to death
Jul 20, 2013
I thought that when ever you died in Ocarina of Time, you had to start the game from the beginning, get the shield and sword, fight Gohma. One time I was watching my uncle play, and he was on the final fight with Ganon, and he died, so I cried because I thought he had to start from the beginning of the game . Well, I was 5 so...


Sage of Tales
The only weird things I used to think that I can think of at the moment were a couple of things when playing A Link to the Past:

* WTF Rabbit?! I thought that going into the Dark World for the first time and becoming a rabbit was a glitch and that I'd BROKEN THE GAME. Then I played around a bit and realized that was supposed to happen. (I'd been out of the gaming loop for some time when I'd picked up ALTTP, and so did not know any Zelda spoilers or any Zelda lore beyond the first two games). Yeah, I remember thinking, for a bit, that I'd gotten a corrupted cartridge or broken the game!

* That the bee in the bottle purchased at the shop might be a helpful bee because it was a shop item. It just stung me to death.

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