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What Videogame Magazines Do You Read?


...No your other left
Jun 13, 2010
Missouri, USA
I am a loyal Nintendo fan so natrally I read Nintendo Power (North America's Official Nintendo Magazine.)
I have tried other mags, but I feel NP is probably the best.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
Game Informer. It's an awesome magazine that covers pretty much every type of game and every platform. Awesome previews, reviews, commentary, interviews, etc. They're quite witty, too.

I used to subscribe to Nintendo Power, but now I am feeling that they are lacking in good material. They seem to be boring me... sometimes seems they are too afraid to take it a step further. I liked them back in the days of when there were forums... I remember I got my artwork in issue #212, haha. They were neat back then, but now... eh, I don't know. I didn't renew my subscription.


Dec 3, 2008
I used to have Nintendo Power for the longest time, but my subscription ended a few months ago and I never bothered to renew it because I felt that almost all of their content could be obtained over the internet in larger quantities by better writers. The only thing I really liked was their odd preview of a more obscure game that there wasn't much info about on the internet at the time, like Tales of Grace and The Calling. Also Dementium II if I remember correctly. At least recently.

Lately I've been picking up Game Informer occasionally. I find it has much better content and covers a lot larger variety of games that is good for me since I have moved on from just Nintendo to PC gaming as my primary source of video games. Plus I find it interesting to read about games on the PS3 and 360 as well, just to get more variety. And they seem to have more exclusive previews and better writing. I still haven't got a subscription, but I'm thinking about it.


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Jun 2, 2009
I've been mainly reading Nintendo Power every now and then, but other than that, I haven't read a lot of other gaming magazines. The main reason is because I mostly play Nintendo-related video games than I do for any other gaming system.


King of Redeads
Jul 27, 2010
Top Lad
Nintendo Power, I had a subscription to Nintendo since I was 6. I've loved it since my first issue.


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
E.G.M. (electronic games monthly)
Not too much updated magazines per day, i have a bunch of them.
the old ones are most from 2003 - 2007 , i keep them in a box.

Hylian Pants

Nintendo Wench
Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
Currently I only subscribe to GameInformer, and that was through Gamestop a couple months ago. Even though the PS3 and Xbox 360 material doesn't really pertain to me much, they still have good material, articles, entertaining ways of writing that I enjoy flipping through. They also have general video game stuff; there was an article the other month about video games being considered art. It was a very thoughtful article that caught my eye.. I'll probably be renewing my subscription when it runs out.

I was considering subscribing to Nintendo Power, but meh.. Not so sure now.


Jan 31, 2010
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I've been subscribing to Nintendo Power since I was 8 years old.

I love the humor, I like Nintendo, and I'm grateful to the magazine for helping me discover so many wonderful games I probably would have overlooked otherwise.

I think that it's the best gaming magazine available.

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